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Mineral Deficiency Symptoms Quiz

QUIZ DISCLAIMER: These are for fun and educational purposes only. They cannot be used to diagnose anything. If you find you answer, "yes" to very many questions, print out the page and head straight to your medical professional!

This quiz helps determine how many symptoms you have.
Calcium Deficiency Symptoms
1. Brittle nails No Yes
2. Cramps No Yes
3. Delusions No Yes
4. Depression No Yes
5. Insomnia No Yes
6. Irritability No Yes
7. Osteoporosis No Yes
8. Palpitations No Yes
9. Periodontal disease No Yes
10. Rickets No Yes
11. Tooth decay No Yes
Chromium Deficiency Symptoms
12. Anxiety No Yes
13. Fatigue No Yes
14. Glucose intolerance No Yes
15. Adult-onset diabetes No Yes
Copper Deficiency Symptoms
16. Anemia No Yes
17. Arterial damage No Yes
18. Depression No Yes
19. Diarrhea No Yes
20. Fatigue No Yes
21. Fragile bone No Yes
22. Hair loss No Yes
23. Hyperthyroidism No Yes
24. Weakness No Yes
Iodine Deficiency Symptoms
25. Cretinism, No Yes
26. Fatigue No Yes
27. Hypothyroidism No Yes
28. Weight gain No Yes
Iron Deficiency Symptoms
29. Anemia No Yes
30. Brittle nails No Yes
31. Confusion No Yes
32. Constipation No Yes
33. Depression No Yes
34. Dizziness No Yes
35. Fatigue No Yes
36. Headaches No Yes
37. Inflamed tongue No Yes
38. Mouth lesions No Yes
Magnesium Deficiency
39. Anxiety No Yes
40. Confusion No Yes
41. Heart Attack No Yes
42. Hyperactivity No Yes
43. Insomnia No Yes
44. Nervousness No Yes
45. Muscular irritability No Yes
46. Restlessness No Yes
47. Weakness No Yes
Manganese Deficiency
48. Atherosclerosis No Yes
49. Dizziness No Yes
50. Elevated cholesterol No Yes
51. Glucose intolerance No Yes
52. Hearing loss No Yes
53. Loss of muscle control No Yes
54. Ringing in ears No Yes
Potassium Deficiency
55. Acne No Yes
56. Constipation No Yes
57. Depression No Yes
58. Edema No Yes
59. Excessive water consumption No Yes
60. Fatigue No Yes
61. Glucose intolerance No Yes
62. High cholesterol levels No Yes
63. Insomnia No Yes
64. Mental impairment No Yes
65. Muscle weakness No Yes
66. Nervousness No Yes
67. Poor reflexes No Yes
Selenium Deficiency
68. Growth impairment No Yes
69. High cholesterol levels No Yes
70. Increased incidence of cancer No Yes
71. Pancreatic insufficiency (inability to secrete adequate amounts of digestive enzymes) No Yes
72. Immune impairment No Yes
73. Liver impairment No Yes
74. Male sterility No Yes
Zinc Deficiency
75. Acne No Yes
76. Amnesia No Yes
77. Apathy No Yes
78. Brittle nails No Yes
79. Delayed sexual maturity No Yes
80. Depression No Yes
81. Diarrhea No Yes
82. Eczema No Yes
83. Fatigue No Yes
84. Growth impairment No Yes
85. Hair loss No Yes
86. High cholesterol levels No Yes
87. Immune impairment No Yes
88. Impotence No Yes
89. Irritability No Yes
90. Lethargy No Yes
91. Loss of appetite No Yes
92. Loss of sense of taste No Yes
93. Low stomach acid No Yes
94. Male infertility No Yes
95. Memory impairment No Yes
96. Night blindness No Yes
97. Paranoia No Yes
98. White spots on nails No Yes
99. Wound healing impairment No Yes



The information contained herein is intended for educational purposes only.

BE AWARE: The electrodermal testing devices have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") for assessment of nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, the presence of toxins, Candida, Epstein Barr virus, or the weakness of organs and glands. Use of the device for these purposes is inconsistent with FDA approval. The galvanic skin response device  is a Class II device that may be used for lie detection and for biofeedback.

There are no generally accepted completed clinical studies which demonstrate that the electrodermal testing devices are effective when used to assess for nutritional deficiencies, the presence of toxins, food allergies, Candida, Epstein Barr virus, and the strength or weakness of organs and glands.

Your child's exposure to lead or heavy metals cannot be determined solely through electrodermal testing.

You should not make decisions about your or your child's health and nutritional needs from information obtained solely through electrodermal testing.

You are to discuss all CEDS recommendations with your health care provider before implementing any of them. Further, that any recommended dietary changes or dietary supplements based partly on the results of electrodermal testing should all be discussed with your family physician before implementing any of them.

There are medical tests for many, if not all of the issues that  respondents use electrodermal testing to assess, and  you are strongly encouraged to confirm the exposures identified through standard medical testing if you or your family physician feel that it is necessary. I make no claims that the screenings find anything other than energy imbalances or that the energized water or other products actually do anything other than help balance energy.

You and God are the only ones who can heal you.