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Harvey Lisle 1916-2009

Harvey Lisle 1916-2009

We are always happy to welcome new people at our meetings.

If you are in the Richfield, Ohio area, please join us!
     It would be a good idea to call Jim Fry or Jim Davis to make sure we haven't changed the meeting location.

Don't know how to dowse?
      Come and learn!

Just curious?
     That's fine, too.

Our Mission:

  • To promote dowsing in Northern Ohio. 
  • To teach dowsing skills to new members. 
  • To improve our own dowsing skills by learning from each other. 
  • To help heal the Earth using our skills. 

Meetings are held April through November on the 4th Sunday (usually). Most meetings are at:

Jim Fry's Stone Garden Farm
2891 Southern Road
Richfield, OH 44286
Ph 330-659-3507

12:30 arrival and prepare for meal
1:00 Blessing and potluck dinner
2:00 Short meeting and program.

Jim Davis voice mail  330-999-0226 

Jim Fry 330-659-3507

See Contact Us

Newsletter: Barbara Gregory

What to bring:
tableservice, dinnerplate, cup, covered dish, Y-rods, L-rods, Pendulum
If you don't have dowsing tools and want some let us know!

What to wear:
suitable clothes from walking in the woods or all over Jim's farm

What do we do at meetings, dowse for water?
Yes, sometimes. We also dowse earth energy lines.

Aren't you playing with the devil?
Heaven's no! We ask in the name of Jesus Christ, God Almighty, the Blessed Father, the Great Spirit, ...  And we only do things with good intentions. And it is the person holding the dowsing rod that causes the rod to move. The dowsing rod picks up our unconscious thoughts and moves because the unconscious or superconscious mind moves it. We are more sensitive the to world than we realize. The dowsing rod just magnifies our own sensitivity. 

If you want water dowsing or other property dowsing, you have two choices:

1. Bring a drawing/map of your property to our meeting.

2. Mail a drawing/map of your property along with a stamped self addressed envelope to the address above.

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