Testimonials 2 - Scenar

Nick Keros

scenarSevere Narrowing of C5/6 Disc- Large Disc Herniation of C6/7- Displacement of Spinal Cord…
I had excruciating pain in my neck and all the way down my right arm into my fingers and I could not turn my head at all. I had never experienced such pain before in my life.

I was lifting weights in the gym, when I felt something in my neck go out and I felt the pain immediately, I knew I was in trouble.

I was taken to hospital and had C.T. scans done of my cervical spine which showed large disc herniation of C6/7 – severe narrowing of C5/6 disc and displacement of spinal cord.

I was referred to a surgeon straight away and he told me that I had to have this operated on immediately but he wanted to have an M.R.I. scan done first.

I was very scared of the thought of a neck operation and I didn’t know what to do. My friend told me to get a second opinion from Phill Hanney and he told me about Scenar Therapy that he did.

I commenced Scenar therapy with Phill and within the first treatment the pain and pressure in my neck and arm had reduced a great deal and the mobility in my neck was back to 100%. I had two more treatments and the pain and pressure in my neck and arm had completely gone!! I had the M.R.I. scan done after the 3rd treatment and the results of the M.R.I. compared to the C.T. scan were amazing.

It showed that the severe narrowing of the C5/6 disc had reduced to a slight narrowing. The large disc herniation of C6/7 had reduced to a small protrusion and no longer causing any displacement of the spinal cord.

I had 3 more treatments and I felt great- no pain or stiffness at all.

I went back to see the surgeon and he viewed the two scans. He didn’t really say much at all except that he wouldn’t have to operate on my neck anymore and that he didn’t need to see me again unless the symptoms returned..

They never did return and I can not thank Phill Hanney and his Scenar Therapy enough for taking my pain away and saving me from surgery.

Nick Keros.


Helen Baramilis – Viral Arthritis

I was diagnosed with viral arthritis 8 years ago as a result of Helicobacter. It effected my neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists and hands that caused terrible constant pain. Infact I had to sell my hairdressing business and stop work.

I had seen doctors, physiotherapists, accupunturists, chiropractors, naturopaths and massage therapists but nothing seemed to help at all or at best only some relief for a day or so.

I was referred to Phillip Hanney by my cousin that had seen Phill for Scenar Therapy for his bulged discs in his back and told me that it was great!

I commenced Scenar Therapy with Phill and noticed a big difference immediately. I had four treatments and all the pain had stopped.

I went overseas after that for one month and I still had no pain at all .Which was fantastic as I had never gone so long before without pain.

I had a number of treatments when I returned and not only am I pain free but I have also a great deal of energy and I have recently returned to work..

I am so pleased with results of Scenar Therapy that I would refer Phillip Hanney to anyone…

Thankyou so much Phill,

From Helen.


Lisa Farrugia- Sciatic Pain.

I had recently experienced the worst pain I had ever felt before, with pain in the lower back and effecting the sciatic nerve which was shooting down the left buttocks and the entire left leg.

I could not walk or straighten my back and my pelvis was all twisted. My partner made an appointment with Phill Hanney who he see’s for his Myotherapy Massage Treatment. He had to take me as I was in so much pain I could not drive.

When they eventually got me up on the table, Phill said that he would have to treat me with the Scenar because the pain was so acute and the fact I’d never had a massage before.

Phill asked me if I’d had any neck pain prior to the sciatic pain and I told him I had bad neck pain only 3 days before but that had totally gone now. Phill started to work on a point in my neck and by the time he had finished, which was less than 15 minutes. The pain in my lower back, the heaviness and the twist in my pelvis and the pain down my left leg was gone !! He then asked me to get off the table and walk around which to my total amazement I did. I could walk straight, I had absolutely no pain anywhere and I could bend over and touch my toes!!

Both myself and my partner agreed that we had witnessed a miracle that day which was about six months ago now and I did not need any more treatment.

If you suffer with sciatic pain you must get in touch with Phillip Hanney.


Carly Middleton: Traumatic Brain Injury.

In 2003 I was involved in a car accident in the United States, in which I broke my orbital and cheek bone and had four cerebral haemorrhages, resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury.

Following the accident I suffered from severe and relentless headaches everyday, lack of concentration, short-term memory loss, an inability to process information and insomnia. I was on high levels of medication all of which were ineffective.

I tried a number of different treatments and was under the care of a Neurologist, but no one seemed to have a solution and my headaches were becoming more severe.

