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Peanut Allergy Cures?!

From a yahoo group member:

MSM (Methyl sulphonyl methane) too has proved very efficient in eliminating various allergies. 'M' (my dear  life partner) has personally experienced this first hand and assisted many others with it, one of our friends has also benefited from MSM and as a result, ditched her asthma pump. It is important to cut out wheat and dairy to achieve sustainable results as these are known allergens.

Oh, one more thing of relevance, a tip I once came across. If someone is suffering with hay fever (pollen allergies), untreated, raw honey from a local source is said to contain all the antibodies that could be beneficial to the sufferer, thereby saving a fortune on tissues alone. lol.  But MSM seems to have this well covered too.

Warm regards Joel

  "Every time we receive a vaccination with heat-killed bacteria or a heat-killed virus, it produces a similar immune response. Live bacteria such as that of lactic acid bacteria can temper these immune responses. The infant primates were fed heat-treated formulas, Clostridia is an opportunist infection, looking for a chance to colonize. However, Clostridia is also a natural inhabitant of the colon. The problem here with heat-treated foods is that you might as well say they are sterile. If you are feeding sterile foods, they don't contain bacteria that can form a colony. So in order to colonize bacteria you have to consume foods with live bacteria or an opportunist will take that invitation." [Raw food in your diet is IMPORTANT!!-bfg]

Does Energy-Based Treatment Actually Eliminate Allergies?

Experience has shown me that Energy based allergy treatments are safe, fast, and very effective; they provide the lasting allergy relief I had hoped for. In fact, I know these treatments have saved my life. They have liberated me from the strict confines of a very restricted diet and they have released me from the torment of relentless, debilitating allergy symptoms. I now eat all the foods I desire, and in what ever combination I want.

Do energy based treatments work for everyone?

My experience, and the numerous published case studies of various practitioners indicates that energy-based treatments work; they can indeed be an allergy cure for many patients. From what I have seen, however, the number of treatments it will take to effect a cure will vary among patients. And, good news! There is now research that validates the effectiveness of energy based allergy elimination treatments. In her “Allergy Antidotes” manual, Dr. Sandi Radomski discusses innovative research done by Dr. Penny Montgomery and Dr. Margaret Ayers. These researchers developed a real-time EEG that could identify the precise “allergic signature” in the brain, or the brain waves that occur when someone ingests a substance they are allergic to. Once the “allergic signature” was identified, Drs. Montgomery and Ayers proved that the signature would disappear after energy treatment was performed and allergy relief was accomplished.


Hi everyone - I'm looking here to see if anybody else is embarking on LDA (Low Dose Allergen Immunotherapy). I just had my first shot on 12/22 and am almost done with the 3 weeks of post-shot dieting (per the LDA) protocol. I am interested in talking with those that are further down the line with the shots or anybody else who is contemplating starting LDA therapy. I just need some support and encouragement (the diet is difficult!) and some hope (want to hear how much better you are doing since you've been doing LDA). It would be nice to have a buddy who understands is going through the same thing.

This may not be what you want to hear, but it may be of benefit to you and others, so here goes. I am not familiar with that exact therapy, but did research many of the rapidly proliferating variety of alleged desensitization methods on offer. There is very little chance of evaluating their effectiveness, and many are appallingly expensive. Since I have very little money, all the methods that required much cash were out of the question for me.

There are three things that I have tried: One was custom allergy shots. My kaiser Sr. Advantage personal physician referred me for this, so no extra money out of my pocket. It helped slightly with inhalant allergies, did nothing for food sensitivities and MCS. Practitioner had claimed that her method would help all three, and she was listed with the appropriate medical societies. Took massive amounts of time [at least 18 months] to fool with this for little benefit. Would not recommend to others.

Another was self-administered and professionally administered NAET. [An energy based desensitization method] Again, I spent at least 18 months on it. This reduced the initial signs of chemical and other reactions, but not the delayed problems. Resulted in loosing my "early warning" symptoms that enable me to know when I should get away from exposures, so would stay around offending substances longer and get sicker for longer. Would not recommend this, either.

What worked best for me and was FREE, needed NO practitioner, NO fees for use, NO time wasted traveling to/from the practitioner was...AUT. This is a form of Urine Therapy. It greatly reduced both my inhalant and food issues in about SIX WEEKS! Did not help significantly with chemicals, though.

Am currently trying something called Guai therapy. Again, this can be self-administered at very low cost, tho not quite free, LOL! It is very likely to help many with MCS, especially if some of their symptoms would fit into descriptions of CFS/CFIDS and/or FMS/fibromyalgia. It is early days, as I have only been doing this for about 2 1/2 months, but my overall energy is better, metabolism has perked up, and I am a little bit less chemically sensitive.

