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Posted OnAug 04, 2009

We are fortunate to have a friend who is a dog breeder and has well set up kennels and secure grounds who will board our two dogs for us when we go on holiday. This means we can avoid having to vaccinate to satisfy boarding kennel requirements. We have had a dog who was severely ravaged by allergies as a result of over vaccination. Towards the end of her life she had almost no hair left on her torso as a result and was permanently wearing a Drizabone dog coat for protection. This experience has us avoiding vaccination for our pets beyond the initial shots. We would not like to see another of our pets go through that torture.

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[3] My GSP developed allergies after being vaccinated (only doing homeopathic vaccinations now) and was unable to cope with all sorts of expensive brands of ...

One of my dogs, who had previously always been healthy, developed allergies after being vaccinated for Rabies. Did you have your dog vaccinated in the weeks,90605,90610 - 28k

My dog's allergies - HELP!


We gave Noah his first vaccination to the day of eight weeks.  Four o’clock the next morning I was feeding him in the dark and noticed some shadowing  on his face and went over to the lamp to take a better look and started screaming.  He had a huge yellow scab, basically thick cradle cap, over his entire face!  It was horrific!  It looked like he had been burnt in a fire!  Every time he moved or cried it would crack and bleed. We immediately called our Paediatrician who said he had had an allergic reaction to his vaccination.  From this day on Noah also developed eczema. It was truly heartbreaking; people literally recoiled back when they saw his precious little face.  I feel that people stopped seeing our baby and just saw his skin. We were desperate to clear it up and against using cortisone cream for the rest of his life- which had been the medical advice!  Robyn advised me to completely cut dairy and wheat out of my diet which I did with some major improvement to his skin....At five months I caved to the enormous pressure and gave the second vaccination, only wanting what was best and safest for my most adored son. We had been assured that the chances of a second reaction were slim. We held our breaths but his skin did not deteriorate.  Though four days later Noah started to develop hives from everything!  Shampoo, moisturiser, food, clothes and toys; the list was endless! Noah also developed hay fever and started snoring when he slept.  He went from sleeping 1-2 hours at a time to waking every 25 minutes.  He had so many bowel motions he would bleed from his anus.  He was having symptoms of anaphylaxis to my breast milk.  (Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction and involves two or more systems – skin, respiratory, cardiovascular or gastrointestinal).  Several times his face would swell and he would become covered in hives and appear to wheeze after a feed.  We were sent to a Paediatric Immunologist and Allergist who confirmed that he had multiple sensitivities and allergies to food and environmental factors. I couldn’t believe this was happening! While she supported my desire to breastfeed she felt that it would be extremely difficult to maintain as his allergies were so wide spread. Noah’s reactions to his vaccination were never recorded by anyone in the medical field.  When you read statistics on Vaccination reactions they do not include mild reactions(??) like eczema and life threatening allergies.

My baby was on formula at 4 weeks old due to breastfeeding problems. Well, after his first round of vaccines at 2 mo. old – all of a sudden he could no longer handle lactose. Coincidence? No, the vaccines are to blame.

Dr. Greene, i have a 7 month old baby who had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, her entire intestine was in her chest, after getting her 3 month vaccinations, she developed SEVERE allergies, milk, soy, barley, rice, rye, beef, chicken, turkey, pork.

Our son developed eczema after his first shots which worsened after his second... There is no history of eczema in our family. - Alex

My son, too, developed eczema after his shots...that's a lot better than my friend's daughter who was permanently brain damaged from it! They believe, as do i, Hg was the culprit again...when will we ever learn?! Good Luck all!

 My son had a loss of muscle tone with his first MMR shot but also has some other classic Hg indicators...learning disabilities, ADD type symptoms, eczema, high HG indicators in hair analysis, photo sensitive, poorly co-ordinated, sugar craving, ongoing food allergies having had a very serious anaphalactic reaction to nuts.  His mother had amalgams re worked during the pregnancy, has some extreme Hg indicators in hair analysis and Hg indicators of her own. She also breast fed for 2 years.

T is 4 months old and his whole body is covered with eczema. His face is the worst, all open and weeping. He developed it one month ago, about a week after his first set of vaccinations.

