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Willey accepts four basic methods of dowsing:

(1) Field Dowsing — the "traditional" use of dowsing which involves locating water, objects, and so forth on a given terrain. This is called "witching the area";

(2) Remote Dowsing — "witching the area" is not required in this approach. Instead, the dowser locates the target from a distance of up to several miles;

(3) Map Dowsing — the dowser locates the target using a map or sketch, often accompanied by the use of an occult pendulum. There are no distance limits here, since the dowser can supposedly locate his or her target even 10,000 miles away;

(4) Information Dowsing — the dowser obtains needed information on any subject with neither space nor time limits. Willey observes that "information dowsing not only saves time, but can aid greatly to increase the scope of the dowsing process."

(Raymond C. Willey, Modern Dowsing: The Dowser's Handbook (Sedona, AZ: Esoteric Publications, 1978), 59.)