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Mulberry Creek Herb Fair 6/24/06



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Mulberry Creek Herb Farm
3312 Bogart Road,    Huron, Ohio 44839
Phone: (419) 433-6126   Fax: (419) 433-6126

I attending the 2006 Herb Fair on Saturday. These are pictures of the various vendors, gardens, and entertainment. This year the theme was South Africa.

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Guilda Leclerc Altman, Chez Elle Studio, 2707 Boos Road, Huron, OH 44839, (419)433-2953, email chezell@accsandusky.com. Guilda does wonderful inspirational art. Her husband Dave makes gourd drums and percussion instruments that she decorates.

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Tao's Chinese Medicine was like watching a dance. Tao was graceful moving and adjusting the client on the table. Mark Langdon of Mulberry Creek Herb Farm looks exhausted but content and relaxed in the last picture.

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I enjoyed looking at the wind catchers at the stand owned by Carole Shairba of Finders-Keepers. She sells regularly at Jamie's Flea market, Rt 113, South Amherst, Ohio, Booths 39, 62, & 63 East Bldg. Every Wed & Sat 0 8 to 4. Phone: 440-324-6002 Email: caroles@eriecoast.com. I needed a present and I bought a blue jay wind catcher. 

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So much to see. Vendors in the barn, free workshops, greenhouse had a large variety of organically grown herbs for sale.

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Jim Hemminger in the picture on the right was visiting from California. 

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What a beautiful garden!

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Corn is "knee-high by the 4th of July!"

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The African Dance Performance was wonderful! Costume dancer Sogbety Diomand  of the Ivory Coast came out dressed as a leopard, danced, and did flips. Then later he performed on stilts.

herb_f36.jpg (77774 bytes) herb_f79.jpg (70604 bytes) Larry ? and David Altman joined in and drummed, too. herb_f41.jpg (25933 bytes)
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The audience could not help but join in and dance and clap. Tao danced and delighted the audience! herb_f38.jpg (42476 bytes) herb_f39.jpg (92790 bytes)
I tried the chocolate cinnamon with crystallized ginger ice cream made by Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream of Rocky River. It was quite good. Sogbety Diomand of the Ivory Coast who was entertaining took a break in the shade. Karen Langdon's sister and ? also came to the fair.
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The watercolor prints at one stand caught my eye particularly. The artist is Patricia Adelman of Camden, South Carolina. Her parents sell her art and run Treaster's Tree Farm, 13184 Gore-Orphanage Road, Wakeman, OH 44889 (216) 965-7411
herb_f86.jpg (33500 bytes) I liked this one of "Rabon's Grocery", Lugoff, South Carolina. herb_f88.jpg (73864 bytes) This one of the junk car I really liked, too. 
herb_f89.jpg (73445 bytes) herb_f90.jpg (95590 bytes) herb_f87.jpg (67788 bytes) The artist has also gotten into pottery and enjoys making masks.
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