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March 2nd, 2006

I just wanted to express my thanks for giving me my life back……literally!

I had suffered from lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, headaches, migraines and referred pain down my legs for over 20 years due to a bone disease that was discovered when I was 14 years old. I had the operation to correct my leg when I was 15 years old and was told I shouldn’t have any problems. As I got older I had nothing but problems due to the now 1” shortness of my left leg, which as I got older got even shorter. I don’t limp as my hips drop to compensate for the shortness and that’s where all the trouble starts. I was unable to play sport as it aggravated it and I would be in pain for up to 3 days after so it was never really worth it.

When a mutual acquaintance told me about the SCENAR Therapy I was extremely sceptical as I was currently visiting my Physiotherapist once a fortnight for pain relief and had been doing so for many many years. David at this time was looking for chronic pain sufferers and I fitted the mould. When I first saw David for a treatment and he showed me the device he was talking about I was very doubtful. After a few weeks of treatment I was able to press into my lower back (something I haven’t been able to do in years as it was always hypersensitive) and I had no pain. I initially got worse before I got better but that was understandable due to the length of time I had had the pain.

After I started Scenar treatment I stopped visiting the Physiotherapist. The Physiotherapist rang me and asked if he’d done something to upset me as he hadn’t seen me in over 6 weeks and was wondering if I was alright! It has now been 6 months since that day I walked in and saw David and I haven’t been back to the Physiotherapist since as I don’t need to! I purchased an ENAR device and I treat myself on a maintenance basis. I am now active in sports and doing a day of gardening doesn’t fill me with dread. I am also using it on the rest of my family with results.

Linda S Forestville NSW 2087

  Post Trauma Recovery

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

What were you doing on your twenty-first? I remember mine well. That’s the day I mashed my spine in a football accident that left me without the use of my right leg. That was in 1966. Tears? Gnashing of teeth? Even more than a drop of despair? Of course. What’s a good tragedy without drama, especially when it happens to yourself. But enough of the gore and pathos, suffice to say that a laminectomy and a lot of motivation gave me enough mobility to get me back on my feet.

But there was a cost – pain. And there was a solution – painkillers. The more pain, the more… And so the years ticked by. Get doing, crash, get up, eventually get going again, get doing, a self-repeating cycle that increased my ingenuity for survival and produced a résumé that reads like the key selection criteria for the man for all seasons. In time, the inevitable happened. My quirky walking style, the envy of Quasi Modo I hear, did the unmentionable to my patella and it was plucked unceremoniously from its comfort zone, leaving my knee with the dubious ability to bend in more than one direction. More pain, more… Fitness became a thing of the past. I know, I know. Get those bootstraps pulling. Cut the excuses. But, but… moan… blubber upon blubber… getting s-l-o-w-e-r… and into a wheelchair for the past ten years. With more of the simulated normality, chemical-wise. Until…

What’s a story without a happy ending? Some see reality being stuck where you are but that was not for me. I met an amazing man, S_, last April. He’s a lifeguard but I prefer the older term, life-saver. He had this handheld thingo, an ENAR device. He told me it was really effective in the War against Pain (okay, that’s my version but you get the general idea). I was less than enthusiastic as, after all, I had been searching for that utopia for forty years. ‘What’s to lose?’ Steve asked. ‘What indeed.’ Original, Punchy. Even politely cynical, but I kept that to myself. He was right all the same. I have given up on conventional practices, now was the time for something different.

And so it came to pass that I let him at my back. I went from 80% pain to 20%. Later, the rest went and it has never returned..

Eddie D, September, 2006

  Post operative pain story

On September 27th 2006 I had my second child by caesarean. My first caesarean experience was an excellent one, a rapid recovery with no side effects. The second was not pleasant. All went well until about 4 weeks after the surgery. I had a very sharp pain in my right hand side near the caesarean scar. The pain got worse over 2 weeks until I could barely move. I started taking medical pain relief to control the pain, but it was still very uncomfortable. I was having trouble getting out of bed, let alone carrying my baby. My specialist recommended physio. The treatment from the physio had no effect. I visited C. B. at the Healing Suite and after 90 minutes could not believe the results. The pain had totally disappeared and I was mobile again. I have been totally pain free and mobile since then. I was so impressed with the SCENAR technology I purchased an ENAR to treat my family and friends. I have no hesitation recommending SCENAR treatment to anyone with pain or healing problems.


