Well 45 minutes into my first zapping session my nose began drool slime. I began to cough up all kinds of nasty stuff then I felt something literally moving in my face an go to the back of my throat, I began hacking really hard and to my disgust a little egg shaped thing came out and into the sink It was about 1/4 inch hard yellowish egg with white stringy things coming off of it (sounds more like total recall). Then more drainage followed. I shocked myself for most of the day, the euphoria is almost addictive, any way I under went extreme pain in my spine for about 4 hours as well as my head and stomach. Then all stopped!


Well, finally, my turn.....I would like to report you a bit about the changes we see here since we started zapping.

First of course all that Hans has told you already, but more...

1. We all had trouble with intestinal worms. The kids and Hans took VERMOX for that, but I am with a new life and could not take that, so waited for the zapper. They were gone within 3 to 4 days! No kidding! They caused me a lot of pain in my intestines, which has completely disappeared.

6. Also, as long as I can remember I had thrush, which is absolutely gone and over!!! No more itch, no more pain etc. etc. etc.

Y.S. Theresia

P.S. if you would like to place this as referral you can, man. Just keep zappin, just keep zappin, just keep zappin, zappin, zappin.....


I have proof that the claims you make about the parasite eliminating results from the use of your ____ are true. True, that is, with a capital T! A local healer has a dark field/ phase microscope with a video attachment. A live blood sample before use of the ___ Zapper showed an astounding number and varied kinds of parasites, bugs and junk in one drop. Yuck...These little critters were active and apparently happy, as they reproduce profusely. A parasite polka party IN MY BLOODSTREAM !

After a few days use of your ____, I had my blood drawn and examined again. BLOOD LIKE SPRINGWATER! No bugs ,cleaner than was believable. D__, I would not have believed how effective your zapper is if I had not seen with my own eyes and blood.

After 30 minutes of searching the blood sample I did find one lone parasite. However he looked sick, depressed, and in need of a support group.

Thank you for a truly wonderful and incredibly effective product.

Dennis G

Hi K__,  Also I had the opportunity to use a darkfield microscope and witness first hand the power of the "___ ZAPPER" for removing parasites in my blood. Truly amazing. Thanks again, Jack Dec. 18, 2007

Hi K__,

We purchased a zapper around Christmas time. Honestly, I was skepticle but very desperate for help. I have been fighting parasites for several years (along with the horrible symptoms they cause). Well, yesterday I received a clean parasite test--wow, I can't believe it.

I zapped faithfully for a month and it killed cryptosporidium, toxoplasma, and yeast. I still feel yucky but am looking forward to a better day now that I am not fighting critters anymore!

My question for you is how do I know the zapper is not killing good, beneficial bacteria as well?

[This is a very common question, and a real concern for many. I have not heard back from a single person who has had an intestinal upset while using The ____ Zapper. The good bacteria replicate very quickly and the intestinal balance is maintained when using my zapper -- comment by K____]

Also, be prepared because all those that I know and love who have listened to my cry over the past few years are going to be coming to you for a zapper!

Thank you! -- from B Apr. 25, 2005

K__... you do have the best zapper out there. You will be glad to know that after my very first zapping session with your zapper I got rid of a 2 foot approx. worm that I could not help but notice in the toilet. Pretty gross but your zapper is the only other zapper that ever did that for me.

Robert Nov. 23, 2006

Thanks K__!

You have my testimony on your website about me and my girlfriend in Malibu. She also used it a couple months back when she was really sick and a snake looking thing came out of her!!! Gross! I believe it was some kind of tapeworm ...

Thanks again! Pam Dec. 3, 2007

I had the same thing for years. It felt like i had something like a bur stuck in there. I went to a specialist throat doc and she used the tube with a light device, that went down my nose down to my throat. She got very quiet and pulled it out and I asked her if she saw something, she said well hmmm your vocal cords look irritated. She didn't charge me for the scope procedure (now I know why). I could of got her for not telling me she saw a worm. She saw the worm looking back at her. I was really sick in 04 and fired many docs and decided if I was going to save myself I needed to do it the natural way. I did barefoots de-wormer and bought the _____ zapper. One morning I was coughing and I coughed up a pearl white worm about an inch or so. Then I didn't have any more trouble, until I got it again, the same spot. So I did the zapper 7 minutes on 20 off and i did this for 3 days straight. I got it, I killed it and so far I have no more feeling of a bur stuck in my throat.

