The Collected Reprints from Sing Out! The folk song magazine 1964-1973,Sing Out Publication, 1992

From the Columbus Public Library - I look for good sources of public domain music. This book has some great songs - melody line and chords:
The Cat Came Back - Henry My Son - Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
Love this book!

Tom Glazer’s Treasury of Songs for Children
November 15th, 2008


Tom Glazer’s Treasury of Songs for Children, Songs Music, 1964 - From the Columbus Public Library
When my oldest children were small, I came across a tape of children's music that Tom Glazer had recorded before a live audience. A double love affair for life occurred. I loved Tom’s singing and children’s music. Now I have grandchildren and I still love children’s music more than most children!! When I saw this book at the library, I grabbed it!
Animal Fair - Billy Boy - Christmas is Coming - Davy Crockett - Dinga Dinga Doodle - Dunderbeck - The Fox - Jennie Jenkins
Music has melody line with chords and a piano arrangement.