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Ch 2 - Vaccine Errors

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Chapter 2: Where we Went Wrong with Vaccines 

-- Dr. Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD. --  CNAPS Medical Devices Inc.CPAN – Care Please Autism Network Inc.122 – 250The East Mall, #1601Etobicoke, Ontario,CanadaM9B 


I realized I would pursue a career in the mental health, intellectual disability, and brain-behaviorsciences after the second year of my B.A. studies in Psychology. Several events during the B.A.helped focus my interests on a career in Neuropsychiatry and intellectual disability.

First, I was excelling academically in courses on brain and behavior and abnormal psychology. Second, I was a volunteer in the Animal Neuroscience research lab at Nipissing University. Third, I was employed asa behavioral counselor in two weight loss clinics. Fourth, I was employed as a youth counselor at aresidential treatment facility for troubled adolescents. Fifth, I was a member of the North Bay Psychiatric Hospital Volunteer Association (1988-90). Most of my volunteer time was spent with patients on the forensic and geriatric units, and in the patient library. These experiences have had lasting impacts on my vocational and academic pursuits.

My undergraduate experiences left me fascinated by the range of conditions capable of derailing the human psyche. I was humbled by the patients I met in the Psychiatric hospital, impressed with the fortitude of the weight loss clients, pained by the histories of the children at the Residential treatment facility, and intrigued by the brain function questions being addressed in the animal research labs. Combined with my academic experiences I came to view mental health on a continuum from childhood to adulthood. 

I decided that the best way to understand cognitive and affective disorders would be to study human development from a life-span perspective. For this reason I completed a Masters degree in human development (child) before I enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Psychology studying neur..  


I graduated with an 88% cumulative average in biopsychology courses from my B.A. and received the J.W. Trusler proficiency Award in Psychology graduating at the top of the class. My training during the M.A. degree was through the Behavioral Neuroscience Research Unit Laurentian University under the supervision of Dr. Michael Persinger. Dr. Persinger is internationally renowned for his work in neuropscyhology. It was with this Unit that I was initially introduced to psychometrics.

I completed the M.A. thesis in child development, developmental neuropsychology, and language development in children. As part of my M.A. thesis I assessed 150 children from kindergarten to grade 13 while establishing neuropsychometric norms on cognitive development, language development, auditory processing, and intelligence testing tools. This M.A. thesis was recognized by the Ontario Psychological Association in their 1993 “Best Ontario M.A. thesis” contest. I received the Alumni Graduate Excellence Award as well as two Ontario Graduate Scholarships during the M.A. training.

Doctorate:   PH.D.  

My Ph.D. training was in Clinical psychology, Neuropsychology, Electrophysiology (Event Related Potentials - ERPs), Brain Electric Source Analysis, Cognitive & Basic Neuroscience. This training occurred at several sites. The course work was completed at the University of Ottawa (1992-94). The cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging ERP research was supervised at two sites: the Neurosciences Research Unit of the Ottawa General Hospital (1992-94), and the Rotman Research Institute of the Baycrest Center in Toronto (1994-98). The bulk of the Clinical training was completed in the Outpatient Mental Health Clinics of the Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, the Neuropsychology department of the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care in Toronto, and in the Memory Disorders Clinics of the Ottawa General Hospital .

My Ph.D. thesis as well as my comprehensive exams were completed at the Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Toronto, Ontario under the advisory of Dr. Terrence Picton (neurology) and Dr. Donald Stuss (neuropsychology). The PhD comprehensive exam and manuscript was impairment secondary to acquired brain injuries and the post-concussion syndrome. I was supported in the Ph.D. studies primarily through scholarships from the Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Research Council of Canada (1992-94), the Ontario Mental Health Foundation (1994-97), the Jack Catherall Award in Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Toronto ), a Roeher Institute Scottish Rite Foundation intellectual disabilities research scholarship, and several Research and Clinical Excellence scholarships from the University of Ottawa .


I consistently ranked at the very top of my class in each degree program through the B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. I received over 27 awards, prizes and scholarships for academic and research excellence during the undergraduate and graduate degrees.


I went on to Medical school at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario from 1997-2000. The final aspects of the Ph.D. and the M.D. were completed concurrently – I would not recommend this to anyone. The Ph.D. was awarded in May, 1999. The M.D. was conferred in June, 2000. I received the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada after passing the LMCC-1 (written) and LMCC-2(clinical skills) exams in 2004-2005.


My career plans have been in neuropsychiatry and are rooted in the scientist-practitioner training model. My goal initially was to start my own neurodevelopmental research institute focused on unraveling the mysteries of brain related neurological, neuropsychiatric, and neuroimmunological disorders. My research interests span the entire neurodevelopmental spectrum from sudden infant death syndrome, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, developmental delays, speech and language disorders, specific learning disabilities, childhood disintegrative disorder, Tourette’ syndrome, infantile spasms, seizure disorders, Reye’s syndrome, Bipolar disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, Parkinson’ disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke.  


Little did I recognize that my academic experiences, and clinical experience, would culminate in the series of events that ultimately led to that “aha!” moment in January of 2001. These initial observations, of three clinical cases, became the launching point, the “needle in the haystack if you will”, that enabled me to take what I was observing clinically, back to the medical, vaccine development, medical history, neuroimmunology, hematology, neurovirology, microbiology, biochemistry, neuroimaging, medical physiology, fluid mechanics, medical pathology, biomedical engineering, neurodevelopment, “Germ Theory” contemporary medical model, dermatology, vaccine history, vaccine adverse events reporting system, medical-legal cases, medical metabolic diagnostics, virology, bacteriology, child development, and ultimately medical socio-political literature to decipher through “what made sense”, and what assumptions we make as physicians just“did not add up” to the clinical data I was confronted with from the patients I was seeing.”

As Iearned, and much of the things I had to learn were not taught in medical school – indeed, some of the critical physiology pieces that were needed to decipher what is happening in autism, was not even in the medical school curricula let alone the next books we studied from.    

The end-result of my focused, and dogged investigations, born only of a mind that “enjoys figuring neurobiological enigmas out”, has been the discovery not only of the cause of vaccine induced autism and other medical morbidities, but the means to demonstrate this to everyone on a case by case basis. Moreover, the answers that have emerged, has also solved several other medical enigmas and has culminated in a re-write of Louis Pasteur’s, and contemporary Western style allopathic medicines’, entire medical model – “The Germ Theory” of human disease.

As it turns out, the reason we have made a “mess of it” with one size fits all vaccines specifically, and antibiotics and pharmaceutical counter-attack measures in general, is that the Germ Theory was just that – a theory, which has turned out to be wrong, in very fundamental ways. It is not “germs” that are causing human disease in and of themselves, it is the bodies non-specific immune response to ANY foreign substances entering the body that is causing disease and disorders. This was the only logical conclusion to account for the observation that all vaccines, irrespective of strain, were causing the exact same neurological damages in the vaccine recipient, irrespective of emergent diagnosis.

