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"Numerous exotic instruments have been used by dowsers including scissors, pliers, crowbars, and even German sausages. " - George P. Hansen

"Consider the variety of implements that have been employed to dowse: pencils, scissors, pliers, welding rods, jewelry, candles, seashells, needles, bent coat hangers, crowbars, guns, whale or shark bones, barbed wire, clothes, water "bobbers," feathers, "aura" meters, cut tree or shrub branches — even thumbs, fingers, hands, or feet (i.e., no instruments at all). (Taken from various issues of The American Dowser, 1974-1979.)"

"The primary tool is the mind of the dowser. Instruments and tools merely act like the needle on a gauge, showing in a kinesthetic way the answer to the questioner."

"If nothing else is handy get a fishing pole to use as a "bobber" and hold it by the thin end so the weighty end is out."