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George Feick Jr
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From the book Building America, A History of the Family Feick (Feik-Fike) by Anita Gundlach Feick, pages 256-257

George Feick, Jr. worked in Minneapolis as an architect with Purcell, Feick & Elmslie from 1903 to 1913. They designed modern buildings and were widely recognized. They were often mentioned in Architectural resource books. At this same time Frank Lloyd Wright was also innovating. George, Jr. was influenced by oriental design but most of their "famous" buildings are modern commercial ones, with a few innovative houses on the side - from Cape Cod to the West. None of these involved Feick Builders. To our knowledge, he did not design and also construct an buildings under G. Feick Sons, though he may have helped in the design of some. There are no records. 

George Feick III grew up at 426 Franklin street in Sandusky and remembers with glee the "forbidden" storage sheds at the rear of the lot, where he played when he could get away with it. 

George Feick & Sons did little building after the 1929 crash. George Feick Jr. did some work at Farrell-Cheek Foundry, an addition or renovation, and George Feick, Sr. did some remodeling. George Sr. had extensive real estate holdings. He built several houses in the Central Avenue-Monroe Street area and around 426 Franklin Street. He built a house for each of his children. George Feick Jr. completely remodeled and restored (including a wonderful ceiling) the 1421 Columbus Avenue place where they moved ca. 1933-4.

Gus Feick and George Jr. both attended Cornell. Gus was a salesman, George recalls. And as he recalls, after George Sr. died his wife Minnie lived alone but Olga and Clara as well as George, Jr. remained in Sandusky. Apparently George, Jr. ran the business end of the sons, and managed the extensive holdings (real estate) of George, Sr. When Sr. died, the real estate became owned by the George Feick Heirs, with management retained by George Feick Jr. the only remaining piece now (1983) is the Feick Building on Market Street. Ernestine Feick Henderson married a Cleveland man and we're a bit vague about what he did. George III does not remember his Uncle Emil at all. Remember that his father was in business for 17 years before George III was born. He is a lot younger than his cousins. He mainly recalls coming home for noon dinner. His father was very active in civic affairs and his happiest non-civic activity was the Men's Literary Club.

Apparently George Feick Sr. was a real perfectionist. George recalls his father's tale: George Feick Jr. agreed to make a chest for a friend for a set price. Upon completion, George Sr. Looked at it, said it wasn't good enough for the money and made the price lower. George Jr. was apparently quite upset by this happening to remember it and to relate the tale to his son years later. It is too bad but George recalls little of his grandparents. They did not spend holidays with them or many casual visits.  

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