Actually, I have a son and a daughter who have eczema. My son had his shots until 6 months. I haven't given any vaccinations since then. His eczema was pretty mild until he was about 3 or 4 months old and it has gotten progressively worse. My daughter is 8 and has had all  of her shots. Her eczema was bad after she was a year old.


Oh, Arwen also developed a dairy and a nut allergy just after his four month needles, but supposedly that is when allergies do surface, so who knows?

My brother completely lost his hearing in one ear after a vaccine. He also had severe allergies and asthma . I had a reaction to a tetanus vaccine as a child.

The doctor negated my fears and spent 30 minutes convincing me to give my son the shots. I refused the HepB and he agreed it was completely unnecessary for a baby. The doctor emphatically reassured me the shots no longer contained thimerosal. I put my trust in him and held my son down for the shots. I found out later they did include thimerosol (September of 2001).

My son screamed basically non-stop from that moment on. He stopped sucking his thumb, stopped sleeping almost completely, screamed relentlessly, developed all over body hives and eczema, severe reflux and aspirating, and his chronic yeast and thrush worsened.

He ceased all babbling, and plummeted from the 95th percentile to below the 5th to off the chart for weight. He stopped having BMs (having only 3 in 2 months in the time right after his shots!) He developed food intolerances to nearly everything. He began headbanging as soon as he could crawl (at an early 5.5 months).

On my son’s 6th month well baby checkup, he had a full food allergy blood test, for all common allergen (we did this because he was having threads of blood in his stool, and doc wanted to rule out allergy). All his results came back negative for everything– no allergies.

After his blood was drawn, he was also given his full battery of six-month vaccines.

One month later, my wife served him milk for the first time, in the form of baby yogurt. My son turned red wherever the milk touched him. The next allergy test showed him with fairly high numbers for EVERYTHING– he literally reacted to everything except shrimp in that blood test. Milk especially, though.

I am fairly convinced it was the six-month vaccines that did it. We hadn’t been giving him milk beforehand, and we know for a fact that he’d never had peanuts at all. For him to suddenly turn up allergic to both, when his tests were negative the DAY OF the vaccines is too much coincidence for us to ignore.

My son was tested for allergies at 6 months due to unexplained chronic hives and eczema. All were negative though his overall IgE levels were high. He also had silent reflux. At 10 1/2 months (right after his prevnar vax) I tried to give him yogurt. He refused to eat it (thankfully) and got hives where it touched his skin.  Around 11 months, he got a flu shot and the following week had "unexplained" systemic hives and GI problems that lasted months. He also withdrew was not smiling as much and seemed to stall in his development.  We did a blood test right before his 12 month visit and he was allergic to almost everything even though he had eaten very few solid foods and certainly none of the common allergens - egg was off the charts, dairy, peanut, soy, wheat. I am convinced the flu shot sensitized him to egg. In hindsight and according to records, his "unexplained" hives and eczema appeared after each round of shots that first year. We declined any further vaccines at that point and he started to come out of the fog about 6 months later.

I really don't understand how no one can be looking at the flu shot in contributing to the increase in egg allergies?

See all comments on this post here:

I also noticed that when my 11mos old son. after 2 weeks when my son shot MMR, he developed a severe skin allergy

My daughter too was harmed by her one year old series of shots, which included the MMR. I'm in America and she has Arthritis, which she's had since she was one.

Within a couple of days of his 2nd flu vaccine Mitchell developed a fever of 103.5 and started SCREAMING inconsolably every night for 3 hours straight. He was impossible to hold and would claw at us and arch his back and head. The scream was the most intense high pitched sound I had ever heard coming from a child. We were told that this was because of the ear infections that would now continue for another 6 months straight as well as the intense nighttime screaming. He was on antibiotics during this entire time. I later would discover this was a typical reaction of a vaccine injured child.

He also started to itch himself until he bled. I begged my pediatrician at 12 months to have him allergy tested and he came back with allergies to peanuts, eggs, milk, soy, dust and cats. A few weeks later an allergist told me he was not allergic to milk and soy so he did not need to restrict these in his diet.

My son was seen by his pediatrician for his 12 mo. shots on 06/17. He received MMR, Chicken Pox, and Pneumococcal vaccines. Approx. 10 days later he developed a fever and then a rash and hives on his torso and head. He is very itchy. I've just been giving benedryl. I have been concerned that he's been having a food allergy reaction since he is allergic to cow's milk and possibly soy milk. I wonder now if it is a reaction to the vaccinations?

