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A woman posted to my blog saying that she didn't know anyone in Israel with a sesame allergy. Well, unless you hang out with the toddlers and grade school children, you may not. Children get the most vaccinations and have the most food allergies. She also pointed out that the vaccines in Israel are the same ones used in Europe. So I searched and found that sesame allergy is a growing problem in Europe. So, rather than disproving my theory, she gave it added support.

Results: Evidence was found for increased reporting of sesame allergy during the past 5 decades, with reports mostly from developed countries.

Food Allergy and Intolerance: Current Issues and Concerns - Google Books Result

by Victoria Emerton, Royal Society of Chemistry ... - 2002 - Food allergy - 181 pages
France imported 400 tons of sesame oil. These disparities between the ... 7.2 Prevalence of Sesame Allergy The prevalence of allergy to sesame has been ...

General information for Sesame

Oct 18, 2006 ... A striking increase of cases of allergy to sesame has also been noted in France since 1993. The natural course of allergy to Sesame is not ... - 33k

Food allergy is a matter of geography after all: sesame as a major cause of severe IgE-mediated food allergic reactions among infants and young children in Israel

Results: We identified 150 out of 9070 (1.7%) patients with suspected IgE-mediated food allergy. Among them, 102/150 (67%) [59 males, 43 females; mean age 10.3 months] completed a detailed questionnaire and underwent SPT. Evaluation revealed 131 positive SPTs in 78/102 (76.5%) patients. Twenty-seven positive SPTs in 18 patients were considered clinically irrelevant based on previous consumption of the relevant foods without clinical symptoms. Thus, there were 104 relevant positive SPTs in 78 patients. The overall prevalence of clinically relevant IgE-mediated food allergic reactions among these patients is estimated to be 1.2% (104/9070). The most common food allergens were egg, cow's milk, and sesame. Anaphylaxis was the presenting symptom in 14/78 (18%) including six sesame-induced cases. A history of other atopic diseases was reported in 27 (35%) patients. In addition, 22 (28%) had a history of atopy in first-degree family members.

Conclusions:  We found sesame to be a major cause of IgE-mediated food allergy in Israel. In fact, it is second only to cow's milk as a cause of anaphylaxis. We recommend that testing for food allergens be tailored to each community based on local experience and should include sesame in appropriate populations.

Sesame seed allergy symptoms by

Aug 11, 2005 ... While the European Commission (EC) and Canada have added sesame to the list of major food allergens for food labeling purposes,... - 46k

FHA - Sesame seed allergy in children - Article Summary

BACKGROUND: Sesame seed allergy is becoming more common in childhood. ... Journal: European annals of allergy and clinical immunology (Eur Ann Allergy Clin ... - 25k -

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