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20+ FREE on-line health quizzes: CFS, Lead toxicity, Mercury, Nutrisweet, Allergies, Candida, Splenda
Asthma: What is causing the asthma epidemic? Answer: Tylenol and antibiotics...
Barb's Health Blog Interesting things I have found about health
Columbus DIY Health  - I've been studying alternative health as a hobby for over 30 years. There is no doubt about it, if you take care of your health, you will save on medical bills. I learned about nutrition, emotional freedom technique, applied kinesiology, hypnosis, computerized electro dermal screening, and more.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Tell him/her they CAN get well! I had CFS in 2002. It started earlier than that and gradually got worse and worse. I was too tired to do much of anything and had many of the other symptoms, so I spent months researching everything on the Internet and public library on CFS and I put it ALL on this website.
Computerized Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS) I first came across this equipment when it was being used experimentally by a chiropractor who had a TWO YEAR waiting list.  Dr. Mercola talks about this equipment on his website.
Electrocute Illness - Home treatments using electricity to heal. Did you notice that testimonials have disappeared from the web? I salvaged some of them. I like to read testimonials. The zapper, Bob Beck's devices, and the Scenar are all on this site.
Food - When I find a good book or website related to food...
Healing Autism - A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Autism, Autoimmune, and Other Neurological Disorders,   Willis S. Langford   Copyright November 1999-2011 - He has an amazing amount of information in this free book.
Holistic Health Information - interesting links to websites, quotes from books, and info from junk mail about various health topics. I have a timeline that you might find interesting. 
Pro-vax rebuttals - Crunchy mom growing up unvaccinated, "proof" that vaccines don't cause autism, unvaxed cause measles outbreaks, etc.
Tolerance Lost - Dr. Andrew Moulden's video transcribed. Other videos and writings by him. Vaccinations cause ministrokes and blood sludging. He said we are drinking the wrong kind of water. So I investigated water and live blood analysis.
Vaccinations are the main cause of food allergies and many other allergies.
Vaccine Miscellaney - Anti vax posters. Reasons to avoid vaccines. Lies, corruption, and brain washing. Graphs.
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