I was then recommended to Phill Hanney. Upon commencing treatment with Phill, he informed me that my energy levels were extremely low and explained how SCENAR therapy would work. Following the first treatment , I noticed a remarkable improvement. Not only were my headaches less frequent but I was now sleeping. After just two more treatments with Phill, I now feel absolutely great. I no longer have headaches, feel fit and healthy, I am sleeping well and all medication has ceased.

I am amazed and delighted with the results of Phill's SCENAR therapy treatment and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone.

"Thank you so much Phill." 


Daniel Collier: Ankylosing Spondylitis (progressive fusing of spine & hips)

I have suffered from chronic pain for a number of years, the effect on my life has been devastating, at it's worst I couldn't sleep more than three hours in a row. I have seen many doctors and have been referred to physiotherapists, chiropractors, muscular-skeletal specialists and a rheumatologist. I have had x-rays, CT scans and bone scans. Blood tests suggesting Ankylosing Spondylitis. Much of the treatment prescribed to me actually made things worse and the only thing all the doctors could agree on was I needed anti-inflammatories, possibly for the rest of my life !!

I had been seeing Phill Hanney of The Myotherapy Bodyworks for some time as I found temporary relief in his deep tissue massage therapy, when Phill told me of his electronic energy healing device (SCENAR), I was a little skeptical, but after being told there was no cure for my pain by doctors, just ongoing treatment of symptomatic relief, I was prepared to try anything.

The results Phill has achieved have been outstanding, beyond anything I could have imagined. If I had not experienced it for myself, I would not believe it could be true. After two treatments with the SCENAR, I stopped taking the anti-inflammatories without any serious pain, and started to get back into gentle exercise. Now after sixteen treatments with SCENAR, I lead a normal pain free lifestyle, almost the same as before the pain started, I can even surf again !!!

I still don't know why things went wrong in my body but now I know where to go if it happens again.


Annabelle Berry: Endometriosis / Eczema

I have suffered for almost eleven years with endometriosis which has caused me to experience a dull pain almost every day, and debilitating pain that at times could leave me bed ridden. This combined with a hormone imbalance resulted in me not having a cycle for almost ten years.

As a result of receiving several SCENAR Treatments I have started to have a regular cycle and the everyday dull pains have now receded to a point where they are few and far between.

What impressed me so much was that Phill researched my condition and talked me through the options of how we could go about treating the endometriosis in a natural, drug free way which was very important to me.

The treatment is extremely versatile as I have another pre-existing condition of Eczema on the sole of my foot, again after several treatments the Eczema has reduced in size and the irritation has reduced significantly.

Phill is extremely professional and I have been so impressed in the time and thought that he has put into researching my condition to seek a successful resolution. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services. It is wonderful that someone has challenged the medical status quo so that I do not have to rely upon drugs that have far more adverse effects than positive ones.

Phill, I am not quite as exciting or famous as some of your other testimonials but I feel that SCENAR Therapy can help others as it has done for me. Thank you so much.


Gail McKenna: Pseudo Myxoma Peritonei/Sinus Pain and Headaches

I was diagnosed with Pseudo Myxoma Peritonei and was operated on in March 2004. This condition is a very large tumor in the stomach, which made me look like I was pregnant and caused severe pain and discomfort. I had a full hysterectomy and the Doctor tried to remove as much of the Pseudo Myxoma Peritonei as possible but was diagnosed that it had come back again in August 2004. On the day I had my first SCENAR treatment with Phillip Hanney in December 2004 I was feeling very very sick and in a lot of pain.

My first SCENAR treatment was quite an experience with me taking a funny turn, but when the treatment was finished I left feeling as if I had, had a very long sleep, the pain in my stomach had gone and I felt completely refreshed. I have been seeing Phill now for eight months and in that time my energy levels are high and I am feeling extremely well. The tumor has reduced in size and I am totally pain free and have also returned back to work.

Before my treatment commenced I had suffered chronic sinus pain and headaches and took medication for 26 years. I do not suffer with sinus pain or take medication anymore and I am confident that with continued SCENAR treatment Phill is going to cure me completely of Pseudo Myxoma Peritonei.


Maurie Patane: Neuralgia / Shingles

After being diagnosed with Shingles in 2001, I was bedridden for six months. I had extremely severe and constant burning, sharp stabbing like pain and tingling in my neck, left shoulder and down the arm into the fingers. I suffered these symptoms everyday for four years and consulted a number of different specialists, doctors and therapist for treatment but no one seemed to have the answer to my problem.

I was then advised to see Phillip Hanney. Phill explained to me that Shingles attacks and lays dormant in nervous system and that SCENAR could help, as this treatment works with the nervous system. I was very skeptical at the time and I even told Phill that I didn't think he could help me with the SCENAR as so many others had failed before. "How wrong I was"!! After the first treatment with SCENAR, the pain , burning and tingling in my neck, shoulder, arm and fingers had reduced dramatically. I had just two more treatments over the next two weeks and all symptoms had completely gone and have never returned.

