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BioThrax - Anthrax

Every single listed ingredient causes problems. How many diseases are being caused by the body's natural immune response to a vaccine ingredient?

BioThrax is a vaccine indicated for the active immunization for the prevention of disease caused by Bacillus anthracis, in persons 18 through 65 years of age at high risk of exposure. The safety and efficacy of BioThrax in a post-exposure setting have not been established

aluminum hydroxide Contact sensitivity to noninjected aluminum is rare but most commonly occurs during the continual application of aluminum-containing antiperspirants. Aluminum allergy has been reported to be associated with an axillary rash[3] and with hand dermatitis.[4] The more typical route of sensitization, however, is via the absorption of aluminum through hyposensitization injections and vaccines
amino acids There can be a situation in which all amino acids are good except for one. That one amino acid can be a killer. We see this in celiac disease and in PKU. There are other situations in which the patient is allergic to a number of amino acids as in liver disease and kidney disease.
benzethonium chloride The anticipated finalization of the 1994 TFM will be accompanied by a review of the safety and efficacy of the quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), benzalkonium chloride and benzethonium chloride.  These active ingredients are listed as Category III drugs (available data are insufficient to classify as safe and effective, and further testing is required) in the 1994 TFM.  We submit that benzalkonium chloride and benzethonium chloride lack sufficient data to be classified as safe and effective when specifically used in leave-on (no rinse) products according to the 1994 TFM.  Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - Food and Drug Administration

Preservatives of the topical otic preparations such as benzethonium chloride (8.5%), benzalkonium chloride (6.3%) and thimerosal (merthiolate) (5.6%) were also common causes of allergic reactions.
chemically defined protein-free medium ?
formaldehyde An increasing number of cases of allergic contact dermatitis secondary to formaldehyde resins used for textile finishes have been seen in our office over the last several years.
inorganic salts Sensitivity to sulfites can develop at any time during a person's lifespan, with some initial reactions not showing up until a person has reached their forties or fifties. The manifestations of sulfite sensitivity include a large array of dermatological, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular symptoms. ...Sulfites are inorganic salts that have antioxidant and preservative properties. Many compounds capable of producing sulfite, called sulfiting agents, have been used as food additives since antiquity to help prevent enzymatic and nonenzymatic browning; control growth of microorganisms; act as bleaching agents, antioxidants, or reducing agents; and carry out various other technical functions (Sapers, 1993; Taylor, et al., 1986). Examples of sulfiting agents include sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfate, sodium and potassium bisulfites, and metabisulfites.
sodium chloride Here, we present a 37-year-old woman who developed an anaphylactic reaction to normal saline infusion during evaluation for her acute abdominal pain -
sugars symptoms of sucrose intolerance usually improve as the affected child ages. Disaccharide intolerance I is inherited as an autosomal recessive genetic trait. -
natural rubber latex Allergy to latex is an increasing health problem.
vitamins While it is more commonly accepted that a person can have an allergic reaction to prescription medications, many people don't realize that it also is possible to have an allergic reaction to vitamins. Both multivitamins and specific vitamins such as B and D can cause reactions in some people. The most common signs of a vitamin allergy include hives, facial swelling, skin irritation and vomiting, among others.

BioThrax Package Insert  Emergent BioSolutions

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