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This website just contains interesting links and references that I have found and wanted to keep available for future reference. Easier to save on a website than in a filing cabinet!

I keep adding pages as I find interesting information about things. I had subscribed to three different health newsletters. I found that the getting the junk mail from my name being sold to other lists was better than the newsletters that I paid for. The best information is in the advertising booklets that promoted the newsletters. If I find something that interests me, I search the Internet to see if I can find more information on the subject. 

If you read nothing else, I suggest that you start with Acidosis. I believe we have an epidemic of low level acidosis which causes a multitude of health problems.

"Although common practice, it is farfetched to call the body's normal response to the accumulation of toxic wate matter and decomposing cell material a disease."

- page x, The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz

I knew artificial sweeteners were not really food. I didn't like the aftertaste. Some things that I ate with them in them made me feel "off". Can't really describe it. Never had any really bad side effects. But I do question the addictive qualities of these foods. Ever be around someone who drinks warm diet pop for breakfast and has to have some around all day long?

Autism was something that you might have read about when I was growing up. I recently worked in an office of about 25 people where three of the people had children suffering from autism. It isn't genetic. It is something in the environment that is relatively new to mankind that is causing it. Probably the ridiculous number of shots that we give to small children.

We are a country where the "normal" person is somewhat constipated . When I went to a "holistic" doctor who told me that it was "OK" to have a bowel movement every three days, I knew it was time to find a better holistic physician.

I had digestive problems for a great deal of my life. Kept looking for a food that was causing it when the cause was emotional not physical. But the digestive supplements helped get me through it.

I recently added the pages on dentistry . Seems that toothpaste is not the best thing to clean our teeth. And when I read the information, I did realize that, yes, toothpaste does coat my teeth. I'm over 55 and I ate tons of sugar, didn't have fluoridated water as a child or the "swish-swish" program of dousing my teeth with fluoride at school. I only got cavities very recently. I wanted to know why and I found some answers that make sense. And it wasn't my oral hygiene program, either. Gums were inflamed, too.

What causes eating disorders? In my case it was mostly emotional and functional hypoglycemia. Eating badly perpetuates itself and causes low blood sugar which makes one crave more junk food. And the stuff that is put into the food also makes one crave it.

I'm still deciding about grains as being a problem . I went on a grainfree diet for a month. Can't say I felt any differently. But I have tested the acidity of my urine in the morning using pH strips . After eating alot of bread at dinner, the next morning the pH of my urine is very acidic. And you know what!! Our WATER is ACIDIC from the tap!

The history time line that I have on this site is probably one of the most interesting pages. How can all these diseases be genetic if our great grandparents didn't also suffer from them? Obviously they can't. Autism, heart disease, macular degeneration, cancer, asthma... were not prevalent in the early 1900's. So what happened? Look at the time line and you can see many of the changes that occurred. Vaccines, plastic, artificial sweeteners, food additives, highly refined foods, sugar consumption increased, TV, computers, (couch potatoes) and the list goes on and on.

"Unsafe treatments sometimes continue to be used, because doctors are embarrassed to admit they were wrong!"

- Dr. Joseph Mercola's eHealthy News You Can Use

Junk science and Lies and statistics go hand in hand. The statistics on flu to scare people into getting flu shots makes you wonder about all the other medical statistics. Are they real or just scare tactics to sell drugs and medical treatment? Many doctors believe the data. But we are given someone's interpretation of the data. If we read the original studies ourselves, we may come up with totally different conclusions. Click here and read about the very expensive junk study designed to prove vitamin E does not work to prevent prostate cancer . They used synthetic vitamin E!

I've developed some low back pain . So what is causing it? Obsessing about money according to Louise Haye. Probably right in my case.  Lack of exercise and poor posture, too.   

There is no doubt about it, magnetic therapy does work. I've have a friend who is very crippled and the magnets have given her a great deal of relief.

There is an obesity epidemic in this country. I don't blame computers and more butt sitting although that may play a small part. When I feel good, I HAVE to get up and move around. The more junk food I eat, the less I feel like moving. I think the epidemic is caused by the changed made to the types of food that we eat and there are plenty!

I have had two major experiences with ventless heating that were bad. One was a dear elderly friend lived in a downstairs apartment. The upstairs tenant, in an effort to save on his heating bill, turned down the heat and was using a kerosene space heater. The fumes from the heater dropped into the apartment below. My friend nearly died and spent nearly a week in the hospital recovering.