"Josie Jo" Mar. 10, 2006

Here is a truly incredible report I received in July, 2007. It has to be one of the most astonishing testimonials I have ever received. The _____ Zapper potentiates herbs via electroporation which you can read about at the bottom of the front page of this site. Electroporation was most certainly responsible for the results reported here. This report is far more astonishing than anything you will read on the testimonial page of the website that sells the herbal cleanse that this customer used while she was zapping.

Dear Mr P___,

I have been using your zapper along with the **** parasite/colon cleanse ... At the end of your e-mail, you ask me if I actually could see the parasites. I could see them with the naked eye and then I would use a hand-held magnifying glass, just to be sure. Please find below an exerpt from an e-mail I sent to a parasitologist in Indiana, who, incidentally, has not yet replied. Excerpt from an e-mail to Dr. R___ M____:

"After five weeks of cleansing [using a herbal parasite cleanse while zapping with The ____ Zapper] I was given a colonic. The therapist said she had never seen so many different kinds of parasites in a single body. At that time I was too sick to even look, but after that I began to look for myself. I became traumatized by what I saw! It is very troubling to not be able to identify the many different creatures that I observed. Kaiser Permanente was unwilling to take any samples to identify. I am fairly sure of several items: 1) Dwarf tapeworms 2) Whipworms 3) Flukes in the larval stages, surrounded by red mucous 4) Trunk like forms with mouths on one end, which might be hookworms. Beyond that, I am at a loss, even to pinpoint adult flukes, and I am hoping that you might help me if I give you a few descriptions. Perhaps you could recommend a book or essay with drawings of these critters in the shape and color as they come out of the body. I should have photgraphed them but I was not in any condition to even think of doing this at the time... even now. Here are very short descriptions of some of the critters I encountered: a) A flat tan-colored critter, many of them, ranging in size from my small fingernail to my thumbnail (Could this be a lung fluke? Are there pictures somewhere?) (My lungs have been very much affected with mucous.)

b) A tan pulpy critter the size of a pistachio. (Many of these.)

c) A light blood red critter, very pulpy, ranging in size from my small fingernail to my full thumbnail. (This critter still appears after thirteen weeks of cleansing.)

d) A similar red critter with points over its body.

e) Masses of red critters in red mucous, rolled up in individual balls, which, when pulled apart, have points and sometimes legs like a frog.

f) Rolled up forms with many extrusions on one side, resembling the image of a flea.

g) Many, many strange honey-colored forms that seems to grow tubes at random, without any symmetry. (They sometimes appeared to grow entire caverns - the most puzzling and disturbing of all the forms I encountered.)

h) Flat forms the size of my index fingernail, but with extended tubes front and back, resembling an elephant trunk, a tan color.

i) Many, many, cream colored particles like cooked barley, which also appear in larger forms which begin to curve, eventually becoming as large as an uncooked black bean, but with extrusions like hairs on the inner curve and looking like grubworms from the garden. (These barley pieces persist after 13 weeks of intense cleansing.)

j) A continual flow of tiny egg specks, white, black, pink, rose, and bright red. (These continue after 13 weeks of cleansing.)

k) Hard, clear shells the size and shape of a small oval cough lozenge, filled with red particles. (Are these fluke egg cases?)

l) A small dark form shaped perfectly like a cupcake, complete with regular striations around the sides, and, when broken, exposing hundreds? thousands? of tiny white specks. (Is this an egg case?)

m) Hard grey balls 1/8" in diameter, which, when broken, reveal hundreds of tiny white specks.)

I did not keep a diary and I should have, complete with descriptions. Now I am unable to pull into view many of the other critters, but I think I have described the most numerous ones... Gratefully, Barbara Jun. 19, 2007

... I used an ____ zapper and saw a huge parasite release after using it for 4 days. Probably passed 1000 1/2 inch red parasites ...


Hello K__, I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am with your _____ Zapper I purchased several months ago. I have both the hand holds and foot pads. I've seen many unsightly critters come out of me. And for that I am greatly appreciative ... Thanks for your support. Hank T. May 8, 2008


i'm amazed at how well the zapper is working for me- i'm doing a bowel cleanse now, and start a liver cleanse next week- i have eliminated so many parasites it is a wonder i was alive (particularly roundworm)...

i have a question- is it possible for parasites to burrow up through the skin underneath the zapper? i swear this seems to be happening- under the zapper (when i place it just below my left rib cage, which is where my worst pain has been) four places have 'popped' up and what appeared to be worms (i swear, i know it sounds crazy) came out!!!

its insane, i feel like i'm in a science fiction movie-

i'm shocked (no pun intended) at how well i am doing - i have been able to get up and do gardening, so many things that i haven't done in four years...

if its a 'placebo effect,' it is a damn good one that i didn't get from medications or surgery-

-tamara- April 25, 2006

... i've had three [zappers] ... i also have one from (the ____ zapper) -- it FEELS the strongest -- and i've had worms migrate to the surface of my skin underneath the zapper ...

