Power of 10 - the once-a-week slow motion fitness revolution

by Adam Zickerman and Bill Schley, HarperCollins, 2003 - Got this book from the Columbus Public Library. Once in a while I take a book out of the library and then go buy my own copy. I might buy a copy or two of this book. In the front of the book was this “The individuals featured in this book experienced extraordinary results; there are no typical results.”

Can I manage to exercise regularly when that means 20 minutes/once a week? Yeah! I do get out and walk but I know I need more. I thought that meant 3-4 times/week of boring exercises. I really don’t want to take that kind of time. I do the usual. Decide I am going to get fit; go and exercise regularly for a couple of weeks and quit. (Or the exercise joint goes out of business - that happened three times!!) There is an exercise joint not too far from here that has 4-minute routines. But I would still have to drive there (40-minutes minimum for round trip) and do it several times every week. They use expensive exercise equipment that I wouldn’t be able to use if I traveled away from home.

“The basic tenets of the Power-of-10 nutrition philosophy fit what I call the ‘Ben Franklin’ test: all good things in moderation and, occasionally, a few things in excess!”

Weight training is more important than “cardio” exercise or aerobics. Six exercise sets are all that are needed.

“Eliminating aerobic exercise from your workouts, except for fun, will actually make you healthier.”

I think I found an exercise routine that makes sense, works, and doesn’t take alot of time.
But when it comes to eating…. he’s only partly right. He is TOTALLY WRONG about ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!!! Horribly wrong. That stuff is POISON if anything is. White sugar is better for you than the artificial sweeteners! And white sugar he wants us to regard as poison! Granted that white sugar is best avoided but also avoid the artificial crap! And lean meat is only because we feed our animals an unnatural diet. And he is WRONG about FATS! Fat is actually good for us as long as it is as nature intended. And he is wrong about the unsaturated fats being the healthy fats. The obesity epidemic started with the “fat-free” craze. Hydrogenated fats are the unhealthy saturated fats. Don’t eat them. Butter is OK. So is the fat from grass fed cattle. And the glycemic index is only part right, too. What foods you eat in combination affects the glycemic value.

November 16th, 2008