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Johann Philipp Feick
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From the book Building America, A History of the Family Feick (Feik-Fike) by Anita Gundlach Feick, page 35

Johann Philipp Feick (1829-1907)

Johann Philipp Feick, the oldest son of Johann Philipp Feick and Elizabeth Catharine Klinger Feick, was born in Steinau, Hesse Darmstadt, on August 31, 1829. At the age of 20, in 1849, he came to the United States and settled in Sandusky. Before coming to the states, he, his brother Adam, and his sister Elizabeth, planted spruce trees on the Feick homestead in Steinau. (In 1981 these three trees are still standing.)

For seven years he worked for Adam Bauer, learning the carpentry trade. In 1856 he began his own contracting and building business from which he retired several years before his death. In his last years he lived with his daughter and son-in-law, Emma and Henry Hasselbach, on Campbell Street, they having built their home on a portion of Adam Feick's "farm".

On July 17, 1856 Johann Philipp was married to Johanna Karolina Steuk who was born January 9, 1834 in Jastrow, Prussia. The name is sometimes Anglicized to Anna Caroline. She was the daughter of Johann Steuk and Renate Mittelstaet, who were born in Prussia, moved to Poland and from there to Doneuvitz, Podolia, Russia, where Johann was a maker of cloth. At this time both Poland and Russia were making very attractive offers to the industrious Germans to come and settle in their countries and to bring their industrious ways with them. Johann Steuk died in 1852 and his wife Renate died in 1857. Anna Caroline had one sister who married and stayed in Russia and also one brother William Edward Steuk who came to Sandusky with his wife and children. It is to be assumed that William Edward Steuk brought with him his young sister Johanna to help with the children on the voyage and also because Russia was becoming very unfriendly to their German immigrants.

Johann Philipp and Anna Carline were married by their Zion Lutheran Church pastor, Rev. Dornbirer. Five children were born of this union but only the daughter survived infancy. Emma Louise Renate married Heinrich (Henry) Hasselbach, a painter, on December 3rd, 1880 and Rev. Jacob Dornbirer of Zion Lutheran Church performed the ceremony. They built a home at 305 Campbell Street (now 1401) on land that they purchased from J. Philipp Feick's brother Adam. The house stands on the corner of Campbell Street and Polk Street. J. Philipp Feick was a carpenter and builder but the loss of four sons was difficult and often his brothers Adam and George finished jobs that he had started.

Emma and Henry Hasselbach had one son, Alexander, born in 1881. Alexander was a bookkeeper, not married, and died very young, at age 20 of peritonitis. This branch of the family died with Alexander.

The graves of Uncle Philip and his wife Johanna tell a sad story. Four tiny identical monuments marking the graves of their four tiny sons. In front of these small graves lie Philip and Johanna with the graves of H. Hasslebach and Emma L. Feick on each side of their only son Alexander.



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