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Emotional Freedom Technique is non-invasive, quick, and very effective. It does not replace going to a trained medical professional but is a very useful technique to learn. It will enhance the effectiveness of standard medical treatment. 

Dr. Mercola uses it daily in his medical practice and he has many articles on his website about EFT and its successes:

Even Mild Depression Shortens Your Life "I've found energy psychology tools, like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), can be very useful to battle the dual effects of stress and depression. ..."

Thought Field Therapy: A Revolutionary Form of Psychotherapy on an Energetic Level - "Although this article discusses TFT, I believe that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is FAR superior. ...Clients are delighted to be relieved of their emotional problems so quickly, especially because the process is painless and long-lasting. ...Although TFT doesn't work for every problem in every person, two recent studies have shown treatment success rates of well over 90% for a wide variety of psychological problems -- anxiety, panic, fears of all types, traumas, painful memories, grief, addictive urges, and depression, just to name a few.  ...Many TFT practitioners, treat fears, traumas, and many other conditions daily with TFT with a success rate that surpasses all other forms of psychotherapy. The treatments, which quickly rebalance the body's energy system, are so robust and on line with reality that neither the therapist nor the client have to believe in the treatments for them to work." 

Simple Solutions to Overcome Your Emotional Intensity - "Most everyone experiences moments of complete and utter frustration--whether it's work-related, family oriented or an issue with a friend. And most of the time, this frustration leads to compulsory complaining, or griping, which involves a great deal of emotional intensity from both the "gripers" standpoint, as well as the listener's.  ...While this can be a stressful situation for all concerned, hope is found in an effective technique that helps eliminate and harmonize emotional intensity: The energy psychology tool Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)..."

New Method For Depression Often Works Where Nothing Else Will - "Clearing lifelong depression with EFT"

New Method For Parents Helps Children Clear Negative Emotions Early - "As a parent how often have you wished that you could make your child's sadness, upsets and fears just disappear? Is your child being teased or bullied ... leaving him or her with damaged self-esteem and a compromised sense of safety?" 


The information contained herein is intended for educational purposes only.

BE AWARE: The electrodermal testing devices have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") for assessment of nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, the presence of toxins, Candida, Epstein Barr virus, or the weakness of organs and glands. Use of the device for these purposes is inconsistent with FDA approval. The galvanic skin response device  is a Class II device that may be used for lie detection and for biofeedback.

There are no generally accepted completed clinical studies which demonstrate that the electrodermal testing devices are effective when used to assess for nutritional deficiencies, the presence of toxins, food allergies, Candida, Epstein Barr virus, and the strength or weakness of organs and glands.

Your child's exposure to lead or heavy metals cannot be determined solely through electrodermal testing.

You should not make decisions about your or your child's health and nutritional needs from information obtained solely through electrodermal testing.

You are to discuss all CEDS recommendations with your health care provider before implementing any of them. Further, that any recommended dietary changes or dietary supplements based partly on the results of electrodermal testing should all be discussed with your family physician before implementing any of them.

There are medical tests for many, if not all of the issues that  respondents use electrodermal testing to assess, and  you are strongly encouraged to confirm the exposures identified through standard medical testing if you or your family physician feel that it is necessary. I make no claims that the screenings find anything other than energy imbalances or that the energized water or other products actually do anything other than help balance energy.

You and God are the only ones who can heal you.