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Historical Tidbits

Regretfully, I got divorced and have been steadily downsizing and getting rid of instruments. But I am keeping the website for the information value. I highlighted the instruments that I still own.

Appalachian dulcimers, 1 cardboard and 2 wood; Autoharp, 21 chord;  Bamboo recorder; Banjo, tenor; Banjo-uke; Bodhran with tippers; Bongo drums - 2; Boom-bah- 4; Bones, real, wood -2, and plastic -6; Bugle; Catspaws; Chicken squawkers; Circular "rain stick"; Clavinova; Conga drums; Diddley bow; Didgeridoo - PVC; Dum dum; Dumbecks-2; Egg shakers-25?; Fiddle; Fife-2; Finger cymbals; Flexatone; Garden hose instruments-6?; Guitar, steel string folk;  Hammer dulcimer; Jaw harp, Snoopy and alto; Jug; Kazoo-2; Keyboard;  Limberjacks-2; Lummi sticks-40 pair; Mandolin - bowl back; Maracas; Marxolin; Mouth bow; Musical saw-3; Native American drums-3; Nose flute; Ooney can;  Piano; Plucked zither; Popgun; Rasp-2; Rain stick-3; Slide whistle, plastic, metal, garden hose; Spoons-40 pair?, metal, plastic, "cheater"; Stumpf fiddle; Tambourine; Thumb piano; Tin can shakers-3 pair; Tin whistle-2; UkuleleWashboards, regular and travel-size; "What-is-this? #1" ; "What-is-this? #2"

Picture of the puppet Ivana the Iguana

Ivana, the Iguana puppet comes out when I play her song

Picture of tenor banjo, guitar, and ukulele

Tenor banjo, folk guitar, ukulele

Picture of percussion instruments

combo congas, Metal dumbek, African talking drum, bodhran & tipper, Native American frame drum, African barrel drum, bongos, mini Ashiko, metal dumbek, maracas, bongos

Picture of limberjacks

horse, frog, bunny, dog, sheep, chicken, Mel Gibson, Mr. Tap...where is the unicorn?




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