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2007-01 - Maylie's 4th birthday, Anita and Maggie playing with camera taking pictures of Anita "wearing" a 2" doll dress

2007-02 - Visit with Baby Tristen; dinner with family at SYC; Jim Delphia; Greg & Maylie

2007-03 - Maylie/Greg/Alexavier dancing; lunch with family in Sandusky; Anita's new hairstyle; pictures from work;  Amy's Wedding Shower; John Delphia's BD

2007-04 Jim & his parrots   Mary, Joe, dogs - Slide show video -    Mary, Joe Dogs - Slide show

2007-05 Columbus Folk Music Society Worst Song Contest & Jam, Anita's 22nd and Dianna's 31st birthday party

2007-05-19 - Amy Wilber's wedding    2007-05-19 Amy's wedding slideshow - The slideshow takes time to load all the pictures. Then you can click on the pictures to see the next one.

2007-05-27 - Lydia's BD Slide show - Delphia family - This is a slideshow! Lydia is going to be in South America during her birthday so they had an early BD party for Paul, Lydia, and Brian. It was windy and they couldn't get the candles lit. Stood together to block the wind, held up a cookie sheet... I missed the shot when Paul lit a match and held it for Lydia to blow out....

2007-06-02 Ohio Historical Society -   Slide show Jim Delphia has a plastics business called Patrick Manufacturing. He has quite a bit of his work on display at the Ohio Historical Society here in Columbus. So don't look at the "things" on display. Look at the displays. He cuts the plastic, bends, drills, polishes, and bonds it together to make the various displays. The very large cylinders - he made the tops for. He made the large sign holders and the very small ones, too. The covers for over the paintings are also some of his work. (The dulcimer and two-headed calf pictures...no. LOL!!)

2007-06-17 Jim & his parrots- Jim feed peanuts through the window to his parrots in the greenhouse




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