Gregory Family Tree

Family Trees for Edward and Anita Feick family,

Carl & Anna Gundlach, Franz & Anna Schlottag of Sandusky, Ohio

  Donald and Carrie Gregory of Conneaut, Ohio

Donald Gregory Carrie Lee Rhinehart Gregory
(1)  Clifford Jay Gregory  
Cliff Married to Debbie Hauber Gregory ex-wife is Barbara (me) 
Cliff& Barb's 4 children:  See FEICK FAMILY
Dianna Gregory Narotski, lives in Columbus, OH   married to Bill Narotski
Dianna & Bill's 3 children:
Maylie Gregory Narotski  
Gregory Narotski 
Vivienne Narotski  
Donny Gregory married to Alison Martin Gregory
 Anita Gregory  
Maggie Gregory  
Debbie Hauber's 3 children: 
Britany Hauber  
Autumn Hauber  
Cassie Hauber  
(2) Gayle Gregory Daniels
 Gayle   married to Ken Daniels ex-husband
Gayle's 2 children: 
Becky McClintock GriersonBecky McClintock Grierson married to Kevin Grierson
Becky and Kevin's 2 children:
Alyssa Nicole GriersonAlyssa Nicole Grierson 
Adam Mathew GriersonAdam Mathew Grierson 
Kathleen McClintock Calkins  married to Robert Calkins
Kathleen's daughter:
Dakota Rain WestDakota Rain West  
Robert's 2 sons:
Brandon Calkins 
Troy Calkins  
  Ken's 2 children: 
Shane Daniels  
Shane's 2 sons:
Justin Michael Daniels 
Christopher Daniels 
Shannon Walker  
Shannon's daughter
Allie Marie Walker 
(3) Mark Gregory  
Mark GregoryMark Married to Pam Gregory Ex-wife Chong Cha (C.C.)
Mark's son by C.C.: 
 Benjamin Matthias Gregory b. 1986  
  Pam's 3 children: 
Jennifer Phipps Dickson married to Berry Dickson
Ron Phipps married to Teara Phipps
Ron's son
  Ron & Teara's daughter
Candi Phipps  
Candi's son by Terry Shoffer
(4) Susan Gregory Church
Susan Married to Dave Church
Susan &  Dave's 2 children: 
Steven Church  
Greg Church