I bring all this out in order to suggest that you keep in mind that what you are trying is not the only option. Decide how long of a trial you are willing to give it and/or how much money you are willing to spend and STICK TO IT!!! Beware of ANY practitioner who seems to keep stringing you along, who can not tell you about how long it should take to get better and how much it should cost. THERE ARE ALWAYS OTHER OPTIONS OUT THERE, MAYBE BETTER, CHEAPER, QUICKER, MORE EFFECTIVE ONES!!! Do please report back in as much detail as you are comfortable with about the details of your treatment and how it goes. That is the only way we all will learn what is working and what is not. Keep seeking, applying, sharing accurate knowledge in order to Keep seeking abundant life and joy! Di

Hi DI - thanks for your response. I too have tried NAET and it was a total bust--I personally think NAET is a scam and I wasted my hard-earned money on it. I also tried provacative neutralization--first with under the tongue drops and then later with weekly shots. I didn't get the results I was looking for, but I think that I just have too many allergies (mostly foods) for that particular therapy to work for me. I think once you get over a certain # of allergies, LDA is a better choice because it treats about 300 things at once. Anyway - I will come back and post in this forum on my progress with it. I thank you for your other suggestions too. I intend to stick with LDA for 1-2 years before I make a decision to see if I need try anything else. LDA actually builds your suppressor t-cells, turning off the allergy before it even begins. Here's a couple of links about it in case anybody's interested in learning about it.

Martha Christy cured herself of a host of incapacitating illnesses, including intestinal inflammation or Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid disorder, severe chronic kidney infections, food and chemical allergies and severe endometriosis.

Homoeopathic Urine

A final possibility is to use urine in homoeopathic form. The simplest way to prepare it is as follows: To one teaspoon of unchlorinated water add one drop of fresh urine. Shake it vigorously in a small bottle about 50 times with a sharp downward stroke. One drop of this mixture is then added to another teaspoon of water, shaken again and then the whole procedure repeated a third time. Place 3 drops under the tongue several times daily. When it is used up, wait a few days and then prepare a new homoeopathic remedy. In order to find the most effective potency add one more step to each subsequent preparation of the remedy, that is dilute it a fourth, a fifth and a sixth time and so forth. Start with such higher dilutions, say sixth potency, especially if a remedy is made from fluid such as pus derived from a diseased part of the body. An alternative method is even simpler and recommended as an introduction to urine therapy and at times when cupfuls of urine are not tolerated. To 1 tablespoon of morning urine add 4 or 9 tablespoons of unchlorinated water. Shake 50 times with a sharp downward stroke, and take a spoonful several times during the day; keep in the mouth for a minute before swallowing. Homoeopathically energised remedies should not be exposed to strong magnetic or electromagnetic fields. Keep this urine remedy only lightly covered in a cool place but not in an electric refrigerator, and make up fresh daily.

Using UT, both of your ills sleep deprivation and food allergies can be overcome at once. Your urine offers the exact antibodies you need to eradicate your allergy and provides factor S to naturally induce sleep. All this for free. ...In study after study, UT comes across as nothing short of miraculous. It fights free-radicals, eases morning sickness, acts as a diuretic, and has redressed a remarkable number of aliments, including arthritis, hair loss, jaundice, eczema, leprosy, gangrene, malaria, venereal diseases, menstrual irregularities, candida, warts, prostate problems, obesity, asthma, migraines, toxemia, rabies, peptic ulcers, multiple sclerosis, and heart disease. Some even profess it enhances spiritual growth. The general theme is one of a therapy that works when all others have failed.

I guess your insurance won't pay for urine therapy LOL!!!

Aetna considers the following allergy treatments experimental and investigational as they have not been proven to be effective:

 Acupuncture for allergies

Allergoids (modification of allergens to reduce allergenicity)

Autogenous urine immunization (autogenous urine therapy)

Bacterial immunotherapy

Detoxification for allergies

Ecology units/environmental control units/environmental chemical avoidance for multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome

Enzyme potentiated desensitization (EPD)

Homeopathy for allergies

Neutralization therapy (desensitization neutralization therapy)

Photo-inactivated extracts

Polymerized extracts

Poison ivy/poison oak extracts for immunotherapy in the prevention of toxicodendron (Rhus) dermatitis

Repository emulsion therapy


Sublingual drops/sublingual immunotherapy.


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