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EAV Clients' testimonials

A Hole in the Head, Part I, by Bob Wallace - "As an example, I once had a doctor tell me, "If the AMA doesn't approve it, it doesn't work." Of course, I never saw him again, and warned everyone else to stay away from him...Contrary to what that doctor thought, there are plenty of things that do work, things most doctors and dentists know nothing about...One thing I require all doctors and dentists to have is an EAV/EDS machine....The EAV was invented in Germany in the 1950s, almost 50 years ago. Although more and more doctors and dentists are using them, all of them should have one."

From the Mom of an Autistic Son:

“The innovative and non-invasive technique used is called Electro-Dermal Screening. The instrument is a computer with special software designed to scan the body using an attached probe that Dr. Romaner presses against acupoints on the fingers and toes to evaluate energetic function of all the internal parts of the body. With the software she can also discover what is causing the interference in the function of the organs. The cozy office setting and her friendly disposition lessen the anxiety for children as they are being evaluated. The cost is reasonable and decreases as the body heals and regulates.

“After our first evaluation, I was amazed to find exactly the same things that were going wrong with our son’s body as we found when we had him evaluated at The Environmental Health Center, where all of the procedures, like extracting blood, collecting urine and stool samples, pricking the skin for allergies and detoxification, are very invasive and costly. Also, the nutrients, supplements, homeopathic detoxifiers and other remedies suggested by her were much more easily dispensed, since most are tasteless liquid drops.

“My husband & I have both seen improvement in our son, including better language skills, behavior and adaptability. Plus, we have the good feeling that he is nutritionally healthy, which we believe is necessary for the road to recovery.”

L. Swantek

HealthBoards > Health Issues > Rare Disorders > fevers again: Chloe would be sick on average five days with high temps at 105.6. She is now having big gaps of feeling great, during the episodes. We also are doing what is called electro dermal screening, which tests for all sorts of things to see if her body stresses. things such as immunizations, detergents, molds, the list goes on. If there are items that stress the body, a homeopathic remedy is given and a month later retested. We have seen a change with this, and will continue doing it. You can read about the electro dermal screening online.

I first heard of the Avatar system through a colleague, who noticed the red raw looking state of my face. I had had this condition for almost two years. Most foods aggravated it (which was an eczema type rash) so I had cut out lots of foods and lived on an extremely limited diet. During this time I had done the rounds of the medical profession, had all the tests and been to a naturopath and a homeopath - none of whom could pinpoint the problem.

After a complete assessment of everything Shazar commenced me on a specific diet, made up a homeopathic for me and started me on some supplements. A further two visits later, and my skin is perfectly clear. I am now starting back on a normal diet. It is wonderful to look in the mirror in the morning and not groan!! So many thanks to Shazar and the bio-feedback system. Sally McCulloch (Sydney)

"I originally came to Coastal Naturopathic Center in (1995) with extreme allergies. Dr. Maurer identified probable allergies through the use of a painless test called EAV and coached me through an elimination/re-introduction of the identified foods. He also recommended a few supplements including cod liver oil, quercitin and an herbal formula. Not only did my nose clear up throughout treatment, I have not used my asthma medication for the past 3 years now. He also prescribed a homeopathic remedy that seems to have helped me so that I can now occasionally eat many of the foods I was avoiding. I now see Dr. Maurer once a year and remain completely free from allergies. I feel like I was given my life back. JT, Portland, ME [from dead link:]

Mad Cow Disease, A Case Report Overview of Homeopathic Diagnosis by EAV - Electroacupuncture by Voll - This article describes an event that occurred in 1982 when the author, now retired, was engaged in periodontal practice....Just a day or two before that appointment I received in the mall from another office of that same health agency a large case history on a patient that I had done periodontal surgery upon about nine months earlier. The patient had died of transmissible virus dementia. (TVD, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, also CJD, Kuru, Scrapies in sheep, Mad Cow disease) The nosode arrived just a short time before I would attend an Advanced Dental EAV course given by Dr. Andy Landerman then of Sebastopol, California. I decided not to take the nosode but to have another reliable person test it upon me since self-measurement in EAV can be somewhat more difficult than measurement of another person. He also obtained a strong match. My interest in the subject increased. Dr. Landerman advised taking the remedy series four times....

Upon returning home I took the Kuf Staufen series...We know that I was exposed to CJD, that I developed symptoms, that I tested positive on an EAV instrument to the nosode DA11, Encephalomyelomalacie, that I took the nosode and had a profound reaction to it. All symptoms disappeared and I subsequently was non-reactive to the nosode. I suspect that this is the first ever reported cure of this disease. The wounder heals.

Escape from breast cancer - Your author is a firm 'believer' in EAV ( and VEGA ) testing from personal and family experience. If you ask a conventional doctor about EAV ( Electro Acupuncture according to Voll ) or VEGA, he may call it ' voodo ' or witchcraft. As a patient, you should only be impressed by diagnostic tools that provide you with good results. 

Also, I have found some relief with NAET: Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, done with EDS: Electro-Dermal Screening, which quickly determines what substances one is allergic to.

"I have seen amazing results with my patients. One of them is my mother. She is a woman from the back hills of Kentucky and although she has always believed in the power of prayer, she has until recently been inclined to take the traditional medical route. She has had a lung condition with continuous coughing that would not clear. Her M.D. had been treating this condition for almost a year with no noticeable improvement. This illness had taken away one of her biggest joys in life, singing in the church choir. So when she came to visit a month ago, I sat her down and strapped her up to the QXCI. She wouldn’t be quiet, and kept asking, “What can this computer do, kids are supposed to use them to play games and send email, what could it possibly do to me? What can this possibly do? This can’t do anything. I don’t feel anything, what can it be doing?” I just let her rant and asked her to let me know if she felt any different the next day. Well... the next day came and mother woke up singing and called me up to see if I could fit her in for another treatment. Now that is a miracle!"

I'm extremely impressed with Rons' Computerised Electro-Dermal Screening as it really pin points what is going on with my body and Ron is able to come up with excellent solutions to help put me back on track. ..... 'Truly Amazing'


Bio-Meridian Diagnosis follow up session Lucy Pt 1

Beware, CEDS is only as good as the practitioner

A story of recovery from Crohn’s disease - [Link died. Note that even though he had a bad experience with CEDS, he also had an awful experience with most everything else he tried.] ....

The information contained herein is intended for educational purposes only.

BE AWARE: The electrodermal testing devices have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") for assessment of nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, the presence of toxins, Candida, Epstein Barr virus, or the weakness of organs and glands. Use of the device for these purposes is inconsistent with FDA approval. The galvanic skin response device  is a Class II device that may be used for lie detection and for biofeedback.

There are no generally accepted completed clinical studies which demonstrate that the electrodermal testing devices are effective when used to assess for nutritional deficiencies, the presence of toxins, food allergies, Candida, Epstein Barr virus, and the strength or weakness of organs and glands.

Your child's exposure to lead or heavy metals cannot be determined solely through electrodermal testing.

You should not make decisions about your or your child's health and nutritional needs from information obtained solely through electrodermal testing.

You are to discuss all CEDS recommendations with your health care provider before implementing any of them.

There are medical tests for many, if not all of the issues that  respondents use electrodermal testing to assess, and  you are strongly encouraged to confirm the exposures identified through standard medical testing if you or your family physician feel that it is necessary.

Laws regarding this equipment vary from country to country.