The common mechanism of injury, and disease, for all, IS anoxia at the microcirculatory level.  

I look forward to sharing what I have discovered with the world. The medical establishment is very protective of “core dogma” and reluctant and slow to accept change. Recognizing this, I have elected to release what I have discovered, to the lay and the scientific communities, as well as the civil justice system, in short succession – beginning Septmeber of 2008.  


The tide of acceptance and change may be slow. However, with the confidence of Columbus, I can now definitively say “the world of human disease is “round” not flat, and it is not so much the substance or infectious disease that enters the body that is causing ill health.

Remarkably, irrespective of the triggering “substance”, toxin, metal, particulate, living or dead “bug”, or portions thereof, the response of the body is the same across many disease categories, and ultimately medical diagnoses, and remarkably from infancy to adulthood. The pathophysiological mechanism is the same. I have named this process, and the multiplicity of diseases it causes, M.A.S.S. –  Moulden  Anoxia Spectra Syndromes.

Intuitively, this makes perfect sense when you consider that inorganic particles such as asbestos, prions (non-living proteins), heavy metals, and coal dust, by example, can all cause disease, cancer, disorders, and death. Yet none of these are “germs.” Clearly, it is something the body does in response to these foreign entities that is causing disease and not “germs and infectious diseases” in and of themselves. 

This something, I have discovered, is a generic physiological response that I have called M.A.S.S. It matters not that an infectious disease has been weakened, killed, or attenuated before it is placed in a syringe and injected into the body. What matters is that something foreign has entered the body. The cure and prevention of human disease is to be found in the body’s generic “M.A.S.S.” response to foreign materials that enter the body rather than injecting foreign entities into the body asprophylaxis.

M.A.S.S. has several component steps and is the over-riding common denominator across most of not all acquired mammalian diseases. M.A.S.S. is actually a part of the healing by first intention process that is part of all tissue repairs. In essence, MASS causes pathology by virtue of over-zealous healing as triggered by virulent organisms, or excessive non-specific immune hyper stimulation. The pathological hallmark of MASS is hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and lactic acidosis within focal tissue areas perfused by the microcirculatory units.

MASS is a function of hematology, non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, non-specific cellular immunity, first intention healing, genetics, electrophysiology of colloidal solutions, micro vascular biomechanics, and tissue damage either endogenously or exogenously triggered. Solving the unknown mechanism(s) of injury for Autism-spectrum disorders, in medical physiology, as a function of vaccinations, has resulted in the emergence of a singular causal mechanism that cuts across many mammalian ailments.

As it turns out, it is not the infectious diseases and Germs that have been causing diseases and disorders in mammalian tissue; it has been the bodies own non-specific cell-mediated (white blood cell) immune response to foreign substances entering the body that is causing disease, disorders, and the global epidemic of autism-spectrum and neurodevelopment disorders from multi-vaccines.

 Please note that vaccines are not the only trigger for autism-spectrum disorders and vaccinations can cause autism in any given infant/child in both direct and indirect ways. That is, one does not need to be directly vaccinated in order to be vaccine injured. This is M.A.S.S. in vertical and horizontal transmission and the cross-individual transmission has nothing to do with infectious diseases or “germs.”  

I look forward to revealing the M.A.S.S. medical mystery, which has been shrouded in darkness, to the world, for too long. I see the truth. Come see for yourself – I have made it that simple for you.


I offer a warm, creative, inquisitive, tolerant, cooperative, enthusiastic, personality with strong interpersonal skills and a proven commitment to the profession of neuropsychiatry from both a scientist and practitioner perspective. The personal description that best captures my personality is “outgoing, affable, verbal, and inquisitive”. My weaknesses are mental arithmetic, visuospatial imagery, and a tendency to speak too quickly unless I self-monitor. I think divergently, creatively,and rapidly within my areas of expertise. I recognize when I do not understand what I think I know and self-teach out of genuine curiosity rather than purpose. It is likely for this reason that I have made the discoveries I will soon reveal.

I have learned to live with uncertainty and deal objectively with patient care and treatment. I have also learned to live with uncertainty arising from the state of health science knowledge, inconsistent data points, and expert opinions. My knowledge base and skill set in neurobehavioral assessment is particularly strong. I especially enjoy challenging cases that pose difficult differential diagnostic hypotheses.  


I look forward to bringing new knowledge to the public, to direct public health policies, support parents, treat children, educate medical professionals, aid the civil and criminal justice systems at imposing justice based on sound medical evidence, and help the public health system address the current epidemic of neurodevelopment disorders, chronic illness, infectious disease prevention, medical services demand, medical records and services duplication, and the means to decrease the inordinate burden of neuropsychiatric illnesses on the health care system.    

The medical discoveries I already have, will change society as a whole in a manner that is good for the children, good for humanity, good for all mammals, good for politicians, and good for the Globe while providing viable opportunities for economic development and ending much pain and suffering in third world countries and the developed world.  

My medical solutions and interventions may streamline Western medicine as practiced in North America in research, diagnostics, interventions, medical practices, efficiency and cures for disease rather than palliation of symptoms.

This, in turn, should bring down waiting times; increase the number of practicing physicians and nurses; bring back the validity of the Natural Healing Arts and professions into mainstream health practices (Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Herbology, and Traditional Chinese Medicines), while simultaneously cutting current expenditures. There is a way – CNAPS has new answers and new solutions.


The lesson to be learned, as a society, is that whenever we close our minds to an avenue of anecdotal evidence, for the sake of adhering to dogma, status-quo, and “expert opinion and knowledge”, is the moment we should most humble ourselves by recognizing that human knowledge is limited, our methods to achieve “truth” are imperfect, and that whenever there is a power differential between two groups, by “expert” authority or finances, then the likelihood of there being a miscarriage of truth, justice, and progress will be hampered – for all.  

In light of wake of death, disability, and bodily harm we have caused globally, to infants, children, parents, families, Nations, and animals alike, some serious lessons need to be learned in how we conduct ourselves as individuals, societies, corporations, and Nations. By steadfastly chasing the “more profit and sales is better at any cost” lure of capitalism’s “get rich” and “don’t stop if it makes money” mentality, we have single handedly, wiped out a generation of children, and the hopes and dreams of: 1 child in 87 (autism), 15% of children with attention deficit disorders, 1 child in 6 with specific learning disabilities, 1 child in 9 with asthma, 1 child in 450 with insulin dependent diabetes, 1-2% of infants with sudden infant death, 250,000 military veterans from the Gulf War with chronic illness, and 40,000 dead (even among those who were never deployed overseas).    

And now the world is gearing up for medical martial law, and a global vaccination program for Avian flu, or some enigmatic “Spanish flu–Avian flu” hybrid. Take heed.    

