Edward L. Feick Family Tree

Family Trees for Edward and Anita Feick family,

Carl & Anna Gundlach, Franz & Anna Schlottag of Sandusky, Ohio

  Donald and Carrie Gregory of Conneaut, Ohio

Feick Genealogy  For an extended family tree that goes back to Steinau, Germany see Feick History

Paternal Grandparents
Johann Adam Feick (Adam) (was in business with George Feick Sr., brother - 1st generation of Feick builders in Sandusky) (5/3/1832-3/9/1893) Johanna Fulton Feick
John Adam Feick II (Johnny)
Carolina Elizabeth Zipfel Feick(2/17/1867-7/8/1936)
John Charles Feick (Charlie)
Mylitta Taubert Feick
Edward L. FeickEdward Lewis Feick b.10/2/1920
Dad's brother is Tom
Anita Gundlach Feick Anita Gundlach Feick 
See Gundlach family tree
(1)Mary Feick Howe Baughman 
Mary Feick Howe Baughman Mary lives in Huron, Ohio and works as a dental hygienist b.1943 Joe Baughman married to Joe Baughman  Ex-husband John Andrew Howe
Mary Baughman and John Howe's 2 children: 
Laura Howe AlexanderLaura Ellen Howe Alexander  b.1972 Don Alexanderm. Don Alexander
Laura & Don's 2 children:
BurkeDon Burkhart "Burke" Alexander IV  b. 1999
Marley Marley Alexander
Mary Katherine Howe (Kathy) b.1974 m. Jon Henson
Kathy and Jon's 3 children:
Josephine Violet Henson
Victoria Lily Henson
Daphne Rose Henson  
Ellen Jean (1946-1946)
(2) Edward L. Feick, Jr. b.1947
Eddie Feick Eddie   
(3) Elizabeth Feick Wilber b.1948
Elizabeth Feick Wilber Elizabeth Anita (Betsy) m. R.Geoffrey Wilber (deceased)
Betsy's 2 children: 
Amy Elizabeth Wilber Amy Elizabeth Wilber  b.1979 Jarrod Holbrook married to Jarrod Holbrook
Charles Geoffrey WilberCharles Geoffrey Wilber b.1981  
(4)  John Adam Feick, III b.6/4/1950
John Adam Feick, III  John  Jeanmarried to Jean Tayloe Stewart Feick
John & Jean's 2 children: 
Adam Marshall FeickAdam Marshall Feick b.1979 Lisa Eckert Feick married to Lisa Eckert Feick
Adam & Lisa's :
Carolyn Mae Feick b. 2/16/09
Molly Tayloe Feick BarcusMolly Tayloe Feick Barcus b.1981 Jonathan Barcusmarried to Jonathan Barcus
Molly & Jon's :
Grace Barcus b. 1/12/2009  
(5)  Barbara Jane Feick Gregory (me)  b.1952
Barbara Jane Feick Gregory  Barb  Cliff Gregory ex-husband is Cliff Gregory (He is now married to Debbie Hauber Gregory) 
Barb & Cliff's 4 children: 
Dianna Eileen Gregory NarotskiDianna Eileen Gregory Narotski b.5/2/1976 Bill Narotskimarried to Bill Narotski
Dianna & Bill's 3 children:
Maylie Gregory Narotski Maylie Gregory Narotski  (b.1/3/2003)
Gregory NarotskiGregory William Narotski  (b.10/20/2004)  
Vivienne Virginia Narotski (b. 7/19/07) 
Donald Edward Gregory Donald Edward Gregory b.8/13/1978 Alison Martin Gregorymarried to Alison Martin Gregory
Anita Carrie Gregory Anita Carrie Gregory b.5/71985  
Margaret Elaine GregoryMargaret Elaine Gregory b.8/24/1988  
(6) Carl Martin Feick  b.1956
Carl Martin FeickCarl C. Bridget Rogerson Feickmarried to  C. Bridget Rogerson Feick
Carl & Bridget's 3 children: 
Erin Feick MagoonErin Feick Magoon b.1980 married to Elijah M. Magoon
Brittany FeickBrittany Feick  
Brittany's son:
TristanTristan Reilly Feick (b.6/12/2006)  
Nathan FeickNathan Feick  married to Emilie Louise Skinner LaSalle
Nathan & Emilie's:
Kaylie Briane Feick b. 1/1/2010  

My Uncle - (4 CHILDREN)
Thomas Feick, Sr.Thomas Feick - lives in Niceville, Florida LeeFiancée - Lee Harriet Eaton Feick (deceased)
(1) Thomas Feick (Fritz) 3/20/52
Thomas FeickTom Ann Feickmarried to Ann
Tom & Ann's child: 
John FeickJohn  (b.5/17/1990)  
(2) Katie Feick 2/11/54
Katie Feick Katie  
(3) Mylitta Feick 8/11/55
Mylitta Feick Mylitta, lives in NYC  
(4) Dr. Harriet Feick Sekas  3/27/58
Dr. Harriet Feick Sekas Harriet  married to John Sekas 
Harriet & John's 3 children: 
Nicholas Sekas    
Thomas Sekas  
George Sekas (b.10/2/2004)