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Tolerance Lost - Dr. Andrew Moulden

When I first watched one of the youtube videos by Dr. Moulden about the mini-strokes caused by vaccines, I knew in my gut that this man was right.

"Vaccines are like putting water on electrical fires. .

It may prevent the polio [except it didn't... - bfg] that would have affected 1% of the population but it created a much bigger fire of other illnesses. It would have been better to find out why that 1 % got polio and treat them to prevent it in that population. So to "prevent" illness in 1% of the population, let's create a drug to inject into 100% of the population whether they are healthy or not. So in "preventing" one illness, we have created epidemics of other chronic illnesses: 

Even the drugs that they are giving you... the Lipitors... the anti-cholesterol drugs... are causing the same problems and derailing you....EVERY VACCINATION FROM INFANCY TO ADULTHOOD CAUSES EXACTLY THE SAME SPECIFIC NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE IN YOUR BRAIN FOR ALL OF YOU, whether you receive a diagnostic label or not... the damage is additive with every vaccine you receive....

.... July 1, 2008 ... I took all these years of my academic training and realized that the system in which I'm working is causing more harm than good. And I realized this training I could no longer use to go out and provide the health care that I've been trained to do because I recognized the means by which we're doing it is causing more harm than good. Western based medical practices is now the number one cause of death and disease among our population... and all the physicians know this. 

Only soldiers from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom received the anthrax vaccine. There is not a single reported case of GWS among our allies: the KUWAITIS, EGYPTIANS, or ISRAELI.... There were 37 nations in the Gulf War. Why were there only 4 that came down with the GWS? - Dr. Andrew Moulden

Dr. Moulden made videos to get his information out to the public. But the problem with videos is they are not searchable by the search engines.

His message is too important for it to be unknown. So I transcribed all of "Tolerance Lost" and as I have time, I will add more. His videos mentioned Live Blood Analysis as being something all doctors should be using and Water as the most important way to detox and improve blood flow. He died before he could give us more information on these topics. So I have been researching to find out what it was that he found.



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