I would highly recommend Scenartherapy for those who suffer with Shingles or any other associated pain and symptoms.

Thank you Phill.


Ray Stokes: Bulged Discs @ L2/3 , L3/4 , L4/5 , L5/S1, L3/4 compression of the left L3 nerve root, Grade 1- Spondylolisthesis @ L5/S1

I injured my back at work in June 2005, and was totally out of action with pain in my lower back, left buttocks, hip, groin and quad with numbness in quad and knee. I was advised by doctors that I would need to have an operation.

My son told me to see Phill Hanney for a second opinion, which I did. Phill treated me with his Myotherapy technique, three times over a three week period and reduced the back pain to nil, but the numbness in my quad and in particular the knee was still extremely bad.
Phill then recommended SCENAR therapy which reduced the numbness totally in my quad and about 50 percent in my knee in the first treatment. I had just three more SCENAR treatments and the numbness was gone.

I returned back to work immediately and am back to playing lawn bowls on weekends. I am very, very pleased with Phill Hanney and his Myotherapy/Scenartherapy and would highly recommend him to anyone.


Karen Graham: Ganglionic Cyst in ankle/cartilage damage to knee/calcified blood clot in leg/torn ligaments in ribs

I sprained my ankle during 2003. It did not heal, so I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who referred me to have x-ray’s and ultrasounds. These revealed a ganglionic cyst in the ankle. I was then referred to have it drained, however this did not work. The option which was presented to me was to have my ankle fused together which would limit the mobility in the ankle.

I had been seeing Phil Hanney of the Myotherapy Bodyworks for treatment when he introduced me to the SCENAR and used it to treat my ankle. I was amazed. After only one treatment the swelling, which had been there for over a year, had gone down considerably. I continued to be treated by Phil and I am now pain free in the ankle and the ganglionic cyst has disappeared. Phil has also treated me for a knee injury, calcified blood clot in the leg and torn ligaments in the ribs, all have successfully been treated with SCENAR

I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering from an injury or pain, to visit the Myotherapy Bodyworks today!


Shane Sonego: Cartilage damage to both knees

I had suffered with pain and stiffness from medial meniscus tears in both knees for almost two years. I had an arthroscopy done to the right knee six months ago, which did not help much at all. I was referred to Phill Hanney for treatment and he told me of the effectiveness of SCENAR with any cartilage, ligament or tendon damage and that arthroscopies were not performed in Russia and parts of Europe any more as they now used Scenartherapy. After the first treatment I noticed a great improvement in both knees. I continued to have a course of treatment over the next eight week period and I am very pleased to say I no longer have any pain in my knees, my flexibility has greatly improved and I am now training, running and doing yoga again.
" If you've got bad knees you need to see Phill Hanney for Scenartherapy!"
Thanks heaps Phill, From Shane.


Matt Madden: Pinched Nerve in Neck.

I pinched a nerve in my neck whilst sleeping, which caused me excruciating pain in the right side of my neck, scapular, all the way down the arm into the thumb which felt like it was going to explode. I had been like this for one and a half weeks which physio's would not touch as it was so acute and painful, when a friend said to try Phillip Hanney.

At the start of my first SCENAR treatment, my pain level, (on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst), was 10 - in my neck, arm and thumb. I also had no range of movement in my neck. After a one hour treatment my neck pain was reduced to 3, my arm and thumb pain was reduced to zero and my range of movement was 100 percent.

You could not take the smile off my face when I left, I was totally amazed!! I had my second treatment three days later and walked out totally cured.

I will definitely continue regular maintenance with Phill Hanney in the future.


Peter Rosaguti: Torn Tendons in both shoulders

I have had severe pain and restricted movement in both shoulders for eight years as a result of the repetitive nature of my work and had tried a number of different treatments over the years with no success. I have had X-rays and ultrasounds which show full thickness tears to the supraspinatus and subscapularis tendons in both my right and left shoulders.

I was recommended to see Phillip Hanney of The Myotherapy Bodyworks.

After my first Scenar treatment I had a lot more range of movement in both shoulders and the pain was gone. I had my second treatment with Scenar one week later and I left feeling like a new person. Not only did my shoulders feel great but I felt totally energised.

I saw Phill one week later and he gave me a deep tissue Myotherapy Treatment to release all of the muscular tension in my shoulders and I have not had any pain or stiffness since.

I could not believe how fast and effective this treatment was and would highly recommend Phillip Hanney of The Myotherapy Bodyworks to anyone in pain.



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