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Table of Contents
About Barb
School Programs
Kids' Comments
More Kids' Comments

"My life is a Vaudeville show." - BFGregory


Note: I have moved to Columbus, Ohio. Do not know when I will be performing again. 

Table of Contents  is a listing of the pages at Barb's Vaudeville

About Barb's Vaudeville  I enjoy entertaining people and doing multigenerational programs. The musical saw is always a hit. I had one woman at a nursing home come up to me and tell me that she was completely deaf - except - she could hear the musical saw. 

Barb's Instruments - I have a fun collection of folk instruments 

Songs & Poems  includes "Down by the Sewage Treatment Plant"  - my answer to Pat Dailey's songs about Put-in-Bay

Kid's Comments - Kids say the cutest things! Comments from some programs I did in the grade schools

More Kid's Comments 

Children's Programs - I no longer do children's programs 

Stories - from performing over the years....

Tabs - I've tabbed quite a bit of dulcimer music for the public domain - also available at the yahoo group "Public Domain Dulcimer". And I owned a marxolin and tabbed some music for it. Also there's a little fiddle and hammer dulcimer music.



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