In 2001 a group of citizens in Sandusky, Ohio tried to change the city government to a mayor/ward system. This site tells about that election. The site remains for others to use for research or to learn what can happen in their own fight for change.

Sanduskians for Mayor/Ward Boy and the Boot2001

"A mayor form and ward system basically provides more direct participation from the citizens. The government becomes more proactive, more goal-oriented, because there's basically a voter referendum every four years on the city's leadership." - Kevin Zeiher

"The ward system identifies a person with a particular area of town, and he'll be more responsible to those people in that area."  - Dannie Edmon

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We have finished with the petitions. This is here to help other communities with their petitions.


Rules Governing Petitions

Before you embark on this endeavor, you need to understand the rules. You must know that you’ll be conducting an action that our city government considers hostile. If you do not dot all the “I’s” and cross all the “T’s”, the city can be expected to use this to keep this off the ballot.

Before you let someone sign the petition, ask if he/she is a registered voter of the City of Sandusky. (If someone accidentally signs who is not a registered voted of Sandusky, cross that name off.) If not registered, ask them if they want to register. Always have voter registration forms handy. Move on quickly if the person is not interested.

Signatures must be in ink.

Signatures must be personally affixed by registered electors who are qualified to vote in Sandusky.  (Absolutely, DO NOT let a wife sign for a husband or someone sign for a relative. When the City got the last petition they called people on the telephone, questioning signatures.)

Remind people to write clearly and legibly. If a signature is illegible, neatly print the name above it.

      People must use the residence address where they are registered to vote, NOT a post office box

Always be polite and respectful. In addition to achieving ballot access, the signature-gathering campaign hopes to be developing awareness of the issue so when it comes to a vote, it will easily pass. Make a good first impression!

Develop a standard speech, such as, "Hello! Are you a registered voter of the City of Sandusky? ... I'm gathering signatures for the mayor/ward petition. Could I have your signature?" If you're nervous, having this speech ready can help.

Relax! You don't have to be perfect, and you don't have to get a signature from every person you approach. Don't get discouraged by refusals or even the occasional rude comment. If you keep at it, you'll get plenty of signatures, and that's what counts.

A circulator may not sign the same petition paper that he or she is circulating; a circulator may, however, sign a petition paper being circulated by a different circulator.

After circulating the petition, circulators must sign the statement on the back of the petition or the petition will be invalid. Under “Statement of Circulator”  print your name in the first blank. Write the number of signatures in the next blank. Sign your name where it says “Circulator’s Signature”. Write you street address and under it the town and state and zip code where you live – “Sandusky, Ohio 44870”

We need as many people gathering signatures as possible. If you know of someone who would help – Give them a blank petition with the rules or call Barb and she will drop off the forms.

All petitions must be turned in by July 28th. Even if you only collected one name, please turn in the petition! That one signature may make the difference in getting this issue on the ballet.

You can pick up blank petitions and turn in completely filled out petitions to Darwitt Garrett, (his address)

For more information call: Bxxxx Gxxxxx 419-xxx-xxx; Dxxxxx Gxxxxx 419-xxx-xxx


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Sandusky, Ohio - pictures from around the Sandusky area: Northcoast Thunder Rally, downtown Sandusky, Mulberry Creek Herb Fair. 4th of July celebration (I lived in Sandusky until January 2, 2007)

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"Where there is a strong mayor, there is a well-run city, which attracts residents and visitors," Ingraham said.

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