Whatever the “global infectious disease health crises” that confronts us now, we are in a bind, and we have put ourselves there on our own. Some are going to die of infectious diseases. Many are going to die of vaccinations and/or experience a plethora of chronic and obscure “ailments” from vaccinations. The addition of adjuvant to vaccines (e.g. aluminum, squalene, liposomes etc…), in an attempt to enhance and prolong the immunological challenge in the body, as it turns out, has been the single most dreadful thing man has ever done to himself, and each other. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” medical prevention or medical cure. Everyone’s physiology, tolerances, and biological needs are different – even across genetically identical twins. We cannot all handle peanut butter. We cannot all handle penicillin. The logical progression that we can all handle the same medical treatment or prevention in a one-size fits all mentality has been a subversion of common sense to profit mass pharmaceutical sales rather than mass health and wellness. There remains some work to be done.

However, with the discoveries I now have, it is time we get on with the business of curing diseases and disorders rather than palliating symptoms with expensive one-size fits all synthetic drugs and vaccines. All synthetic drugs are damaging to the liver. The liver, as it turns out, is crucial to health and wellness.    


As it turns out, the vaccine manufacturers, by design, have actually ENHANCED the very process by which disease is caused in humans while simultaneously weakening our ability, as physicians, to detect the “sickness” by clinical evaluation alone – in multiple ways.    

There is a way we can do better, for ourselves, for our fellow citizens, at home and abroad. I look forward to bringing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry to improve the safety of their products and to improve our ability to cure human disease and disorders rather than palliate symptoms.    

Above all else, I am a humanitarian. I am most pleased that my marathon academic efforts have culminated in discoveries that, upon my disclosures, will change our knowledge of neurophysiology,medicine, and brain and behavioral disorders, in profound ways that will immediately end much human pain and suffering globally.

NOVEMBER 3RD,  2008 

“VACCINES  have caused Autism-spectrum, many neurodevelopment disorders, sudden infant death syndrome, alleged “shaken baby syndrome”, many idiopathic seizure disorders, learning disabilities, Gardasil adverse reactions and death, Gulf War Syndrome, expressive aphasia, impaired speech skills,  Attention deficit disorders, silent ischemic strokes, blood clots, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, and much more to many organ systems.”

M.A.S.S. disorders on a MASS scale and cerebral Disconnection syndromes in the M.A.Z.E - M ASS Anoxia Zone Encephalopathy.”    

Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD


Thrombosis (blood clotting) is the result of alterations in blood flow stasis (pooling of blood), vascular endothelium injury (endothelial cells line the insides of all - blood vessel walls), or alterations in the constitution of the blood (hypercoagulability - propensity to form clots). The eponym “Virchow’s triad”, after German Physician Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902), is the term used to capture these key components of blood clotting. Thrombosis is an integral part of tissue repair and healing. Thrombi (clots) can be large or microscopic.

It is the microscopic clots that are causing autism-spectrum. The mechanism to injury, however, is a new medical discovery that does not follow classic clotting pathways in physiology. I have called this process “M.A.S.S.– Moulden Anoxia Spectra Syndromes.

”The first category, alterations in normal blood flow, refers to several situations. These include turbulence, stasis (low forward blood flow), blocked flow, varicose veins, the M.A.S.S. response to vaccinations, infectious diseases, toxins, heavy metals, food, additives, and drugs to which an individual is immunological hypersensitive to.

The second category, injuries and/or trauma to endothelium includes damage to the vessels arising from shear stress, hypertension, ischemia, toxins, metabolic derailments, and immune system responses to foreign substances in tissue, the blood, or the blood vessel walls themselves.

The last category, alterations in the constitution of blood, emerges from numerous possible risk factors such as hyperviscosity, deficiency of antithrombin III, protein C & S, renal (kidney) and hepatic (liver) impairment, changes after severe trauma, estrogen levels, disseminated cancer, late pregnancy and delivery, race, age, whether the patient is a smoker, obese, diabetic, and heavy metal ion exchanges that lower Zeta potentials… to name a few.

Any and all of these factors increase the risk for hypercoagulability which is an increased tendency to form bloodclots. The clots formed may be large or microscopic. If blood clots occupy greater than 75% of a the inside diameter of a blood vessel, then oxygen delivery is impaired and the risk for stroke is increased. Ischemic stroke is a generic term which connotes oxygen demand exceeding oxygen supply and can happen ANYWHERE in the body and not just the brain.

For example, strokes in the large bowel caused by an inflammation results in ischemic colitis and autistic enterocolitis. Ischemia in the small bowel that is caused by inflammation, results in mesenteric ischemia. Gluten plays a role in these ischemic processes after MASS via ischemia reperfusion injuries. After MASS has damage bowel microcirculation units, any gastrointestinal inflammatory response can re-trigger bowel symptoms.


The clotting process is initiated by a protein called tissue factor, which is bound to themembranes of most cells outside the bloodstream. Blood coming into contact with thesemembranes sets off a sequence of reactions involving various blood proteins called factors.Because minor injuries often occur, the clotting process is almost constantly taking placesomewhere in the body. It must be terminated quickly, however or blood would clot everywhereand death by ischemia (low blood flow) would ensue.

To prevent this form happening, plasmaproteins known as fibrinolysins, reactive proteins, or plasmins, dissolve old clots in thebloodstream.It is important to note that blood clot sizes range from large, as in the clots that form in the veinsof the legs (Deep Vein Thrombosis – DVT) to microscopic as occurs in microcirculatory units,capillaries, and the even tinier branching “capillary side –roads” such as the vasa vasorum –literally “the blood vessels for the blood vessels.”


The “MASS” response that has caused vaccine injuries, autism, and infectious disease morbidity, does not follow classic steps in the clotting cascade. MASS is transient, recurrent, and cumulative in the damages it causes. MASS exhibits large intra and inter-individual variability (for specific reason, some of which we now know), The MASS process is recurrent and clinically silent. In microbiology, it is a fleeting microscopic process and therefore cannot be seen on tissue biopsies or under a microscope for that matter. The process does have “footprints” several of which we can now see. Neurocognitive and language functions from MASS can be recovered. Remarkably, recovery can be impaired by recurrent MASS episodes, and by the recovery process itself, and by the wrong interventions given at the wrong times, in the wrong amounts and sometimes combinations. For these reasons, medical sciences has not been able to figure out “what is causing autism” or for that matter “how did infectious diseases like polio cause paralysis, tetanus cause lockjaw, measles causes encephalitis, or smallpox and Spanish flu cause death?” Since medical sciences do not know the cause, in physiology, they do not know how to treat.. In fact, the entire Western medical falls apart relative to MASS Disorders on two fronts:

1) MASS once-size fits-all vaccination campaigns have caused MASS disorders;

2) There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all pill to reverse the multi-system damages allopathic medical practices have caused…including autism-spectrum.


The curative treatments for MASS disorders are the same for all. However the dosing and frequency and combination lock “hold patterns” are different for each individual. This means treatment must be individually tailored and followed carefully through the recovery process in an iterative manner.Contemporary medical science licenses drugs and treatment for mass production based on population averages of efficacy. Serving commercial interests for the most part, medical sciences assumes “if it works for 4 out of 5 people, then it can be licensed and sold for profit on a bulk scale.”

