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History of the Feick Family
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My family has been living in Sandusky, Ohio for going on seven generations now. My mother Anita Gundlach Feick did a great deal of work to research the family tree/ genealogy. Almost all of the information on this website is from her work. She self-published a hard cover 489-page book - Building America, A History of the Family Feick (Feik-Fike).

Mom not only researched my father's family all the way back to 1564-1630 - Hans Veick but she researched branches of the family. We had a nice family reunion one summer at Put-in-Bay with the New York Feicks. Mom also traveled to Germany and England and visited some Feicks there. The Feick farm in Steinau, Germany still had the three trees that were planted by  three of the older children of Johann Philip Feick before they emigrated to the United States.

I love getting e-mails from other Feicks; we are related somehow....

If you are a Feick and would like a copy of her book, there are still a few copies left. It is a nice hardcopy book. If you would like to buy copy, send me an email that I will forward to my sister.

Barbara Jane Feick Gregory


New: Found the patent for the "Feick Easiest Way Washing Machine". Not invented by a Feick but the Feicks were involved with the manufacture. OPERATING_MEANS_FOB_WASHING_MACHINES.pdf 

Thomas Edwin Unks of Sandusky Ohio applied for the patent June 8, 1915.

John Phillip "Frick" is a witness but the search gave it as Feick. Could be that whoever typed the patent misspelled Feick.

 But the next question is which Feick signed the patent? The patent was issued in 1915 but John Phillip Feick died in 1907...

5/24/2009 - I think John A. Feick probably signed the patent because for years we had a pile of the washing machines in the warehouse.  The only thing I remember in the boxes was a wooden, three-legged stool which I suspect was the agitator. Ed may know more about them.  I think we probably hauled them all to the dump. - Uncle Tom






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