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Vaccines cause food allergies!!!

Vaccines are the direct cause for the deadly peanut allergy!!!

I'd like to scream it at the top of my lungs and have it so loud that everyone in the entire world has to listen for a minute. This is important!

  Why? Duh, I don't know of anyone with a fatal food allergy. Food allergies aren't a big deal anyways. There are other foods to eat. Duh. I don't know many people who even have food allergies... Duh.

Why is this important?!!?!!!!!

1. Doctors do not know what is in the vaccines that they are injecting into people! Haven't you ever found it strange that adults suddenly develop a severe shellfish allergy????

2. Vaccines directly cause food allergies! This is epidemic among young children who are getting far too many vaccinations!

3. People are being made allergic to basic foods. In third world countries just getting enough food to eat is important. A food allergy in a starving child is a major problem!

4. Food allergies are being used as a reason to develop genetically-engineered foods. We need a "safe" peanut to eat....

5. People scream about having warnings on food packages for people with food allergies. We need to scream about having the same warnings on vaccine and medicine labels.

6. The same argument was used in the food industry about disclosure of their secret recipes would give the competition an unfair advantage in copying their recipes. Why are we still allowing the pharmaceutical companies to have secret ingredients in products that we are injecting into newborn babies, our children, and us?!!!!

7. Food allergies are not a minor inconvenience in compared to the risk of getting the mumps. We are trading what is often a lifelong health problem with a childhood illness that is more of an inconvenience than a danger.

8. The vaccines do not work all that well. If they did, we wouldn't need so many boosters and the CDC would not have to push "herd immunity". (I think the herd means sheep. Follow the leader and don't think for yourself.) Every time you add another shot to the recommended number, you increase the number of food allergies and other adverse reactions.

9. Our children are our future! Children under 6-7 are the ones most affected because they are getting the most shots. We are giving them lifelong illnesses. We are also doing the same to our pets.

10. We are allowing mainstream medicine to lie to us. We are supposed to trust them blindly but they are deliberately lying to us. Do you really believe that our science is so backwards that they can't figure out what causes food allergies? Come on! We've sent a man to walk on the moon! We can look at live blood under the microscope! Look at the following quote:

  "In 1839, the French physiologist Francois Magendie (1783-1855), while investigating the effects of substances on living organisms, created allergylike symptoms in animals, and found that animals sensitized to egg white by injection died after a subsequent injection."

From The Complete Idiot's Guide to Food Allergies by Lee H. Freude, M.D., and Jeanne Rejaunier, Penguin Group, 2003, pg 14

Science has known since 1839 what causes food allergies.

Let's see.... 2009-1839 = 170 years. We have known the cause of food allergies for 170 years......

Let me repeat this:



So if your doctor starts pushing you to get a vaccination. Just tell him that as soon as he knows ALL the ingredients of the vaccine, then you will consider getting one.

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