This is not how our bodies work. Efficacy for one person can be catastrophic for another. The physiological needs of any organism, at any moment in time, are different from population based statistical averages. Curing autism-spectrum and MASS disorders is a tailor made, time consuming, iterative process that recognizes the individual’s physiological needs, at any moment in time, are crucial in terms of treatment success and direction. Combinations, frequency, and “dosing” must not be administered blindly and can never be administered in a one-size-first-all mentality. It is precisely this sort of thinking that created the MASS disorders to begin with.


MASS is clinically silent. BrainGuardMD protocols have put a “voice” to this silence so that the MASS ischemia process, when active, can be known. MASS, as it turns out, is a “silent” medical emergency that has been, and continues, to unfold right before our very eyes – even in children who already have the diagnosis “autism-spectrum”

Once the initial damage has been done, one no longer needs vaccinations to trigger greater damage. Until the discovery of “MASS”, medical sciences has not known how to fix the problem with vaccines and infectious diseases, properly diagnose the health adversity retrospectively and in real-time, cure the problem, or prevent the problem by targeting the physiological response.

These critical clinical steps have been all that is needed to prevent morbidity form infectious diseases rather than our current approach of injecting a multitude of biologically active ingredients in the human body via vaccines. Most children by the time they are 5 years of age have been vaccinated with other 150 foreign antigenic determinants. Since the MASS process responds to ANYTHING foreign in the body, the multitude of contaminants in the vaccines including aluminum, aborted fetal tissue, preservatives, formaldehyde (to name a few) have only served as boosters to the generic MASS immune response which causes pathology at the microcirculation units.

With the discovery of MASS, infectious disease prevention can now come from the cure. Remarkably, the cure is the same for all infectious diseases as the cure targets the CAUSE in mammalian physiology. Autism-spectrum can also be recovered, however, this recovery comes not from the cure, but by the targeted reversal, in a step-wise manner, of the multiple physiological derailments across multi-organs, that MASS has caused.The solution to autism recovery comes from my knowledge of the pathophysiological process and what this process has done, to the brain, liver, bowel, kidneys, bone marrow, immune, and endocrine systems. The solution, relative to recovering brain functions, is as unique as it is simple, however, once again, solutions must be implemented in series and in proper “dosing and frequency” else recovery will be hampered by the recovery process itself!


The way out of this “MASS MAZE” is like dialing in the numbers on a combination lock. The numbers (interventions) must be dialed in at the right amount and in the right sequence. The unlocking “combination code” is the same for all; however, the amount and duration of each “number” in the unlocking sequence must be tailored to the individual in an iterative manner constrained to the improving metabolic profile (MASS comes with new blood work analyses) and brain structure and function repairs as measured and followed by our non-invasive, indirect functional neurovascular imaging protocols (i.e.

BrainGuardMD measurement protocols lock in on several “imperceptible” neurological functions that have been de-railed by MASS and ARE being de-railed by MASS in the here and now. MASS is a silent, medical emergency we are now in the position to treat. BrainGuardMD protocols, by using the individual as their own case-control for baseline measures, informs us who to treat, when to treat, and, with our new medical physiology knowledge, we now know what to treat with. More importantly, we also know what not to treat with during MASS as some interventions, and innocuous substances (including cough medicines and aspirin) can cause greater harm and even death.

In essence, we are now in the favorable position to advance diagnose and emergently intervene to prevent many MASS induced disorders and diseases including sudden infant death syndrome, autism-spectrum, learning disabilities, and attention deficit disorders… to name a few. We are also in the favorable position of beginning to recover those that have been harmed, en mass.


Inflammation is the body's response to infection or irritation. We are most familiar with inflammation as the redness, swelling, warmth, and pain that occur with localized skin infections and at the injection site with vaccine needles. Doctors use the Latin ending '-itis' to indicate inflammation, as in appendicitis, colitis, or meningitis. Inflammation can also occur without microbial invasion, as with arthritis, tendonitis, or gastritis. Looking closely at all these conditions, we discover that white blood cells are involved, and they coordinate their activity by signaling each other with chemicals we call cytokines. These chemicals signal the white cells to attack invading microbes or to gather around a splinter to move it to the surface of the skin.

We now know that there are low levels of these chemical signals all over the body at all times.They are part of the background state of alertness of the immune system. Scientists call this condition by various names, including micro inflammation or chronic systemic inflammation. There are many similarities between background micro inflammation, micro blood clotting, and the stress response. In fact, each can stimulate the other. When we are stressed, chemical signals multiply and our state of alertness increases, but there is a price to pay. Consider how a country as a whole responds to the stress of war. Protective measures at airports and military bases provides not just readiness for response, but also an economic cost and a "wearing out" of the resources involved. Similarly, the state of alertness or inflammation involves a cost to our bodies - it wears out our defenses and makes us more prone to disease.

Multiple repeat vaccinations is a microbiological war that has a cost; if the defensive response is too great, too prolonged, or too frequently activated, “wearing out” occurs at the level of the end arterial vascular networks in the body.This is the cause of MASS disorders, autism-spectrum, and many other ailments.

Expert consensus on vaccine safety? With non-microbial conditions like gastritis, tendonitis and vasculitis we one again see that “Germs” are not the end all beat all cause of disease in the human body. Anything foreign placed in the body causes some form of “itis” and white blood cells, without exception, are involved. This fact alone simply shatters vaccine expert opinions, like that of Dr Paul Offit, who is fond of saying “Children can handle 10,000 vaccines” because the “bugs have been weakened, killed, or attenuated. ”Dr Offit is also fond of belittling parents of autistic children and some of my professional colleagues with comments like “leave the science to scientists.”

Of note, a scientist’sobservations and clinical acumen has no validity in the face of blind arrogance and over-reliance on probabilistic, man-made, mathematical model that can be wielded for capital gain as much as it can be used to seek truth. Science, in both design and analysis, has limits. Not knowing what those limits are is pseudo-science in the least, wishful thinking in the middle, and proving one’s apriori hypotheses before the evidence is in. You can never prove a null hypothesis –you can only fail to reject it. Failure, in this instance, belongs to the scientists, and not the parents of these MASS disordered children in the hands of expert clinician-scientists.To disavow a multitude of anecdotal reports and parental observations of a vaccine-autism connection in lieu of one’s investment in an imperfect medical model, is ignorance of medical physiology, history taking, and common sense. Such behavior is a recipe for hiding behind one’s credentials, to defend one’s ignorance, with blind faith in knowledge that self-professed “scientist-clinicians” like Dr. Paul Offit had no direct hand in acquiring for himself. Disseminating clinical medical information on the basis of  “someone else told me so” is a subversion of the Hippocratic oath, which I fear, will come back to haunt many public-profile vaccine “safety” experts in short order.


