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Summary and Miscellaneous


In summary, ensure adequate production of hydrochloric acid by restoring zinc levels, or supplement Betaine hydrochloride. Supplement with digestive enzymes (S-------e™, E---------e™, P-------e™/H--------e™, or G-------e™ by M---------h™. This will improve nutrient status. Next, supplement a good multiple/vitamin mineral. I suggest G--------s® (chewable) for children (M-----------h, Inc.). It contains 26 vitamins and minerals (no iron) in a base of 30 fruits and vegetables and rice syrup. Most basic to the child’s recovery is the glyconutrient, A-----------™, and the P---------e® in the form of M--------------rs™, a delicious, pectin gummy in bear form. These would be the basic five. Additionally, a high intake of vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc with balancing amounts of vitamins B1 and B2 would be strongly recommended. The anti-viral/bacterials L-----------in™ and Colostrum would be welcome additions with additional supplements as indicated: fatty acids and amino acids to meet the need.


The foremost thing you should attempt here is to restore thyroid function that controls enzyme production of the pancreas. That will require you restore iodine, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, glutathione, and tyrosine to high-normal levels. Reduction of fluoride, excess copper, mercury, and other heavy metals may be needed. Make the Iodine and the Barnes’ Morning Temperature tests, and if these indicate, follow the suggestions to restore the thyroid function. These kids are highly stressed, and need adrenal support as indicated. It is imperative that you give any nutritional intervention at least three month’s time, faithfully followed, before judging it ineffective. Six months is more realistic for some may not show visible improvements any sooner. No attempt to increase nutrient level is wasted. The body will use these nutrients to some benefit whether you “see” it or not. Coincidentally, you should use digestive enzymes, Y-----------r™ or other antifungal, and high-count acidophilus: G----o™ (M------------h™), ProCulture Gold™ (Kirkman) to control Candida and trash bacteria that have overrun the “Good Guys” in the gut. If your child is PST, however, you should not attempt to clear Candida and bacterial overgrowth until you have reduced his toxic load by unloading the donkey, otherwise, your child may suffer Kyle’s experience. Do a homeopathic, vaccine detoxication that removes mercury and aluminum as well as other poisons pumped into your child with vaccines. Medically, of first importance, test for heavy metal poisoning and chelate as indicated, however, do not chelate unless you are sure the mineral levels are normal, especially, do not chelate medically if selenium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and/or molybdenum are low.


The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) or a casein/gluten free diet has been of great help to many; however, the problem with the SCD is that it makes some artificial distinctions that end up limiting its effectiveness while complicating it unnecessarily. Although the basics of this diet are sound, it is best adjusted for each individual case. In some instances, the complete elimination of all grains is simply unnecessary, while for others, foods that are freely allowed in the SCD, such as honey, fruit, or nuts, should be restricted to achieve optimal results. Similarly, the GF/CF diet tends to become another high-carbohydrate diet when the need is for protein. In eliminating casein, you eliminate the child’s major protein source. This is one reason a change to SCD works better for some; it restores a source of protein. Additionally, selenium supplied through breakfast cereals, cakes, and biscuits, and in view of its high bioavailability, wheat-selenium (Se) probably supplies around half the Se one intakes, this being so, a gluten free diet is a selenium deficient one.


If on a gluten free diet, the following is pertinent:


It is important to know that Lactase enzyme supplement (Dairy Ease™) had gluten in both their tablet and drop forms. Furthermore, Gas-X™ (simethicone), Pepcid™ (Famotidine), Tagamet™ (Cimetidine) also contained gliadin. Karoly Horvath, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Maryland at Baltimore Tel: 410-328-0812 Fax: 410-328-1072. Prilosec™ is reported to contain lactose.


I have other suggestions for controlling parasites and yeast. Feel free to send me any questions you may have, there is no obligation, and the counsel is free.


I have not charged for this extensive work, or for hours and hours of counsel, because I know so many cannot afford this needed help, but for those of you who can, please send a gift so that I may continue this needed work. OK? You may also wish to purchase my e-book, “Self-help to Good Health”, 50 Chapters, over 1000 Pages, $29.95 US. A list of Chapter Titles may be seen at To access it you will need to join my Autism List. Payment or contributions to PayPal:


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I am not a medical professional. Nothing herein is intended to prescribe for, or to treat disease, but is intended to inform, and to recommend certain courses of action that may be viable to investigate further. In every instance, it is advised that these actions be undertaken with the advice and consent of your medical professional. Feel free to share this paper with him. Email it to him or put it on CD.

In addition, take an Epsom salts bath (two cups or more in a tub of hot water). It may be best not to use soap, as there may be chemical reactions that could be adverse. Soak it up through the skin for 20 minutes, and don’t rinse off—and don’t worry if the child drinks some of the water. This bath has been shown to increase sulfur content of the blood up to four times. Sleep is improved immediately, as the child is relieved of pain and calmed. Children begin to beg for the bath! - page 282


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