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Sandusky Pictures 6/20/06



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Views from the Firelands Community Hospital parking garage

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downto9.jpg (88040 bytes) downto10.jpg (77281 bytes) The new construction is the Cancer Center for the hospital. You can see the Cedar Point roller coasters in the 8th picture. 

Pictures of the Washington Street Parks

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Early Indian village of Ogontz; also French and British trading post.

1816 - platted as town of Portland; English version of Indian name, "San Dus Tee," adopted in 1818.

First Connecticut settlers arrived in 1917. 1848 - influx of refugees from German political revolution. 

Home of Jay Cooke who financed Civil War. Strategic area in War of 1812. 

Perry's Victory, Battle of Lake Erie in 1913 won American sovereignty of Great Lakes.

Presented 1953 - Ohio Sesquicentennial

The Register Star News Founded 1822


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Dedicated in memory of those early aviation pioneers "The Early Birds" 

Between the years 1910-1917, aviators Weldon B. Cooke and Tom W. Benoist had aeroplane factories and flying schools in Sandusky which had a very important part in early aviation. Also, aeroplane engines, manufactured in Sandusky by the Roberts Aviation Motor Company, were used throughout the world. 

To these pioneers and others who helped produce and fly these early aircraft, we do herein give honor. 

Awarded by The Sandusky Chamber of Commerce, Sandusky, Ohio, August 17, 1958

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As part of 

"The Firelands of Ohio" Erie County

...had its origin in the Revolutionary War.

 Connecticut towns were burned in the historic raids of Benedict Arnold and British General Tryon.

 500,000 acres in the Western Reserve were awarded by the Connecticut Assembly in 1792 to indemnify the fire-sufferers, therefore known as "The Firelands"; consisting of what is now Huron and Erie Counties, plus Ruggles and Danbury Townships. 

Originally part of Huron county, organized 1811, first courthouse at Ft. Avery; County of Erie formed in 1938.

Presented 1953 - Ohio Sesquicentennial

The Register Star News Founded 1822


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Garden clock.

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Boy with the boot fountain

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Closer view of the Boy with the Boot.

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Can rent the flower mound for a special event

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Erie County Firefighters Memorial

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The Erie County Office Building

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The Red Wagon

The Red Wagon has been a fixture in the downtown parks for many years.  downto33.jpg (98185 bytes) downto30.jpg (58730 bytes)

View of Columbus Avenue

Pictures taken while walking Sandusky's Waterfront

Views from the Jackson Street Pier

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Mack Iron Works, highrise, 3 pics of Shoreline Park, Senior highrise, SYC

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