The most common cause of impaired blood flow is damage to the arteries. All blood vessels are lined by special cells called endothelial cells (collectively endothelium). The endothelium is just one cell thick. It is an organ in itself, lining the heart and every artery, capillary, and vein. Like any organ, it ages and can be damaged. Micro inflammation is a major player in causing this damage.

 Repeat vaccinations are a major player in causing micro inflammation. White bloodcells are part of the micro inflammatory process which also alters non-Newtonian fluid dynamics relative to blood flow. Foreign substances (including vaccines, toxins, infectious diseases and heavy metals) that enter the body, blood vessel walls, or tissue, leads to the four step “tether and roll process outlined in the image above. In this way white blood cells migrate to an area to wage war against whatever foreign substance has entered the body.

Endothelial cells are lined with a thin coat of glyocalyx which acts like “teflon” so that red and white blood cells do not stick to the blood vessel walls as they float by. Micro inflammation and immune challenges cause the white blood cells to stick and roll along the endothelium in spite of this “Teflon” coating. When micro inflammatory signals rise above a certain threshold, the endothelium becomes sticky, attracting white blood cells which migrate into the area to start cleaning up the foreign substances and tissue damages that arise from the microscopic white blood cell mediated “war.” In essence, the white blood cells “slip out” of the laminar blood flow, stick (tether) to the endothelial cells, and roll along the inside walls of the blood vessels for some distance. Any inflammatory mediator or foreign substance in the blood or tissue can launch the “tether and roll” activation and transmigration of white blood cells.

Hyper stimulation of this white blood cell process alters non-Newtonian fluid dynamics in the micro vascular circulation in salient ways. This is one of the phases of MASS and part of the cause of vaccine induced autism-spectrum ( more will be said on this in later chapters of MASS BOOK relative to the recovery of MASS and MAZE disorders ). Once the white blood cells firmly adhere to the endothelium (and stop rolling) they pass (squeeze) between the endothelial cells to clean up foreign substances and damaged tissue.

In the view at the top of the header for this section, we are looking at a cut through an artery; the endothelium is the red lining surrounding the tether and roll steps for white blood cells. The white cells have been activated by inflammatory signals and are beginning to migrate through the endothelium in stage 4 – white cell transmigration. With heightened micro inflammation, this first response white blood cell “tether and roll” can become self-perpetuating. The more damage that occurs, more inflammatory signals are sent,and so on. Just as firemen at uncontrollable blaze call for backup, more signals go out and more white blood cells arrive.

Damage to the blood vessels occurs in different areas of the body in different people. When it occurs in the arteries supplying the brain, it contributes to dementia or to an ischemic stroke. The stroke can be large, giving rise to the classic features of stroke (loss of language, weakness on one side of the body, sensory changes, a drop in the corner of the mouth, facial numbness) or it can be clinically silent. By example, 20% of people with dementia have impaired blood flow to the brain yet they have never exhibited the classic features of stroke despite remarkable, stepwise, and progressive neurocognitive impairment. This is MASS at work and it is the same biological basis, in a condensed and temporally limited time-frame, that has caused vaccine induced neuropsychiatric disorders including autism spectrum. Wherever MASS occurs, it involves white blood cell response related to our general response to stress and foreign substances entering the body.Do note that white blood cells are physically larger than red blood cells. This is important in terms of the silent pathology caused by vaccines, autism-spectrum, sudden infant death, and neuropsychiatric disorders in general. Indeed, this simple size discrepancy is crucial to much human disease relative to the MASS response in physiology.


With heightened micro inflammation, from vaccines, infectious diseases, or toxins, this first response can become self-perpetuating. The more damage that occurs, more inflammatory signals are sent, and so on. Just as nervous cops at a brawl send for backup, more signals go out and more white blood cells arrive. Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot (thrombus) inside a blood vessel, obstructing the flow of blood (ischemia) through the circulatory system. When a blood vessel is injured, the body uses platelets and fibrin to form a blood clot, as the first step in repairing it (hemostasis) to prevent loss of blood. If the hemostasis mechanism causes too much clotting, and the clot breaks free, a thrombus is formed.When a thrombus occupies more than 75% of surface area of the lumen (central hollow area) of an artery, blood flow to the tissue supplied is reduced enough to cause symptoms because of decreased oxygen (hypoxia) and accumulation of metabolic products like lactic acid. More than 90% of obstruction can result in the complete deprivation of oxygen (anoxia), infarction, a mode of cell death, and cell damages by ischemia which is an absolute or relative shortage of the blood supply to an organ.The formation of a thrombus is usually caused by alterations within Virchow's triad. To elaborate, the pathogenesis includes: an injury to the vessel's wall (such as by trauma, infection, vaccine, or turbulent flow at vessel branching points); by the slowing or stagnation of blood flow past the point of injury (which may occur after long periods of sedentary behavior - for example, sitting on a long airplane flight); by a blood state of hypercoagulability (caused for example, by genetic deficiencies, autoimmune disorders, heavy metals, and lowered Zeta potentials ).


Acquired autism-spectrum, neurodevelopment disorders, are rooted in Virchow’s triad at the microcirculation units (capillary beds) throughout the body. Microvascular ischemia, hypoxia, anoxia, and micro-thrombosis IS the cause of autism-spectrum disorders via a newly elucidated metabolic pathway which I have called “M.A.S.S. – Moulden Anoxia Spectra Syndromes.

”Since part of the autism-spectrum problem, in physiology, is at the level of micro vessel coagulation cascades, blood flow, and vascular endothelium, it is reasonable to speculate that the lower incidence of autism-spectrum among girls is that they have are conferred a degree of vascular protection from estrogen, even very early in life. For example, the risk for heart attack and stroke is higher for men than women until women achieve menopause (and lose the protection of estrogen). There are no gender differences in stroke risk aster menopause.

MASS is a systemic process. The magnitude, frequency, intensity, and duration of discrete MASS episodes create summative and cumulative pathological derailments of end-capillary micro-vessel circulation units. No organ system is spared. High oxygen demand organs such as the liver and the brain are uniquely susceptible to MASS. The diffuse Anoxic Zones that emerge diffusely throughout the brain create autism-spectrum and many other neurodevelopment and neuropsychiatric syndromes. These entities I have called: M .A.S.S. Anoxic Zone Encephalopathies – M.A.Z.E. for short. We now know the precise microbiological steps and sequence that leads to MASS MAZE disorders and, to a large extent, the “combination” to unlock the recovery process and what to do prevent MASS and MAZE from causing death and disability in the first place


“VACCINES  have caused Autism-spectrum, many neurodevelopment disorders, sudden infant death syndrome, alleged “shaken baby syndrome”, many idiopathic seizure disorders, learning disabilities, Gardasil adverse reactions and death, Gulf War Syndrome, expressive aphasia, impaired speech skills, Attention deficit disorders, silent ischemic strokes, blood clots, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, and much more to many organ systems.”

