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"Maybe dowsing works, maybe it doesn't. If an investigator is out to prove that something doesn't work, he'll likely be able to do so." -  Michael Striker ASC Group, Inc.

"In spite of the large number of investigations made into dowsing, its status remains unclear.  This is largely a result of sloppy experimental procedures and or report writing. 

"For some people, dowsing does appear to be a useful problem solving tool. Dowsers do seem to be goal orientated, and in this reviewer’s experience, most do not care how it works: just as well perhaps, since science has no definitive answer. Critics and proponents alike should pay heed to the ideas of a grade school class that studied dowsing (Boone, 1965)—Conclusions should not be drawn on the basis of one experiment. "

"But the scientific evidence is at best equivocal (as you might expect.)"