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2006-01 - Feick Family Christmas on New Year's

2006-02 - Visit from Dianna, Bill, Maylie, and Gregory

March 2006 - Symphonic Band, Eddie's Birthday, Music Man

2006-04 - Reading tea leaves, Visit to Dianna's, Brittany's baby shower

May 2005 - Wayne Street, Band Banquet, Sewing Circle, bald eagle's nest, Birthday Party - Anita & Dianna, A Cappella Robing Ceremony, Spring Fling at Retha Martin's, Dinner at SYC, Maggie - SHS Awards Night, Bette Rockhold, Memorial Day

2006-06 - Maggie's HS Graduation, Lunch at the Sandusky Airport, Vegetarian Picnic in Norwalk, Dianna & kids to Toft's, Visit from Mary Winegarner, Brittany's baby Tristan

2006-06 Maggie & Anita in Argentina

2006-06-15 Erin's Wedding

2006-06 Visit with Tom & Ann

2006-07 Nathan, PIB, Eagle's Point

 2006-07-22 Decendants of Charles W. Gundlach had a reunion in Sandusky, Ohio


2006-09 At Dianna's, Outside Anita's apt near OSU

2006-10-18 Sandusky Follies - I played the saw and sang in the chorus

2006-11 Alison's musical in Fremont

2006-12 Christmas at Dianna and Bill's

2006-12-02 Shower for Andy Gundlach's fiancee




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Barbara F. Gregory, Columbus, Ohio