My son is 13 months old and hadn't had any vaccines until February 22nd. That day he received the dtap without thimerisol. Three days after the shot he got a cold, he had never had a cold that severe. Then, he got an ear infection, once again this had never happened. He was finally recovering from everything, then on Monday I gave him goat's milk for the first time. Before this he had only had cow yogurt as far as dairy is concerned and never had any reations. Well, he got a rash all over his belly. It cleared up and I tried cow milk today and he got another rash all over his belly, upper arms, and legs. Do you think this is related to the vaccine or just a developed allergy?

My daughter developed multiple allergies to foods eaten (and some she’d never had) within a short period after her 12 month immunizations (which were given at 14 months).

On January 11, 2006, my daughter received DTaP, Hib, Polio, MMR and PCV. Within days or weeks (I didn't record the first occurrence because I thought the marks were from her scratching her face with her spoon) she began breaking out in hives on her face whenever she ate peas (a member of the legume family). We also began to notice that she developed an intolerance to dairy (though this has gone away - by 16 months). Then on March 2, 2006, less than 2 months after her 12-month immunizations, she had an anaphlyactic reaction to one bite of peanut butter toast. I didn't realize it was an anaphylactic reaction at the time. Needless to say we took her to an allergy specialist (which took months to schedule an appointment) and had her tested and blood work done. We were prescribed epi pens for her peanut allergy and also advised to avoid all nuts. She is also allergic to peas, egg and chic pea although we don't require an epi pen for these. We were told that my daughter is a medical anomaly since there is no history of peanut allergy in myself or my husband or any of our extended family. There is no history of food allergy of any kind, for that matter.

My almost 4 year old daughter was fine until her 15 month vaccinations. Since then she has become allergic to peanuts and eggs. I breastfed her for 13 months and weaned her slowly. Her doctor said it was a result of the vaccinations, but I didn't believe it until I did my own research.

Posted By: @ 11/06/2007 1:18:27 PM

I breastfed my daughter for 13 months. After her 15 month vaccinations, she became allergic to peanuts and eggs...there are a few others, but eggs and peanuts are the most serious for her.

“My 18 month old son stopped talking and walking after those shots. He developed severe allergies, constant diarrhea, ear infections and was sick all the time.”

He was born perfectly healthy and was a scrappy little boy.  When he was 18 months old, he became very ill.  This became very difficult for my parents.  Their youngest son, who was born healthy and developmentally on track, came home very different.  He no longer spoke, he became very isolated and transfixed on specific objects.  He didn't make eye contact the way he used to.  He developed allergies to EVERYTHING! Milk, eggs, nuts, fish, and beans. ...There are so many things that could contribute. My parents were of the belief that the vaccines may have caused my brother's illness.

I dutifully vaccinated my first three right on schedule. They are generally healthy, but my third has serious allergies.

"Prior to MMR vaccination, the boys ate fresh fruit and vegetablesAfter MMR, they would gag and vomit if they got near fruit...One ended up sitting in a corner with a blanket, toe walking and hand flapping...They were both diagnosed at two years and nine months old with Mild-Moderate Autism.  The twins come from families with autoimmune disorders and allergies and should never have been vaccinated."
--Marion Redstone, Sydney Australia

Now that said, my infant got sick for about 2 weeks after his last round of shots, including swelling, a high fever and a raised red rash all over his body.

I have many friends who's kids had allergies and other sensitivites that seems to worsen after the shots.

My second child has severe milk allergies. Ironically, she had only 2 shots before ending up with the same gastro illness that Clayton had.

Merck’s Childhood Vaccine Woes: Big Recall In US, And Canada Probes MMR Over Serious Reaction December 12th, 2007 Separately, Canada suspended use of three batches of a mumps vaccine today after five people fell ill in the midst of a vaccination campaign in the western province of Alberta, Reuters reports. Health Canada advised against the use of the three lots of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine sold by MerckFrosst Canada, while it investigates five suspected cases of anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction characterized by swelling and difficulty breathing.

