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4th of July Celebration



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Sandusky has a 4th of July Celebration in the downtown parks. There were a variety of stands and people.

4th_of1.jpg (85456 bytes)

Snake likes being petted...

4th_of2.jpg (23363 bytes)

Anyone for petting cockroaches?

4th_of3.jpg (47985 bytes)

Kids get to play with science

4th_of4.jpg (76816 bytes)

Lyme Village had a blacksmith demonstrating his craft

4th_of5.jpg (126247 bytes)

Edgar Shelly and friend making music for Lyme Village

4th_of6.jpg (119714 bytes)

A couple of re-enactors on the right

4th_of7.jpg (106166 bytes)

Health Care for All Now

4th_of8.jpg (94913 bytes)

Support the troops! Bring them home!

4th_of9.jpg (126635 bytes)

Checking out the time

4th_of10.jpg (83856 bytes)

Plant sale

4th_of11.jpg (81982 bytes)

King Baer displayed his truck

4th_of12.jpg (71921 bytes)

Hot Dog Dave

4th_of13.jpg (82660 bytes) 4th_of14.jpg (83578 bytes)

Funnel Cakes

4th_of15.jpg (51279 bytes)

Singaro Grotto Clowns

4th_of16.jpg (95331 bytes)

Pop N Kernal Kettle Corn, Huron Ohio

4th_of17.jpg (96273 bytes)

Sno Kones, Melissa Ministries

4th_of18.jpg (114773 bytes)

Project Dialogue & Human Relations Committee

4th_of19.jpg (87901 bytes)

D-Rays Barbeque

4th_of20.jpg (79238 bytes)

Sandusky Lions Club, Crazy Craft Regatta

4th_of21.jpg (81026 bytes)

Elect Sparky Weilnau

4th_of22.jpg (81430 bytes)

Ed Klimczak Music played polkas

4th_of23.jpg (52797 bytes)

Photography contest in Adams Junior High cafeteria

4th_of24.jpg (36081 bytes)

Listening to the concert in the park

4th_of25.jpg (108515 bytes)

Pony cart rides

4th_of26.jpg (89894 bytes)

Running into old friends and chatting

4th_of27.jpg (110169 bytes)

Enderle for State Representative

4th_of28.jpg (74629 bytes)

Food stands!

4th_of29.jpg (123600 bytes)

Erie County Democratic Party

4th_of30.jpg (84855 bytes)

Arc of Erie County

4th_of31.jpg (100976 bytes)

Boy with the boot fountain

4th_of32.jpg (103535 bytes)

Selling jewelry

 Tall ships were down at Battery Park

4th_of33.jpg (78905 bytes) 4th_of34.jpg (59124 bytes) 4th_of35.jpg (73844 bytes) 4th_of36.jpg (60480 bytes)
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