Shoulder Pain

About 5 years ago I injured my shoulder. I had had around 3 months of physio and acupuncture. On a daily basis I was taking pain killers. R__ talked to me about Bowen Therapy and SCENAR Treatment. I finally took the time and had one SCENAR treatment in January this year. The relief was almost immediate. After my treatment I could stretch my arm above my head and reach parts of my back that I hadn’t been able to for years, pain free. I can now do things I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I am just disappointed in myself for waiting so long to get something done about it.

F O Auckland NZ


I have had a healthy 75 years of life, however over the last 6 years I admit to enduring severe arthritic type pain in swollen knuckle joints and the base of both thumbs. My ability to use hand tools, golf clubs, writing and drawing materials was also impaired. It was suggested that perhaps SCENAR treatment may alleviate some of the difficulties.

In short, 5 treatments has reduced the knuckle swelling and removed the pain in both hands. While it hasn’t improved my golf score, I can certainly swing the clubs again without grimacing in agony. I have no hesitation in recommending Cyril Bourke at the Healing Suite and this treatment to others who may suffer from similar problems, and who may also be sceptical of the many medications that now appear on the promotion boards.


Chronic Pain

“I have had an on going pain down my right side not knowing whether it was the feet the hip the knee or spine and on some days after work I could nearly cry. Well it was after a run of days of work and pain build up that I thought that I’d give Trish a ring and went straight down. After the first session I felt about 45% relief. The next visit was 17/2/06 and felt about 75% relief and the last session was 24/2/06 and am now 95% pain free I don’t walk with a limp any more and can sleep if I wish on my left side for a short time if I now chose to do so.....so there it is and now coming to do the stage one and go at it myself and hope to give relief to others.”


Herniated Disk

Herniated Disk Client reported with diagnosed herniated disc in upper lumbar lumbar spine. Doctors opinion was that he would have to operate unless improvement was noticed in 7 days. Client was in extreme pain and barely able to move around. I treated twice a day, morning and night, for the week prior to his next doctors appointment. Pain reduction improved each day together with range of movement. By the end of the week he was able to walk without pain.

Doctor was surprised at the improvement and held off on his decision to operate. The Doctor referred the client to a physiotherapist who initiated an exercise regime. I continued to treat him twice a day for the next week while he was doing his exercise regime then as improvement was indicated I was able to reduce treatments to once a day, then every second day and finally twice a week.

After the third visit to the phsio he (the physio) commented that he has never seen that level of improvement in such a short space of time. He indicated a three month not three week period would have been the expected time frame to reach the stage of improvement he was seeing. This physio had suffered the same herniated disc injury as my client so was well aware of the condition. I continued to treat once a week for the next month after which time client had no pain and felt as he stated, normal.


Chronic Pain

“My name is Bill, I was discharged from the Armed Force, after a fall damaged my back, I was left with a curve in the spine and in dreadful pain, so these past few years I have been medicated with strong prescription drugs. About 6 weeks ago I came to a point I couldn’t live like this any longer, and decided to take all my medication and to end my life, but fate stepped in and I was found in time. It was soon after I was released from hospital I met T___ B____ who lives across the road from us, she offered to help with the migraine and pain I had at the time, she was between appointments, so only had 10 minutes to spare, I couldn’t believe it within a few moments the migraine had gone, after another 5 minutes the pain in my back was almost gone. It was 4 days later I had a full treatment, and I must say I loved the blanket I was wrapped in after, but that treatment took the remainder of my pain away, Trish offered for me to come back as soon as the pain relief subsided, but it hasn’t, a couple of weeks later she needed someone with pain to demonstrate how this device works, and I couldn’t help out because I had no pain.”


Back & Shoulder Pain

“I was having physio treatment for my back and shoulders and was feeling more pain continuing on to the next appointment, it was just not helping me at all.

I went to see T___ B____ and she gave me one treatment on my shoulder and neck, for two days it was very painful, which I was warned could happen due to aggravation, but by the second night I had very little pain and slept very well, On the third day I was nearly free from pain, just a little discomfort. I saw Trish on that third day and less pain again it was not worth mentioning. I then forgot that I had any pain at all in my shoulder and neck. I could turn my neck both ways without any pain.

I went for a third appointment, I had very little pain at the time, (my condition I have had for years and always a lot of pain) and after my time in the MTB I experienced strong pain in my shoulder and legs, more aggravation from past issues, T____ treated these areas and the pain subsided. That afternoon I felt as though I had been hit by a bus, but by morning there was great improvement, I feel that the treatment I have received from T____ has been very effective.”


