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Book 1 - Interesting, detailed, may help some people but makes a complicated science out of food - The Metabolic Typing Diet - Customize your diet to: Free yourself from food cravings, Achieve your ideal weight, Enjoy high energy and robust health, Prevent and reverse disease, by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey.

When Dr. Mercola flip-flopped on his website about everyone being on a high-protein diet to this one, I ordered the book. For Dr. Mercola to change his mind, the book had to be pretty persuasive. It was!  "Dietary solutions need to be tailored to individuals because what works for one person may have no effect on another person, and may make a third person worse." "Metabolic typing is not a diagnostic technology. It's not designed to identify or categorize or 'treat' specific kinds of symptoms or health disorders or full-blown diseases. It cannot be used to 'treat' anything. It can be used only to build health from the ground up, in a nonspecific way. This is essential to its clinical effectiveness." "You might eat all the best and highest-quality organic food, exercise regularly, drink plenty of fluids, get sufficient rest and take the finest supplements money can buy, but you're still not going to feel well or enjoy optimum health unless you regularly obtain the nutrient balance that's right for you." This book has a test that you can take to determine your metabolic type. 

An interesting twist to this book is on the website: 

"Note how the observed differences in foods eaten has morphed into "distinctly different kinds of dietary requirements," which is a complete contradiction of Price’s message.

"Then from the preface by the author: "There is no such thing as a healthy diet, and there never has been. There’s nothing intrinsically healthy or unhealthy about any given food." This statement completely turns the work of Weston Price on its head. Price took great pains to point out the fact that the difference between healthy and unhealthy food is one of nutrient density."

So even though the book has interesting ideas about the mix of one's diet, he is wrong when he says "There's nothing intrinsically healthy or unhealthy about any given food." - I don't need to quote any scientific studies here. We all know that sentence is pure bull. Fallon goes on about the book:

"What follows is a recommendation of one of three different diets depending on what a short self-administered quiz reveals to be your metabolic type. All of the diets are woefully low in fat--the high-carb diet diet allows 15 percent (presumably of calories) fat, the mixed diet allows 20 percent fat and the protein diet allows 30 percent fat. The diet that comes closest to that of Price’s primitives is the protein diet, which emphasizes organ meats, fish eggs, shell fish and fatty fish. Yet the primitives who ate this type of diet also consumed very high levels of fat--often up to 80 percent of calories. The authors give passing reference to the fat-soluble vitamins but insist--without any references--that vitamin A is bad for certain types and vitamin D is bad for other types.

"Price’s research demonstrated that the nutritional requirements needed for good health are remarkably consistent--just much higher than admitted by most commentators. The universal need for high levels of nutrients means that in fact, our dietary requirements can be very difficult to fulfill, and that great wisdom and care is needed in the production and choice of our food--from the farm to the kitchen table. These high requirements are very unlikely to be fulfilled with any of diets as described in The Metabolic Typing Diet."

Book 2 - The No-Grain Diet - Conquer Carbohydrate Addiction and Stay Slim for Life, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Eliminating grains, starches, and sweets totally, not cutting down will get you down to your ideal weight without dieting. In your body, grains, grain products, starches, and sugars have one thing in common: they rapidly turn to glucose, promote addictive eating habits, and trigger insulin release, all of which contribute to weight gain and other health problems.  - [Probably the best reason to eliminate grains and starches is because we consume so many of them in unhealthy forms - Hostess Twinkies -type foods. Eliminating all grains, eliminates all the unhealthy foods we stuff ourselves with regularly. Grains also are not cooked in the traditional manner. Grains and legumes must be soaked or sour leavened to neutralize mineral-blocking phytic acid. The NEWEST problem with grains - genetically engineered.  -bfg]


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