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It says final vaccine products have protein particles from food in them....

National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) *


Vaccines that contain small quantities of egg protein can cause hypersensitivity reactions in some people with egg allergy.  

[So let's take this one step further. If it can cause an allergic reaction if you already have an egg allergy, it also can be the first exposure for the baby and CAUSE the allergy! - bfg]

Adverse reactions are more likely with vaccines, such as yellow fever and influenza vaccines, that are grown in embryonated eggs. In contrast, measles and mumps vaccine viruses, which are most widely used in Canada, are grown in chick-embryo cell culture. Even after extensive purification, final vaccine products may contain trace quantities of avian proteins resembling proteins present in hens' eggs (1,2) . Anaphylaxis after administering measles-containing vaccines is rare and has been reported in individuals with anaphylactic hypersensitivity to eggs as well as those with no history of egg allergy. In some of these instances, allergy to neomycin (3,4) or gelatin (5) was hypothesized but, in most cases, no allergen was identified (6-8) . [or it could be a reaction to any of the other food proteins in the vaccine - bfg]

skin testing was abandoned after the first 120 children because of its lack of predictiveness (16)

In addition, a total of 38 anaphylactic reactions after measles immunization have been reported in the literature in individuals without a history of egg allergy; [But didn't they have a history of being vaccinated with a vaccine that contained egg protein? - bfg]

As previously recommended by NACI, all immunizations should be administered by persons capable of managing vaccine-associated adverse reactions such as anaphylaxis and should take place in appropriate facilities.

Question: My Child Is Allergic to Eggs. Can He Get the Flu Vaccine?

Answer: Generally speaking, no. The influenza vaccine is produced using chick embryos, and therefore may contain a small amount of egg protein.This egg protein may cause a severe allergic reaction in a person with an egg allergy. Since the amount of egg protein may vary from one year to the next, an egg-allergic person may tolerate the vaccine one year, but not the next.

IF THE VACCINE HAS EGGS IN IT, IT CAN CAUSE FOOD ALLERGY TO EGGS!!! And the new "safer ones", do you really want to risk it?

She was vaccinated up until her 15 month appt.  I will never let her have another vaccination!  At that appt, I reminded her doctor (which was a new doctor for us) that she had these allergies and that I thought I had read about warnings for people who have an egg allergy.  He assured me through the nurse that there would be no problem with it.  NOT TRUE!!!  She had hives on her torso for 3 solid weeks after receiving them.  I researched it further (unfortunately, after the fact) and found that people with egg allergies should be very cautious about having the MMR.  As if anyone needs another reason to be leary of the MMR!  It was torturous to my child to have those hives for so long.  I haven't let her get a vaccine since then.

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