"Ayn" May 1, 2006

Dear K__, I started the zapper yesterday for me. I did four zaps everything 20 minutes. Today when I went to the washroom there were many white egg looking things in my stool . My flu symptoms felt immediately better, my neck shoulders felt better. My day started in dread of the symptoms and immediately after the zapping I felt better. I was hestitating to use it and my ND was kinda saying not to use it. I kept praying and I believe that God was yelling to my heart to use it. If you know what I mean. I did one zap right now and I will continue one a day for the next couple weeks. Paola Nov. 18, 2005

Here a short version, much happened physically before all this. I've been breaking out constantly, which I never did when I was a teenager, I'm 46 now. My left sinus was constantly plugged for several years, and I would get the worst sinus headaches. I had been spraying Colloidal Silver which did help a great deal, but would still blow out stringy clear worm looking things which led me to believe I have parasites. I started feeling bloated and full after eating only a small amount. I started zapping, with a ____ with some success (helped with my sinus), then got a _____ Zapper, then things started to happen. I should have saved them, but first I hacked up something from my chest that looked like a slug, and also one out of my right sinus which surprised me since my left sinus was always plugged (this left my sinus feeling raw and burned when I inhaled for awhile), lots of phelgm afterwards, chest and sinus. I went through a full course of, and still continuing with Clarkia, nothing big came out, but today was the first day I passed one of those white worm masses, and one that looked like a nightcrawler. This time I saved them so my girlfriend, and my doctor if I decide to see him, won't think I'm crazy. I don't know if it was from the major session of zapping or my DE Cocktail. I had nothing to do on Sunday morning so I zapped 6 times 10/20 with the ____ Zapper ... and last night it cleared right though me ... and by early evening it was time to go. The funny thing was this stuff was the only things that came out, so it was easy to pick through with a chopstick ... I hit those with the negative paddle and man ... you can feel that thing go nuts ...

"52286" Jan 10, 2006

K__, Thanks for the fast shipment to my friend Cathy in Malibu , California. She has been a walking zombie for the last few months, barely getting out of bed. She got her zapper this morning and used it three times and (after having 7 horrible infections and knee replacement surgery) she was up for 3 hours cleaning house with more energy than she's had in months! She had a smell come out her pores and left some white stuff in the toilet. Right after that poured out of her and then felt great! Wow, how fast can I get one? I ordered the ____ zapper, but it still hasn't come. My friend Monique said to forget the ____zapper...I need mine priority mail also.

Thanks, Pam Nov. 18, 2005

Hi Again, ... --white tips ... poking out 1st sesson ... inner thighs ... and sliver white pokies ... suppose their coming out? Using citric acid and DSP creme. --Worm like white things in/on stool ... suppose pinworm ... but they seems a bit fatter ... I did a jig of joy when they were out ... like the "cat" story. They squirm after doing zapper/anus. -Tanish color specks in hair/scalp esp. using DSP on scalp ... suppose it's the eggs? And lint flying out everywhere. -Do you hold bothhand holds and put feet on pads at the same time? -I put rods on target/slimmy skin areas and thighs/lesions ... I forwarded a photo of them healing ... note they are drying up and not red/ozzing ... thanks! Thanks again for your time ... things are way better. Lisa Nov. 4, 2007

... My experience. The Barefoot's dewormer kills the bugs. Adding a zapper accentuates the ability of the dewormer to kill the bugs, so I take about a teaspoonfull of it before I do the zapping. Zapping does not replace the bugkiller; it is an adjunct to it. You do them both together and get better results. I did get the _____ Zapper from K_____. It kills the big bugs as well as killing the bacteria and viruses. I am not familiar with the other makes of zappers, only that this one is working very very well for me. ... At first I did 2 series of the zapping per day. I did it for 7 minutes on and 20 minutes off, three times. The first time is to stun the bugs, the second time is killing them, the third time is killing the bacteria and viruses that they give off. You have to do all three times because you could get a cold from the small microscopic bugs if you don't. I have such a huge infestation and have had it for so long that I am finding I am having to do a longer time for zapping and more of the dewormer to get rid of the host of critters I have ...

