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Barb's Folk Music Blog - Started a new blog March 2013 when yahoo deleted my other blog...
Barb's Instruments- Appalachian dulcimers Autoharp, Bamboo recorder; Banjo Banjo-uke; Bodhran; Bongo; Boom-bah; Bones; Bugle; Catspaws; Chicken squawkers; Circular "rain stick"; Clavinova; Conga drums; Diddley bow; Didgeridoo; Dum dum; Dumbecks; Egg shakers; Fiddle; Fife; Finger cymbals; Flexatone; Garden hose instruments; Guitar;  Hammer dulcimer; Jaw harp; Jug; Kazoo; Keyboard;  Limberjacks; Lummi sticks; Mandolin; Maracas; Marxolin; Mouth bow; Musical saw; Native American drums; Nose flute; Ooney can;   Piano; Popgun; Rasp-2; Rain stick; Slide whistle; Spoons; Stumpf fiddle; Tambourine; Thumb piano; Tin can shakers; Tin whistle; UkuleleWashboards
Barb's Vaudeville - Bestmusical saw in the area! LOL !!
Dulcimer Clubs - Whoever would have thought that this odd but easy-to-play folk instrument would have a revival. Here's three of them. Two in Columbus on one in Norwalk, Ohio.
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I have a yahoo group for sharing the Appalachian dulcimer music I have arranged.
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