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My brother has a shellfish allergy. Why? How? We live in Ohio. Shellfish are something that are eaten on holidays. No family history of shellfish allergy. Well, perhaps the vaccine theory can explain it. I found many different oils were used in the adjuvants. Is there even a such thing as shellfish oil?

Dobbins Products - Essence Oils SHELLFISH OIL This is uncut shellfish oil. It's the strongest and purest on the market.

MN Trapline Products Online ... Oil -per pint $9.95 Fish Oil -per gallon $19.00 Fish Oil -per pint $5.00 Shellfish Oil ... Monday 12 January, 2009 : 9989174 requests since Saturday 01 June, 2002

Well, that answers that question. But I've never seen "shellfish oil" on a label. Searched on "shellfish oil" + patent + vaccine

Synthetic bait for delivery of chemicals and biologics - US Patent ... Additional economic factors are cost of vaccine production, .... After cooling, the sleeves were dipped in glycerol containing 1% shellfish oil and allowed ...

[This patent is to use in a vaccine to vaccinate wild animals such as raccoons.]

VACCINATION OF RACCOONS (PROCYON LOTOR) File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML in glycerol containing 1% shellfish oil, allowed ..... U.S. Patent No. 4741904. U.S. Government Printing Office,. Washington D.C.. Steck, F., A. Wandler, ...

Solubilized CoQ-10 and carnitine - Patent 7273606 Specific non-limiting exemplary fish or marine oil sources include shellfish oil, tuna oil, mackerel oil, salmon oil, menhaden, anchovy, herring, trout, sardines or combinations thereof. In particular, the source of the fatty acids is fish or marine oil (DHA or EPA), soybean oil or flaxseed oil. Alternatively or in combination with one of the above identified carriers, beeswax can be used as a suitable carrier, as well as suspending agents such as silica (silicon dioxide).  <- Previous Patent (Vaccine) | Next Patent

(Health enhancement m. ... - 65k - Cached - Similar pages

So, they do use shellfish oil in vaccines for animals and food supplements for people. I investigated a bit further and found that shellfish can just be called "fish" and shellfish can be mixed with fish to produce "fish oil":

Species such as sprat, sandeels and blue whiting are primarily intended for industrial use such as in fishmeal and fish oil production (EC, 2001).

[Has a drawing with shrimp as contributing to fish oil]

Many different species are used for fishmeal and fish oil production.

The raw material for fishmeal production is steam-cooked, pressed, dried, cooled and ground down (see Figure 2). The pressing of the cooked fish results in a protein fraction called press cake, and a mixed water and oil fraction containing suspended and soluble proteins. The oil and the water fraction with proteins are separated and the ‘stick’ water (the residual watery phase from the centrifugation of the press liquor) is concentrated through evaporation. The crude fish oil is freed of moisture and suspended solids by highspeed centrifugation and the ‘stick’ water can be concentrated in multiple-effect evaporators to recover soluble ingredients either to be incorporated into the fishmeal stream process before drying or to be used separately for animal feed (Stansby, 1974).

2. Fishmeal and fish oil are generally made from fish deliberately caught for that purpose and from by-products of fish caught for human consumption. Novel sources of feed for farmed fish (such as bioproteins) that allow the reduction of the fishmeal content of fish feed are currently being investigated.

  "fish" means any fish, including shellfish and crustaceans, and marine animals, and any parts, products or by-products thereof. (Fish Inspection Act)

"fish by-products" refers to commodities that are manufactured from fish, including shellfish, crustaceans, and marine animals in a form that is different than conventional foods and which are intended for human consumption (either directly or as a food ingredient). Fish by-products include, but are not limited to:

a) by-products derived from marine mammals ( e.g. , seal oil);

b) by-products derived from fish, including fish cartilage, fish oils, and fish proteins; and

c) by-products derived from the carapaces of crustaceans; but do not include marine plants or marine plant


So, "fish oil" can include "shellfish oil". Searched on "fish oil" + vaccine + patent.

Oral vaccinia formulation - US Patent 6960345 claims starch, 40% (v/v) mannitol, 0.15% (v/v) nutritional supplement grade fish oil, 5 % (v/v) glycerol, 0.5% (w/v) gelatin. 3. The oral vaccine of claim 2, ...

US Patent Class 424-- DRUG, BIO-AFFECTING AND BODY TREATING ... Subunit vaccine containing hemagglutinin or neuraminidase. 211.1, DF .~.~ Paramyxoviridae (e.g., parainfluenza .... Fish oil or solidified form thereof ... - 117k

I'm not going to produce more listing for vaccine ingredients containing fish oil. I think this is enough to demonstrate that fish oil is used in vaccines. When I lived in Sandusky, my heart went out to an employee at an office supply store. She told me about her daughter who has an extremely serious allergy to fish. If they serve fish at school, she cannot be anywhere near or she ends up at the emergency room. So  who has the worst fish allergy problem?

"In the USA we see plenty of Peanut allergy, In Scandinavia we see predominantly fish allergy, in Eastern Europe it's Poppy Seed allergy, Sesame allergy in the Middle East, while in Japan, Rice allergy is a significant problem."

Who uses the most fish oil?

Although fishmeal and fish oil are shipped all over the world, three major regions are large users: Asia and particularly China , Japan and Taiwan ; Europe, particularly Norway, the United Kingdom and Denmark; the Americas, particularly the United States , Canada and Chile .

  Figure 7 World fish oil production - major producers The average world production of fish oil is about 1.3 million MT and the figure shows the 1990-2000 trend for the production. This year, production is likely to be close to 1.2 million MT. Peru is the largest producer, followed by Scandinavia and Chile.

  "FIT Biotech Oyj Plc (formerly Finnish Immunotechnology Oy) was founded in 1995 as an R&D biotechnology company concentrating on the development of vaccines and gene transport technology. FIT Biotech's headquarters are located in Tampere, Finland, where it also has a cGMP approved production facility"

Scandinavia has a fish allergy problem, they are second largest producer of fish oil, and they produce vaccines. I would suspect that they would use fish oil in the vaccines and that would account for fish allergy being predominant in Scandinavia.

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