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Lewis Alfred Feick
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While Louis Feick, the younger son of Adam Feick, opted for the laundry business and not construction, his sons and grandsons are connected with the building trades. John Adam Feick II is a builder in West Nyack, N.Y.; J.A. Feick's older son, Jack, is a building consultant in Severna Park, MD.; His younger son, Curt, is working for a builder in Toronto, Canada. Alden Feick operated his father's laundry business for quite a few years but now has a real estate firm in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (1983)

Lewis Alfred Feick, the youngest child of Adam & Johanna Feick, was born in 1879, seventeen years younger than his brother John. Between these two brothers were five sisters (there had also been three other children who lived from six months to a year) who doted on both of their brothers and Lewis, especially, had much attention as he was growing up.

He started working as a carpenter for his Uncle George and his brother John. (George Feick & Co.) From 1898 to 1901 he is listed in the Sandusky City Directories as a carpenter with his address 212Central Avenue. In 1902-03 he is listed Yochem & Feick, ergo; about 1902 he and John Yochem began a laundry service. In the 1904-05 directory his address is given as 529 Osborne Street. He built this house on land given him by his father Adam. Here he lived and here he died. On the back of the property was a barn, a necessary item at that time for where else would one keep the horse? Down the street were several more barns, one on the rear of the Schlottag property is now gone (1983) and a home is built on the site. Mrs. Schlottag (Anna) was a first cousin of Lewis. A barn still remains on the alley property that is still owned by one of the heirs of the John S. Feick estate, being incorporated into the line of garages which border on the alley.

Lewis Feick kept the laundry horses in his barn. A small one-room cottage or apartment in the rear of his house on Osborne Street housed the barn-man.

In the 1920's and 30's, Lewis Feick was a dashing figure in his riding pants and jacket, polished boots, Western hat, riding crop in hand, and sitting astride a beautiful brown horse as he exercised the animal up and down the street. The horse belonged to a neighbor, the Neill's, and it was stabled in Feick's barn. What a thrill it was to have "Uncle Lewie" on the horse come over to our Grandmother Schlottag's and, if we were lucky, he would give us a ride! What a wonderful romantic figure he was to our young eyes!

Lewis and Ada (Bloker) Feick built a home on the portion of the Feick Farm that they inherited. Lewis died here and after his death Ada sold it for it was too large for one person, and she moved into an apartment. The Adam Feick children each inherited a portion of the Feick farm and all sold their portion except for Lewis and John.

Four children were born to Lewis and Ada. Mary Lucille, the only daughter, married the son of one of  Sandusky's respected school teachers. Paul Richardson. Paul also taught in the Sandusky School system for several years. Paul accepted a position as employment manager for a firm in Rockville Center, N.Y., so they moved from Sandusky. A change of positions took them to Washington, D.C. where Mary Lucille became an active worker for the Episcopal Washington Cathedral. On moving to Groton, Connecticut, they opened women's wearing apparel shops and lived in a huge home that had at one time been a summer home for one of the wealthy New York families (a Rockefeller or a DuPont) complete with tennis courts and a beautiful view of the river. After the death of Mary Lucille in 1973, the house was sold. Several years later Paul remarried (Mrs. Louis Fiesinger Howe) and his son, Paul Jr. and family, and his daughter Barbara all moved to Florida.

Lewis Wesley, the eldest son, was an investment broker; lived in the Hawaiian Islands for a time; was never a very family oriented person; had one son and one daughter; was married twice.

John Adam II and his wife, "Hiccy", purchased a beautiful old home, an old farm home, in West Nyack, N.Y., complete with a trout stream, deer, and many wild animals and wild fowl. He had worked for Interchemical Corporation in NYC for 18 years before deciding he wanted to build homes in Rockland City. Gradually "Jack" began allotting portions of the farm for the building of fine homes, keeping his portion and his Revolutionary Wartime farmhouse as unspoiled as possible. However, as of 1983, he is being encircled by homes and the wild life is diminishing around the pond.

The children of John and Hildegard Feick have led interesting lives. Joan, a graduate of St. Lawrence University with two masters from the University of Hawaii, is married to an army colonel and has lived in many foreign countries; while in Korea she was assistant principal of the Interabroad School; has two children; is presently living in South Carolina.

Jack Schloh Feick, "Pug", the oldest son is a graduate of Bucknell University; is an engineer; worked for the Dravo Company; was city engineer for Annapolis, Md.; is presently operating his own engineering firm in Severna park, Md.; and with his wife, Lois, have two sons.

Kurt, the youngest son of John and Hildegard Feick was in the airlines industry; married a lovely Canadian girl and moved to Canada where his is working in construction.

Alden George Feick, the youngest son of Lewis and Ada operated the Mahala Laundry with his father until his father's death in 1950 and then on his own after he returned from WWII. The laundry had been in the Mahala Block on East Washington Row until the Mahala Block burned in a spectacular fire. After this the business was operated form a building which stood at the end, the west end, of Washington Row. A portion of the Presbyterian Church education wing now occupies the site. Alden and Mae Beck Ward Feick met while Alden was in the service. She was a young divorcee with a gracious manner and soft Southern voice. They lived in Sandusky until the laundry was sold and here educated her young son, Charles LaVon Ward. They then operated a motel in the Virgin Islands for a time, returning to the mainland to settle in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where both became successful realtors.

written by A. G Feick with the aid of Hildegard and John A. Feick.

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