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I found a Guide to Mastering Autism!

A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Autism,

Autoimmune, and Other Neurological Disorders

(Formerly, “To Infuse or Not to Infuse” and “A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Autism”)


Willis S. Langford


Copyright November 1999-2011

From the Introduction: "Autism can be mastered! There are several very basic things discussed in this paper that can be done at home with little or no expensive testing. Foremost is the home testing for thyroid function discussed toward the end of this paper, and support of thyroid function. The “unloading of the donkey” is vital to possibly 80% of these troubled children for they are poisoned, drowning in their own toxic wastes. Elimination of bowel disorders is very first on the list of vital action. It is often as simple as supplying a digestive enzyme supplement, or removing milk. A few autistic children can be helped dramatically by medical procedures such as an infusion of the intestinal hormone Secretin, but by and large, we are dealing with a toxic condition requiring biochemical/dietary, not drug-based, intervention."

There is so much good information in this document. It's a bit overwhelming. I can't simplify it for you. And I do not have an autistic child. I worked as a substitute teacher in a classroom with a handsome autistic boy who had to wear a helmet. I reached him a little bit. One day he came up to me, nose to nose, he wanted to tell me how much paid he was in and the anger he felt. He reached me, too. I wanted to do something to help him.

We are living in a world that is creating the autism epidemic. Vaccines are doing this to our children. Even if you don't believe it is vaccines and think it might be GMOs. Why aren't we stopping the GMO's and vaccines until we know for sure?

The biggest tragedy is telling these parents of autistic children that it's their problem. They have to figure out what to do with their children. They have to pay for the treatments and care. And mainstream medicine tells them that the treatments will be very costly and not work very well.

So when I found this paper written by Willis S. Langford, I was excited that finally someone has written something to help parents figure out what to do to help their children. I will have bits and pieces on the webpages and I added some highlights and bold and more formatting and subtitles. But there is too much information in the paper to use anybody's shortened version. So make your own copy.

You can download this paper in word or pdf format:

Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Autism

"I am not a medical professional. Nothing herein is intended to prescribe for, or to treat disease, but is intended to inform, and to recommend certain courses of action that may be viable to investigate further. In every instance, it is advised that these actions be undertaken with the advice and consent of your medical professional. Feel free to share this paper with him. Email it to him or put it on CD."    -  Willis S. Langford

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