M.A.S.S.disorders on a MASS scale and cerebral Disconnection syndromes in the M.A.Z.E - M ASS Anoxia Zone Encephalopathy.”    Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD

WHAT IS  ZETA  POTENTIAL ?   & Autism-Spectrum & neurodevelopmental & neuropsychiatric disorders puzzle AUTISM PUZZLE PIECE & ONE PHASE OF VACCINE INDUCED MASS  

Zeta potential is an abbreviation for electrokinetic potential in colloidal systems. In the colloidal chemistry literature, it is usually denoted using the Greek letter zeta, hence ζ -potential. From a theoretical viewpoint, zeta potential is electric potential in the interfacial double layer at the location of the slipping plane versus a point in the bulk fluid away from the interface. In other words, zeta potential is the potential difference between the dispersion medium and the stationary layer of fluid attached to the dispersed particle.

One of the key “slipping planes” inside blood vessels is the smooth glyocalyx layer that lines the inside surface of all blood vessels. Glycocalyx to blood vessels is like the slime coating on a fish; the coating creates a slipstream surface in fluid dynamics. In the circulatory system this effect allows the fluid medium (serum) and formed blood products (platelets, red & white blood cells) to slip along the inside surfaces of blood vessel walls smoothly.

Without mechanisms to maintain slipstream surfaces between formed blood products and vessel walls blood flow would not be laminar. Non-laminar blood flow causes focal areas of bloodclotting. Lowered zeta potential also increases clotting and slows blood flow especially in low pressure areas like capillaries. Most particles dispersed in an aqueous system will acquire a surface charge, principally either by ionization of surface groups, or adsorption of charged species. These surface charges alter the distribution of the surrounding ions, resulting in a layer around the particle that is different to that of the bulk solution. If the particle moves, under Brownian motion (ie. random movement of particles suspended in a liquid) this layer moves as part of the particle. The zeta potential is the potential at the point in this layer where it moves past the bulk solution. This is usually called the slipping plane. The charge at this plane will be very sensitive to the concentration and type of ions in solution.


Vaccine adjuvant, ischemia, endothelial damage, and non-specific immune hyper stimulation are some of the factors that can alter zeta potential in mammalian circulatory fluid dynamics. These and other factors, individually and collectively, impair blood flow through microcirculatory capillary units at the transition zone between arterial and venous circulatory systems.

M.A.S.S. ( Moulden Anoxia Spectra Syndromes) is the specific microbiological processes and phases by which blood flow through microcirculation units in the brain and body is impaired from vaccines, infectious diseases, antigens, toxins, and heavy metals.

MASS is the cause of Autism-spectrum disorders and many other health problems. M.A.Z.E.( MASS Anoxia Zone Encephalopathies) is the main category within which a multitude of brain and behavioral disorders emerge that is caused by MASS. The common denominator across all MASS brain and behavior disorders is MASS impairment of tissue oxygenation (ischemia) of which lowered Zeta potential is invariably a component process that acts as a trigger or an emergent property of MASS physiology from non-specific immune hyper stimulation.

MASS has multiple triggers, however, the mechanism to disease and disorders is the same irrespective of the trigger. It is for this reason that we are now in the favorable position of knowing what to do in order to maximize health & wellness across broad categories of disease and chronic illness – including vaccine induced autism-spectrum.  

Zeta Potential, Blood vessel, Blood flow & MASS Disorders : Schematic representation of Zetapotential & a blood vessel lumen.

Note that even capillary blood vessels have their own, tiny, blood vessels called the vasa vasorum. If blood flow is impeded, then blood vessels of blood vessels are the first to be rendered hypoxic. Blood flow is governed by non-Newtonian fluid dynamics which represents any fluid with flow properties that are not described by a single constant value of viscosity. In a non-Newtonian fluid, the relation between the shear stress and the strain rate is nonlinear, and can even be time-dependent. Therefore a constant coefficient of viscosity can not be defined.

MASS Disorders, and many pathological states as it turns out, has a common origin in non-Newtonian fluid mechanics. Blood flow, at the microscopic level, is crucial to health and wellness, for all organ systems, and all diseases.  Rheology is the study of the flow of matter including liquids, soft solids, and solids underconditions in which they flow rather than deform elastically. Materials flow when subjected to a stress which is a force per area. Rheology is concerned with forces, stresses, and with extending the "classical" disciplines of elasticity and (Newtonian) fluid mechanics to materials whose mechanical behavior cannot be described with the classical theories. Since Isaac Newton originated the concept of viscosity, the study of variable viscosity liquids,such as blood and bodily fluids, is also often called Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics. One part of the answer to the cause of vaccine-Autism-neurodevelopment disorders is to be found in rheology and Non-Newtonian fluid dynamics at the microcirculation unit.


Zeta potential is one of the main forces that mediate inter particle interactions. Particles with a high zeta potential of the same charge sign, either positive or negative, will repel each other. Conventionally a high zeta potential can be high in a positive or negative sense, i.e. <-30mV and>+30mV would both be considered as high zeta potentials. For molecules and particles that are small enough, and of low enough density to remain in suspension, a high zeta potential will confer stability, i.e. the solution or dispersion will resist aggregation.

Intense microbial action (infection) or microbial agents cause a reduction in zeta potential which changes blood to "sludge." The administration of more than one vaccine at a time multiplies this effect thereby increasing the amount of intravascular coagulation and bloodclots. The use of aluminum salts to stabilize vaccines exacerbates the clotting effect by a multiple of 6000 times. (See explanation below) Infection whether by vaccine or other disease agents lowers zeta potential causing clots. This is a component sub-process of MASS – Moulden Anoxia Spectra Syndromes.

In a person with high zeta potential of the blood, immunogenic challenge may cause only local reduction and aggravation. In other cases, it can result in micro capillary clotting destroying and impairing organ function in clinically apparent and silent ways. Zeta potential changes, as a part of MASS brain and behavioral disorders accounts for the wide range of neuropsychiatric, neuromotor, neurocognitive, neurodevelopment, and neurosensory disorders as well as other organ pathological states since the site and degree of the microvascular clotting cascade is unpredictable. The effect may start out as only an adhesion and through further reduction of zeta potential may change to a clot or hemorrhage.

Some tissue areas have high affinity for certain toxins (e.g. the substantia nigra and MPP+ andcertain pesticides in Parkinson’s disease). In these instances, the tissue regions with affinity for a particular toxin or particulate matter, becomes a regional discrete area that is preferentially affected by low zeta and MASS.


The hemorrhagic transformation from vaccine induced micro vascular ischemia, has been responsible for many wrongful criminal convictions of alleged “child abuse: under the diagnosis of “shaken baby syndrome.”

