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REGISTER, Sandusky,Ohio,       Thursday, July 19, 1923, Page 10

Start Steel Work On Eight Story Building

Steel framework for the five additional stories on the three story Feick Building on East Market Street will be in place in 2 or 3 weeks if the present favorable weather conditions continue, according to a statement by George Feick, Jr. Wednesday. Workmen Wednesday started to place the steel girders for the five-story addition on top of the present structure.

Once the framework is in place the work of finishing the cities first skyscraper will be rushed.

Previous to the building up of the structure from one of three storied to one of eight, a three-story addition 66 by 66 feet square was built at the rear of the present building.

The rear addition was built with heavy girders with a view to increasing its height to eight stories if the demand for space in the building warranted it any time in the future.

The original building with a frontage of 66 feet and a depth of 85 feet will be built up to a height of eight stories. The entire structure as it will stand when completed according to present plans will contain 60 big office suites and when the five additional stories are added to the newly built rear section of the building sometime in the future, the number of suites will be increased to 90.

When the original three-story Feick building went up in 1908, the builders put into it heavy steel with a view to someday increas­ing its height. The fact that this was done has saved the builders a goodly sum of money, in that, instead of having to tear down the present structure all that was necessary was to build on to the present substantial foundation.


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