Parents call the NVIC and describe how, within days of vaccination, their babies run fevers; are covered with body rashes; become restless and irritable; start twitching, jerking, or staring into space as if they can’t hear or see; scream for hours, fall into a deep sleep, and wake up screaming again; or have a dramatic change in eating or sleeping habits.

Others describe a gradual deterioration in overall health— a picture that includes unexplained rashes; new sensitivity to foods such as milk; persistent diarrhea; constant ear and respiratory infections and the onset of allergies, including asthma; severe sleep disturbances; the reversal of developmental milestones such as the ability to roll over or sit up; loss of speech, eye-contact, and communication skills; development of strange or violent behaviours that include hyperactivity, biting, hitting, social withdrawal, and repetitive movements such as flapping, rocking, and headbanging.

Posted by: jean carbone | January 02, 2009 at 07:21 AM

As a young mother who breastfed, made my own babyfood, and whose children's health was very important, I was intent on doing the right thing. Inherently I feared giving shots to my two toddlers as it just seemed wrong to inject these pure beings with anything. (This was almost 30 years ago before vaccinations were so controversial). Well, I did trust my pediatrician who was also a hippie, and she assured me they were safe and it was the right thing to do. My children were 3 and 4 years old, and up 'til then were very healthy. We gave them the first series of the MMRs, and after that, my one son developed allergies, ear infections, and was prone to respiratory illness. I attribute the decline in his health to those shots.

My oldest child received his 4 yr old shots 2 months ago.  Since then - 2 months later - he has developed 4 new food allergies.

Carthage couple say mercury agentin vaccines caused son's autism -  It started with him fidgeting, then continually lining up toys and other objects.  At times, he had emotional outbursts far beyond what would be normal for the circumstances. He developed allergies, eczema and asthma.  Then, after a flu shot late in 2002, all of those problems accelerated.

I also developed allergies after receiving my two childhood vaccinations.

The MMR was a problem to my children, so they only had one shot - it caused severe allergies in one for the long term.

Billy's Story

On the third day I called my doctor and said I was going to the hospital -- he could be there if he liked. Billy was admitted with pneumonia and treated for eight days. Despite my doctor's assurances that he would be fine, he has had difficulties from then on. Although a wonderfully happy child, he has had numerous allergies, difficulty digesting food, and is mentally retarded.

Since that time, I have learned the story of how this could happen, and how it continues to happen. During the same month that my son had this severe reaction, 15 babies in Illinois died from the DPT shot. The reason a moratorium on this vaccine hasn't been called immediately is a story of greed, corruption, and a fatal belief in our own technology. But the damage to children continues.


I do recall her talking at length about a negative reaction I had to an MMR vaccine and that it kick-started severe allergies and that I never had the follow-up vaccination due to this.

In the end, she had the shots. In less than two weeks she began having mystery hives all the time. I finally took her back in for testing and she had developed allergies to 9 more foods including peanuts!


I developed eczema after a thimerosal preserved tetanus vaccine when I was 15 years old. The eczema continued until my early 20's. I also had nightly fevers for a couple of months after that vaccine. Nothing that I did worked, including all sorts of allergy treatment and steroid creams. It eventually went away on it its own about a year or two after I quit using contact lens solutions containing thimerosal.


 In college, I was revaxed with the MMR. I developed symptoms of measles, mumps, and rubella. I was very sick. I then developed severe allergies to everything, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, and other immune related problems.

I developed the measles and mumps after an MMR revax in college after which I developed severe allergies to everything - all foods, environment, even exercise. I developed Guillan Barre syndrome, and "Chronic fatigue syndrome." It seriously ruined my health - and that of my children.

Posted OnSep 19, 2007

I developed ezcema about five years ago, for the first time in my life (I am over 50) and racked my brain to figure out what caused the first outbreak. I had a dermatologist tell me it was something I put on my skin (which I doubt cause I hadn't tried anything new) and my chiro told me it was something I was eating (which I think may cause any current outbreaks), but that still didn't explain the initial outbreak because I hadn't done or eaten anything different.  Just a day or so ago, when reading about vaccines, I realized that I had gotten a flu shot (vaccine) at about the same time.

"I have not had a flu shot for at least 12/15 years.  The last one I had made me allergic to eggs.  Not worth it." [Comment from my ex-mother-in-law. She was about 60 years old when she became allergic to eggs - bfg]

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