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Why is it barbfeick and not barbaragregory? I used my maiden name for my website because there are too many Barbara Gregory's in the world. There were three Barbara Gregory's just in Sandusky, Ohio! When I searched the Internet, I could only find three Barbara Feick's. And using BarbaraFeickGregory was just too long.

My daughter once informed me (few years ago) that she and her friends had voted me the weirdest mom in Sandusky, Ohio. She said it was because I played weird folk instruments, ate weird food (natural foods is not the norm!), and did weird things like go to dowsing meetings -  nobody else's mom did things like that.

Well, I'm still weird if not more so. I still pull out my musical saw and dulcimers at times, go to dowsing meetings, believe in alternative health - natural foods...

I get interested in things and investigate for myself. I've always had trouble just believing something because somebody else or "everybody else" says so.  There are cures for cancer. Diseases and illnesses do not just happen. There are reasons and it isn't just that you are a victim of a bug.

I once had a long conversation with a creation scientist. Even though he did not entirely convince me that the earth and man was created as the Bible says, he did poke significant holes in the theory of evolution. Do I believe in evolution? Not as it is presented in the school books...

Things do not become true just because they have been published and repeated over and over again. And maybe the reason we don't know the truth is because we aren't looking for it. And the reason we aren't looking for it is because we really don't want to know it. We like the status quo. We might have to think for ourselves. It's easier being "normal".

I enjoy going to dowsing meetings. I became a believer when I held the y-rods in my own hands and they bent down so hard that my hands hurt. I have had so many metaphysical-type experiences that I went from believing in "science and math" to "quantum physics and spirituality".

I regard "science" and "medicine" as religions... mostly faith in substandard scientific studies. Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. talks about it in his book Confessions of a Medical Heretic.

We have become "The Country of the Blind" (an H.G. Wells short story. The entire country is blind and a sighted man enters thinking he can become a leader of the people. Instead they attack him and blind him so he will be just like everybody else.) Normal people just accept the advertising on TV as being the healthy way to eat and live. They accept the news that is reported as being the truth. They accept the B.S. that the children in communist countries are taught propaganda but our children are taught the truth....

Yes, I'm definitely weird but probably not the weirdest in Columbus, Ohio. I've got more company here....

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