Doctor’s rely on retinal hemorrhages and bleeding within the brain (intra-cerebral hemorrhage) specific hallmarks of “shaken baby syndrome.”  Unfortunately, these “hallmarks” are also cardinal features of vaccine induced MASS and MAZE – MASS Anoxic Zone Encephalopathies, of which sudden infant death is a variant. Since MAZE is a process that deprives tissues of oxygen, this can precipitate seizures in the infant that can occur during sleep. Since the infants long bines are not yet calcified, the tonic-clonic phase of seizures can precipitate fractures and fracture lines along bones that generally imply child abuse. If the parent brings their child to an emergency department and x-rays are done, the physician may find multiple fractures, of different stages of healing that imply abuse when in fact the forensic features actually reflect adversity from vaccination and/or infectious disease.

This is not to say that no one is guilty of child abuse. It simply points out that the features. Doctors, police, and courts rely upon to convict an individual of child abuse are not necessarily pathognomonnic (specific features of) a singular explanation for the infants clinical and pathological findings in exam. MASS and low Zeta can achieve the same effect as shaken baby.

Criminal cases may not be criminal at all as the actus reus (physical act) and mens rea (mentalintent) was never formed for MASS MAZE pathologies.


Eliminating aluminum salts and monitoring of the blood vessels of the white of the eyes for intravascular coagulation would greatly reduce risks of vaccinations. However due to environment and aluminum accumulations, zeta potential tends to reduce with age. Thus, vaccination of the elderly, or those with hypercoagulable states, may reduce zeta potential close to the phase change point so that even an emotional upset can trigger a micro vascular clot – or heart attack for that matter.

We now have 1 adult in 13 over the age of 65 diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer type. One person in three over the age of 85 is diagnosed with Alzheimer-type dementia. Aluminum, a vaccine adjuvant, is at the core of the pathological plaques and tangle in the human brain of Alzheimer’s type dementia patients. Aluminum salts are non-specific immune system accelerants used in all vaccines. Upwards of twenty percent of all Alzheimer deaths show micro vascular lesions in the brain in addition to the classic “plaque and tangle” microscopic features seen post-mortem. Notably, these micro vascular ischemic area (micro strokes) unfolded in clinically silent ways during life.

This situation is not any different from Autism-spectrum, Parkinson disease, specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, Gardasil deaths, Gulf War Syndrome, schizophrenia, and other morbid pathological states.The MASS intravascular clotting process and tissue healing process is happening in most if not all vaccine acquired neurodevelopment disorders, albeit in temporally compressed, discrete episodes. The damages, like Alzheimer’s disease, are cumulative albeit not necessarily progressive. Even skin reactions can occur immediately and continue for seven or eight years or may not appear until one to six years later. This happens in all mammals from vaccines. There are over 7000 references to aluminum toxicity. Some key ones including this can be found at :   Subcutaneous nodules in patients hyposensitized with aluminum-containing allergen extracts.Garcia-Patos V. – Pujol R.M. – Alomar A. – Cistero A. – Curell R. – Fernandez-Figueras M.T. – deMoragas J.M. From: Arch Dermatol (1995 Dec) 131(12):1421-4

These lesions have been mainly attributed to a hypersensitivity reaction to aluminum hydroxide, which is used as an absorbing agent in many vaccines and hyposensitization preparations. Patch tests with standard antigens and aluminum compounds and histopathologic and ultrastructural studies were performed on 10 patients with persistent subcutaneous nodules on the upper part of their arms after injection of aluminum- adsorbed dust and/or pollen extracts. The nodules appeared 1 month to 6.5 years after injections.


The case of Peaches is below. This highlights that MASS/ZETA is also an ischemic vaccine problem for our companion pets and the problems are not solely at the injection site.   Moulden Anoxia Spectra Syndromes

“This same process Damages all small Blood vessels in The body/brain & causes autism. From any vaccination. Dr. Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

“The mechanism is now known”  


The introduction of any bacteria or bacterial filtrates alive or dead (vaccine) causes a reaction of the body that results in blood clots from intense microbial action reducing zeta potential. These clots may be small adhesions that attach to the blood vessels or organs impairing their function or complete obstructions resulting in organ death. They are particularly common in kidney, lung, liver and brain. This intravascular (within blood vessels) coagulation (clotting) is readily apparent in an examination of the blood vessels in the sclera (whites) of the eyes from vaccines or other infections.

Microorganisms take days to weeks to months to demonstrate their full effect on a system. This is known as the Sarannelli/ Schwartzman phenomena. There are several hundred references to its occurrence in the National Library of Medicine. It is called “phenomena”  because the cause has not been understood. It is precisely this missing medical physiology “pheneomena ” that has been discovered and elucidated by MASS – Moulden Anoxia Spectra Syndromes. 

MASS, as it turns out, in physiology and process, IS the cause of acquired mammalian disease states - all of them! MASS “phenomena” has now been elucidated right down to the microbiological processes, phases, and stages that are latently activated to cause mammalian disease, vaccine adversity, and autism-spectrum.

Remarkably, solving the medical mystery behind vaccine induced neurodevelopment disorders has resulted in the solution for much human disease, in cause, prevention, and now on the horizon is the means to effect targeted cures. This includes many ailments, some cancers. Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and much more.

Zeta potential is one of several physiological phases of MASS (and human disease). MASS can be immunologically triggered in the absence of lowered Zeta potentials. However, irrespective of  which MASS phase comes first, lowered Zeta potential eventually emerges even if only at the microcirculation units in the body. The end result is clotting within the micro blood vessels and impaired oxygen delivery to cells and tissue. This is hypoxia (low oxygen), anoxia (no oxygen) and ischemia (low oxygen from low blood flow) and stroke (oxygen demand exceeding oxygen supply). This is human disease, chronic illness, disorders, death, vaccine induced autism-spectrum, sudden infant death syndrome, and multi-organ disease and functional impairments. MASS is like a “one-stop-shop” to health, wellness, and morbidity.


The autopsy reports of nine toddlers aged 13 hours to 11 ½ months are presented below. These are congenital rubella (German Measles) cases are from 1964. The autopsy table demonstrates clearly that the intravascular coagulation effect from these “pathogens” cuts across all organ systems. The effects can take several months to manifest. This is intravascular clotting cascades at work. This is Zeta potential in action. This is the means by which virulent pathogens have harmed, paralyzed, and killed in the pre-vaccine era. This is the means that these same pathogens, whether they are killed or attenuated, are causing the same problems, albeit in an attenuated form, now that we are injecting them with mass vaccination programs.

General Autopsy Findings (above): Diffuse Vascular Damages – All organ systems affected

These were clinically silent vascular ischemic lesions including the ischemic lesions to the brain. Many of these children were developmentally impaired and autistic (  Autism in children with congenital rubella . Stella Chess . Journal of   Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia 1971 Jan-Mar;1(1):33-47).

These congenital rubella syndrome children exhibit the same hard neurological measures of ischemic brain injuries using our imaging protocols as do contemporary autistic children post vaccination as a function of any vaccine – not just MMR.. Remarkably, we now show that these neurovascular lesions are emerging within hours and days of vaccination and the lesion are identical to those seem in the pre-vaccine era – all pathogens (DTaP, Gardasil, Anthrax, Hepatitis A/B, MMR, influenza, etc..) are creating the same lesions across the lifespan and across all emergent medical diagnoses.