Dysmenorrhea – Physio

“My sixteen year old daughter, Ebony has suffered for eighteen months with debilitating pain from dysmenorrhea (painful period). Every month she missed two or three days of school, completely sedated on prescription analgesia. Doctors have sent her for a myriad of tests and many treatments have been tried, from the contraceptive pill, hormone balancing creams and different types of alternative medicine.

In Desperation we decided to try SCENAR Therapy, following a friend’s urgent promptings. This friend had testified to incredible pain relief after her first SCENAR treatment. She was suffering with metastatic breast cancer and was able to sleep relatively pain free for the first time in months following SCENAR Therapy and after lying in the Orgone Therapy blanket.

Ebony has had three treatments with the SCENAR and the positive results still amaze us. For the first time in eighteen months she was able to attend school through her entire cycle. She has not taken prescription analgesia for three months. Ebony’s life has been turned around and she is now able to attend school through her entire cycle. She has not taken prescription analgesia for three months. Ebony’s life has been turned around and she is able to focus on her Year 12 studies. She uses the SCENAR device as soon as pain presents. She is able to control her pain and therefore is responsible for her own healing.

I have been in Private Practise as a Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist for over 25 years. Witnessing such spectacular results with my daughter I decided to investigate SCENAR further for use in my Practise and with family and friends. I have now purchased a SCENAR device and Orgone blanket. I have completed Level One training and have seen outstanding results in three months. Most musculo-skeletal conditions and sports injuries seen in my Practice are simply and quickly treated. Pain relief is often immediate and is more rapid than using other modalities. Recovery time is also reduced dramatically.

I have also used SCENAR in more complex systemic conditions that I would have treated with Acupuncture. Gynaecological, digestive, respiratory, urinary and neurological conditions have responded well. When used in conjunction with the Orgone blanket, SCENAR has remarkable results with patients suffering from stress related illnesses, depression, anxiety and trauma of any type. Patients have reported total pain relief whilst resting in the blanket. A warm, peaceful feeling is experienced followed by mental and physical rejuvenation.

My family enjoys many sports from high level competition swimming and soccer to netball, touch football and surfing. The SCENAR and blanket are used regularly and successfully by the whole family for muscle aches and strains, skin conditions and for general balancing. Anti-inflammatory medications are now a purchase of the past.

SCENAR therapy has redefined my approach to treatment as a Physiotherapist. SCENAR follows the principles of Eastern philosophy in that it focuses on health rather than disease. As it is a totally holistic approach to treatment, SCENAR therapy should be used with great respect; it is challenging and exciting and its potential appears limitless. I look forward to undertaking further levels of training to better understand the full use of this remarkable therapy.

I will always be grateful or this life changing treatment for Ebony and for the encouragement and support of my pursuit of SCENAR therapy.”



“In October 2001 while my son and I were repairing a car, it fell on the right side of my head on my temple. My nerves were crushed and I had hairline fractures in my skull. The nerve damage was very painful, and I lost my balance. I had to use crutches to walk any distance. I continued to have severe pain and could not concentrate on what I was doing. Doctors prescribed high power painkillers that, over time, lost effect and the pain got worse. I was told I would have to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life.

In June 2006, I was introduced to SCENAR treatments by Judy who has given me 3 treatments. This has stopped the pain and restored my balance. No more painkillers or using crutches. My balance has improved enough to leave my crutches behind. The pain level has gone from 8/10 down to 1/10. We will be buying an ENAR unit to use at home ourselves.

I recommend this treatment to everyone who suffers from pain. The SCENAR treatments work much better than expected.”



My 7yr old daughter Sophia was medically diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis, 3 yrs ago. Toxoplasma gondii is a single celled animal, which can thrive within the human body indefinitely. Long-term it affects the liver, spleen, lungs, eyes, heart and brain.

The less serious symptoms of this parasitic invasion are a constant low-grade fever, tiredness, muscle aches, joint pains, headache, sore throat, enlarged glands and anaemia. Sophia has suffered all of the above symptoms plus severe pain caused by enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes for the past 3yrs.

The only known medical treatment is not suitable for children as it can lead to bone marrow depression amongst other serious side effects.

With a 21yr medical background in Nursing and a thriving scepticism towards alternative therapies, I searched in vain for a treatment. After three years of health practioners and thousands of dollars spent on fruitless alternatives our family was desperate, Sophia was refusing to see any more doctors, was constantly medicated (which barely touched the pain) and was missing large chunks of school due to a general weakness.

A friend introduced us to Cyril and SCENAR, 3 months ago. SCENAR has provided Sophia with effective drug-free pain relief and her energy levels have improved dramatically. We have found the SCENAR treatment to be very child-friendly and other than a tickly sensation it is completely non-invasive.


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