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Mylitta Taubert Feick
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Mylitta Taubert Feick had been a resident of Providence Memorial Center for three years prior to her death. Son Tom was the second-in-command at Providence Hospital during this time. She had lived at home at 321 Decatur Street after her husband died, living alone until 1970 when her grandson, Edward L. Feick, Jr. came to stay with her while his parents were vacationing. He was working in the downtown area then and it was a great place for him to stay. He was 22 years old then. On the return of his parents, Mylitta asked if he could not remain with her as he was good company during the long evenings. Edward is mildly retarded and was an invaluable aid to his grandmother and to the family for she could not be alone the last years, help was difficult to obtain, and she sometimes would lose her balance and fall. Mylitta's main interests in life were her family, her sons and her daughter.

Mary Katherine Feick during WWII worked in an office in Washington, D.C. She had attended Miami University after graduation from Sandusky schools. After the war she obtained a position with the Coast Guard in their Cleveland office. She was a devoted daughter, coming back to Sandusky every weekend to visit with her mother.

J.Charles Feick died of coronary thrombosis due to artiosclerosis. He was president of J.C.Feick Lumber & Supply Co., attended Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh and was married while attending college. He had known Mylitta all his life, being born on Maple Avenue right around the corner from her parents home on Monroe Street. They were married in January of 1912 and lived in Pittsburgh while Charles finished out the term. They then moved home with Charlie's parents and lived with them until the parents died.

Mylitta Taubert was a lively, lovely young girl. The boys used to chase her around the Taubert dinging table to get a kiss. Young men also drank wine from her slipper!!!! She had dark curly hair and a petite figure. It is no wonder that Charlie Feick came home from college for a weekend and took her back with him to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada where they were wed.

As the J. Charles Feick children started coming, the Maple Street home was too small and also the business was expanding. John A. Feick purchased the Decatur Street property with its large home and land enough in the rear to build a storage building, office and shop. The home had four bedrooms plus one on the first floor that was converted into the office for the building firm until the warehouse at the back was built. Until this building was constructed, the office and drafting room were in the home and in the basement of the house was a cabinet shop. Often basement windows had to be removed to facilitate the removal of some large object which had been built in the basement.

that must have been a busy household with the two sets of adults, four children, a workshop, an office and drafting room all under one roof with also a supply of customers and workmen also coming and going. The women must have been glad to see the office and warehouse at the rear of the lot constructed.

In later years, after Edward and I were married (we lived next door for 10 years) Charlie had his life worked down to a routine and his office in the warehouse became almost a men's club in the late evening. He slept until 10 A.M.; had a light breakfat; checked on the workmen and what was doing in the shop; dinner was at 12 noon - sharp! he napped until 1:30; back to work checking the various jobs; supper was at 5; in the evening friends of his and friends of Mylitta's stopped in and stayed until about 10; Mylitta then retired and Charlie would go back to his office in the warehouse, to his drafting board, and from 10 until the wee small hours there would be a parade of people (mostly men) to see him on business or just to talk; people wanting work done, drawing made, advice, or just someplace to go; often around 1 a.m. they would go to a neighborhood bar for a sandwich (Charlie did not drink); this routine was carried on every day except Saturday. On Friday nights also it varied a bit for he and Mylitta then went to an early movie and on Saturday evening they either entertained or were entertained by friends. We always knew just where they were.

by: Anita gundlach Feick - March 1981


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