This is a generic non-specific response to any immune challenge and not a particular “germ.” This means no vaccination is safe as currently constituted.

Microscopic intravascular coagulation, anoxic states, MASS, and low Zeta Potential is the cause of acquired disease in response to anything foreign entering the human body under conditions of immune hyper stimulation. Foreign substances that sequester in tissue lines and cannot be readily removed by cannot normal immunological means, becomes a focal point for on-going non-specific immune assault to the area. This is a factor in diseases wherein tissue is slowly lost in focal areas such as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s type dementia. When all vaccines and infectious diseases create the same pathological symptoms in all people, then it is NOT the pathogen that is causing the disease. Rather, disease is emerging as a generic response to non-specific immunological challenge. Accordingly, vaccines do nothing to address the cause of disease or morbidity from infectious diseases. Vaccines simply weaken any particular “bugs” ability to elicit an intense non-specific immune response. Since this non-specific immune response is the same cause of morbidity across all pathogens, then prevention of morbidity is best suited by targeting the non-specific immune response directly – on an as-needed basis.


Making matters worse, every foreign substance, dead or alive, added to the vaccines, includingaluminum additives, mercury preservatives, formaldehyde, human and animal cells, andcontaminants, each triggers a MASS response in their own right. It is the magnitude of MASSthat determines disease. MASS is additive, summative, and has immunological memory. Themagnitude of the MASS response is more a function of the net immunogenic load at a givenpoint in time rather than the specific “pathogen” one is injected with.Considering the record profits that have been made selling vaccines to the world, one shouldthink that society should hold accountable and responsible, financially, all who have profitedfrom vaccines – including the physicians who have administered them. These funds must bedirected to victims (we are all victims), recovery efforts, and solutions that are metered byparents and the public not by corporations, politicians, governmental bodies and officials.The damages, globally, are astounding:

MASS Ischemia : Autism-spectrum and learning disabilities are along the same continuum of range and breadth of brain injury from the same vaccine triggered MASS pathophysiologicalcascade and all vaccines. This is why universal one-size fits all vaccines, as currently constituted,have caused an epidemic of neurodevelopment disorders that includes:1.   1 child in 6 with specific learning disabilities.2.   1 child in 87 with autism (it used to be 1 in 10,000)3.   1 child in 9 with Asthma4.   15% of children with attention deficit disorders5.   1-2% incidence of sudden infant death syndrome6.   1 in 4 Gulf War vets (250,000 of 800,00 vaccinated) to suffer from Gulf War Syndrome,with 42,00 deaths (and rising).7.   10,000 plus Gardasil adverse reactions and over 21 deaths, including blood clots andstrokes. MASS is the same mechanism by which Merck’s Vioxx caused strokes.8.   Allegations, charges & convictions for shaken baby syndrome that are vaccine damages.


The micro vascular and tissue bed damages caused by MASS responses are cumulative. MASS is the physiological process behind vaccine morbidities and Canadian endocrinologist HansSelye’s “Stress” model of human disease. Dr. Hans Selye was a Canadian endocrinologist who did research on the hypothetical non-specific response of the organism to stressors. Selye conceptualized the physiology of “stress” as having two components: a set of responses which he called the general adaptation syndrome, and the development of a pathological state from ongoing, unrelieved stress. The “stress”, in Selye’s model, summated over the course of a lifetime and caused diseases at the organ and systems level. Dr. Selye’ is initial inspiration for General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS, a theory of stress) came from an endocrinological experiment in which he injected mice with extracts of various organs. He at first believed he had discovered a new hormone, but was proved wrong when every irritating substance he injected produced the same symptoms (swelling of the adrenal cortex, atrophy of the thymus, gastric and duodenal ulcers). This, paired with his observation that people with different diseases exhibit similar symptoms, led to his description of the effects of "noxious agents" as he at first called it. He later coined the term "stress.” Dr. Selye’s “Stress & G.A.S.” is actually “M.A.S.S.” in human physiology, including vaccine induced autism-spectrum disorders and all other chronic ailments that emerge from foreign agents entering the mammalian body and bloodstream.

Remarkably, our non-invasive, indirect neurovascular functional brain imaging protocols, constrained to clinical neurology and neuroanatomy, shows the exact same “stress” disease pattern as recorded by Dr. Selye. Irrespective of the vaccine strain, infectious disease source, pathogenic determinant, or emergent morbid sate, the neurological (neurovascular) damages are the same for everyone from sudden infant death to autism tolearning disabilities to Gardasil adversity to Tourettes syndrome to Chronic Fatique to Gulf War syndrome to dementia to gatsointestinal pathology to death. This is MASS in medical physiology. This is “Stress” in Selye’s terminology. This is vaccine induced autism-spectrum. This is human disease. This is a generic response to any foreign substances entering or injected into mammalian tissue, bloodstream, physiology and anatomy.

Inducing Tolerance

The only reason the congenital form of rubella is harmful is because infection within the first trimester of gestation places the immune system in a state of immune tolerance. Immune tolerance causes a disproportionate increase in the non-specific immune response as the antibody-mediated arm of the immune system, specific to key antigens (germ specific proteins that identify the pathogen as foreign) are “turned off or deleted”. This means antibodies, much like bullets, can be present, but they are duds – they will never “fire”.

It is for this reason that some researchers (e.g.  A. Wakefield et al., 1997, The Lancet  ) have occasionally found vaccine strain measles in the guts of autistic children. The immune system has been partially paralyzed in its ability to eradicate the germ. However, it is not the germ that is causing morbidity. It is the hyperactive non-specific, white blood cell response to the germ which is causing disease and organ specific functional derailments and distress.

Immune tolerance is an adaptive immune response by the body in an attempt to curtail the emergence of autoimmunity. Immune tolerance, once induced, becomes a trigger for cellular, tissue, micro vascular, and organ specific collateral damages via hypoxia.The damages/disease/disorders that emerge are a function of the hyper stimulated white bloodcell response. This is “friendly fire” and collateral damages from the act of microscopic war within the body.

All vaccines wage war. All repeat vaccines have the propensity to induce tolerance. All vaccines induce a white blood cell response. This non-specific response and latent tissue damage increases in magnitude and breadth with each subsequent vaccination, albeit in clinically imperceptible ways. This is the MASS response in physiology. It is causing death, disability, chronic illnesses, disorders, hypoxia, genetic derailments in cells from transcription errors under hypoxic states, and likely many cancers.

Unfortunately, taking out the antibody response to a pathogen is equivalent to side-lining the cavalry on a battlefield – the soldiers on the ground must pick up the slack and increase their efforts and numbers in order to successfully wage war. It is the magnitude of the white blood cell “ground soldier” response that is harmful and not the pathogens in and of themselves.




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