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Adam Feick
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1832 - 1893 Johann Adam Feick (Adam)

Back in Steinau, three of the older children of Johann Philip Feick, another son of Johann Conrad Feick, spent much time talking and dreaming about coming to Ohio. The decision was finally made and it was just a matter of finding the finances to make the trip. while waiting to save enough money, they planted three pine trees near the Feick homstead. These trees, planted by Johann Philipp, Johann Adam, and Elizabeth Catharina are still growing in the filed next to the house. They are (in 1982) approximately 134 years old. 

The first one to come to Sandusky was Johann Philipp Feick, the oldest son, who arrived here in Sandusky in 1849. In Sandusky he obtained a job working as a carpenter for Adam Bauer. Adam Bauer was a cousin of Philip's being the son of Anna Katharina Feick and her husband Johann Philipp Bauer who had come to Crestline in 1836. In 1852 Johann Adam Feick followed his brother to Sandusky. He, too, worked for Adam Bauer as a carpenter. 

The third Feick from this family to emigrate was Elizabetha Catharina who came to Ohio in 1854, two years after her brother Adam. She went to Crestline to live and it is supposed she lived with her uncles and aunts there. In 1856 she married Johann Boehm, a young man born in a neighboring village in Germany and now living in Galion, Ohio. She died in Galion in 1865 after having born three children: a son and two daughters.

About the year 1856, Adam Bauer went out of the business of building and into the wine and grocery business. At this time Philip and Adam Feick began taking building jobs on their own. Philip Feick married Johanna Karolina Steuk on 17 July 1856. Three years later Adam was wed to Johanna Fulton (Foldau) and began advertising his building abilities in the local newspapers. feick_13.jpg (20694 bytes)

Then years after Adam married, in 1866, his youngest brother arrived from Germany. Johann George had been living in Frankish-Crumbach since the death of the mother and had been apprenticed to a local builder. He was 17 years old when he arrived in Sandusky full of ambition. Here he spent several more years working for his brother, Adam Feick, and learning much more about the carpentry trade. George was a man of ambition, vision and energy. He was the spark, the driving force, behind the firm of Adam Feick & Bro. which came into being in 1872. Adam was the steadying influence, the one who tempered the driving ambition of the younger brother. (Adam had all his pictures taken from the side. His other eye was blinded in an accident.)

When George left Germany he brought with him a cousin, a daughter of his Uncle Georg Feick of Steinau. She was coming to be with her sister in Crestline, Ohio, and the family did not want her to travel alone. As they also did not want the two young people to be gossiped about aboard ship, as they would have been were it known they were two young cousins traveling together, they traveled across as brother and sister. A year or so later she married Frederick Beach in Crestline. The sister she had come to join was already married to Adam Eckstein of Crestline. 

Adam Feick had acquired an excellent reputation for skillful, durable, and honest workmanship. He had been building good sturdy homes in the Sandusky area and when he and George formed the firm of A. Feick & Bro. this reputation stood them in good stead. The firm was a success from the start. The two brothers were a good match, one with big dreams and one a steadying influence to keep these dreams within bounds. The firm filled many, many large contracts of note, erecting many large and handsome structures throughout the state of Ohio and into other states.

Only a few of the buildings constructed by the firm of A. Feick & Bro. can be listed, in fact, only a few of the buildings constructed by any of the Feicks can be listed for the list would cover far, far too many pages! Some things they constructed in the 1880's and 1890's are the Pitt-Cooke home on W. Washington St., Zion Lutheran Church, the German Lutheran School (which was attended by Johan Adam Feick and probably his sisters), the Cooke block on Market Street, Osborn School, Campbell School, Erie County Jail, buildings at the Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Home (now the Veterans' Home), railroad stations at Sandusky and Painesville, St. Mary's Church, the State Capitol Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the Castalia rail station, and homes too numerous to mention. They were masters at the art of building stone buildings, and utilized the blue limestone Sandusky was known for.  

from History of the Western Reserve - Upton- Vol III, p. 1371

Adam Feick

German industry and thrift were largely in evidence in the upbuilding of Sandusky, and foremost among the contractors and builders who erected many of the city's finest residences and most important business blocks was Adam Feick, head of the firm of Adam Feick & Co. which was in existence for many years.

Born and reared in Darmstad, Germany, a son of Phillip Feick, Adam Feick left the fatherland September 21, 1852, resolving in his mind to secure for himself a part of the good fortune awaiting those who ventured into the newer territories of America. Immigrating to the United States, he came directly to Ohio, locating in Sandusky, where for a while he worked at his trade of a carpenter and joiner as a journeyman, winning an excellent reputation for skillful, durable and honest workmanship. When ready to embark in business on his own account, he formed a partnership with his brother, George Feick, under the firm name of Adam Feick & Bro. Successful from the first, this firm subsequently filled many contracts of note, having charge of the erection of many large and handsome structures. After the death of the senior member of this firm, Adam Feick, which occurred March 9, 1893, the business was continued by his brother George.

Mr. Feick married, in Sandusky, January 8, 21859, Johanna Fulton, who was born in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, in 1841. a daughter of John Frederick Fulton. A native of Germany, born June 7, 1807, John F. Fulton emigrated from Wurtemberg, his native place, when young settling first in Pennsylvania. Coming to Ohio in 1843 with his family, he located in Hancock county, and was a resident of this state until his death April 24, 1881. In 1832, in Pennsylvania, Mr. Fulton married Magdalena Koli, and of the twelve children born to their union seven were living at the time of his death.

The union of Adam and Johanna (Fulton) Feick was blessed by the birth of ten children, namely: John Adam, born in Danbury, Ohio, in 1862; Ida Elizabeth, born in Sandusky, in 1863; Christina, died in infancy; also George, died at the age of one year, and Alford; Henrietta Katherine, born in Sandusky, April 1, 1869; Emma Helena, born March 3, 1871; Cora Wilhelmina, born July 22, 1873; Minnie Louisa, born March 4, 1874; and Lewis Alfred, born April 16, 1879.

John Adam Feick, who was graduated from St. Mary's Institute, and is now a contractor and builder, married, in 1884, Elizabeth Zipfel, and they have one son, John Charles. Ida E. Feick married John Mertz, a prosperous hardware merchant and a contractor, and their only child, Alma Louis, married, in 1908, Dr. D.D. Smith. Henrietta Katherine Feick married Louis Zerbe and has two children, Helen and Lawton; Emma Helena, wife of E.W. Odenbaugh, passenger agent on the Pennsylvania Railway, has two daughters, Mabel and Florence. Cora W. Feick married John F. Renner, a piano dealer. Minnie L. Feick, wife of W.C. Schaub, an insurance and real estate dealer, has four children, Corlouise, Fulton, Elizabeth, and Dorothy. Lewis Alfred Feick engaged in the laundry business in Sandusky, married Ada Bloker, and they have three children, Mary Lucille, Lewis W. And John Adam. The death of Mr. Feick occurred at his home in March 1893, and that of Mrs. Feick, November 17, 1908, the deaths of these estimable people being a great loss not only to the immediate family, but to the community, and more especially to the German Lutheran Church, in which both were active and faithful workers, Mr. Feick having served as elder and treasurer, and being a member of the vestry, while Mrs. Feick was a prominent member of the Humane Society connected with that church.

The children have recently torn down the residence, at the corner of Central and Adams Street, occupied by their parents for over forty years, and have erected a handsome nine-suite apartment building, which in honor of their parents they have named the A. Feick Flat.

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