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I was a member of Firelands Dulcimer Club for many years. We had meetings in Huron when the club began, but it has since moved to Norwalk, Ohio. People from outside the area may not know where the name "Firelands" came from:Picture of Barb from 2008

"The Firelands was part of the Western Reserve of Connecticut in the Northwest Territory.

"In 1786, Connecticut ceded most of its western lands to the American government, in preparation for the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. The state kept its claim to an area of land in the northeastern portion of the Northwest Territory known as the Connecticut Western Reserve. Connecticut chose to sell most of the land in the Western Reserve to finance the state's educational system. Approximately 500,000 acres were reserved for Connecticut citizens who had suffered property losses during the American Revolution. This portion of the Western Reserve became known as the Firelands or the Sufferers' Lands. During the Revolution, British troops had burned several Connecticut towns and many of their residents had lost everything they owned. They were able to start over again in the Northwest Territory. A company called the Ohio Corporation distributed the land to eligible applicants. Much of the settlement of the region did not occur until after the War of 1812."

I moved to Columbus in 2007. I found the The Columbus Dulcimer Club in February 2013 listed on the website I immediately felt at home and joined the club.

I started the Clintonville Beginners Dulcimer Club in February 2013 because I had two friends with very little music background who wanted to learn to play the dulcimer. I remembered how much fun Firelands Dulcimer Club was when it just began. We had about 20 members, half of them had no music background and learned to play by number.

I started the Clintonville Hammer Dulcimer Club in July 2016 because I found others who wanted to play hammer dulcimer.

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