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Ohio Buckeye Dowsers Harvey Lislemeets in Richfield, Ohio. We have great potlucks and love to talk! We dowse for water, banish ghosts, dowse energy lines, and more.  Come join us! You'll learn how to dowse then you can say you have something in common with Albert Einstein!
Barb's Metaphysical Blog  - I used to believe in science. Now I know better....
Dowsing is alive and well in Ohio! Need someone to dowse a well? We have an interest in all things metaphysical, have great meetings, and love to eat! We meet in Richfield, Ohio. yahoo group
Anastasia Ringing
Cedars of the World
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This group sends notices and reminders about free or inexpensive psychic happenings in the Columbus area. Also we send out a daily encouraging message about using thought energy for self healing. yahoo group
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