"Pioneer1" Feb 21, 2008

Dear Ken, I have purchased a zapper from you some months ago. I have had a long standing parasite problem and I am noticing great improvement. I thank you for this technology ... With gratitude, Michelle R. May 5, 2008

The ______ Zapper works really well for me. I am on week 3 with great results so far. Using it to zap parasites ...

"Hen27" May 28, 2007

Okay, I have zapped with a "zapper" for about three months off and on. I bought the zapper from ebay. I was unhappy with the results because my colitis would not stop flaring. I started zapping last wed., but mind you I had started to feel bad with flu like symptoms before that day. (This is because my colitIs was flaring again). I went on cipro for 10 days because I had food poisioning 2 weeks before that. Following the period after completing the cipro I enjoyed the best remission period in a long time. But things started to get worse, much worse. So i decided to buy the _____Zapper based on peoples suggestions, not to mention the 3 month trial. Anyways I had zapped before with the other one and had mild tummy aches, but nothing serious. This time around I feel like I am pregnant and is very sore, even to move. I have a fever that comes and goes, and use the bathroom about 4 times every hour or so. Did I overdo it, I was zapping at the 7-20 7-20 7-20 cycle 2-3 times a day. By thursday I had to leave work earlier, and didn't go into work on friday. I am kinda of worried, has anyone else have this happen to them? This leads me to my next question, I have been looking in the toilet everytime to try and find some parasites. This time I found something really suspious. Everytime I look at it I am more convinced that it is. I will post some pictures later today. Its about an quarter on an inch long, with a squiggly tail, with a rather rice-like body, the color of this thing is black. Now here is the tricky part his head from the looking over it is in the shape of an alligators, but his mouth is wide open and resembles an eel's. Weird HUH! Also its eyes are easily seen with someone who has 20/20 vision.

"Selfhigh05" Oct. 1, 2005

... I have had two; One was A.Vasorum. this one is complex and dangerous and the others where basic heartworms (marked BIO-Warfare), the later appears to be an easy kill with a good zapper (_____ Zapper) ...

"Newport" Feb. 15, 2007

Dear K__, My sister bought one of your ______ zappers for me earlier this year and I have found it to be very helpful. I am a volunteer worker in Africa and I have used it with success to keep from developing malaria as well as helping me with my lungs and sinuses and also to overcome other parasites. As the country I am in uses 220V (which also fluctuates a lot of the time), my sister also ordered the transformer along with the power supply ...

Many thanks for all your help. William H. July 12, 2008

Hi D__,

So far, I am seeing evidence of the terminator killing worms, and dark spots on my skin are not as dark today. My breathing is much easier now also. My grey hairs are not so prominent now either. We are also seeing evidence of a "SHRINKING" skin cancer on my back. I have had two bad days where I just couldn't keep up with anything, falling asleep at the drop of the hat and no energy. It goes good day, bad day, in sequence.

I guess I was sicker with the cancer than I thought, and my weak kidneys from childhood are coming back to haunt me right now. The right one seems to hurt constantly at night. I should have listened to you and ordered that other stuff. I'll order it in a couple of days. I have increased water intake and it helps. I actually felt the killing of worms in the back of my head within the first two hours of use after the initial twenty minutes. That was a very odd feeling and gave some nasty pains for a short while. I am not wearing it continually yet, but I will get there. I think my body was so overloaded with the cancer and worms and it has made me weak. Bob has already told me that we are going to order him one on the first of December. Anyway, sorry this was so long, but I just wanted to say thanks again. I am greatly impressed.


This customer was surprised at the results that she obtained when she zapping for ringworm. She zapped for 30 minutes straight rather than 7 minutes x 3. - K__ Just for the record, I believe it's ring worm when I googled [did an internet search for] the appearance [how it looked on her body] it was an exact match [for what she had], but I wonder why it rose to the surface [she zapped for 30 minutes straight] or had I zapped per your instructions [7 minutes x 3] would it be any different? Just interesting, since the zapper is so efficient. Going to the dermatologist Monday. Conversely, I've also had this happen before where I zap a tiny mark is there or a slight irritation. I'm a dowser too, and when I was shopping for a zapper, yours is the best. Thanks for you input. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Sincerely, Rachel Apr. 1, 2007