Gundlach Family Tree

Family Trees for Edward and Anita Feick family,

Carl & Anna Gundlach, Franz & Anna Schlottag of Sandusky, Ohio

  Donald and Carrie Gregory of Conneaut, Ohio

Gundlach Sheet Metal

Gundlach Genealogy  - Anna Schlottag appears on the Feick family tree that goes back to Steinau, Germany see Feick History

Carl and Anna lived at 234 Finch Street, Sandusky, Ohio for most of their lives.

Carl Martin Gundlach(1888-1969) m. Anna Schlottag (1889-1961)
Carl & Anna - 4 children
Doris Mary Gundach Giese (1914-deceased) Rev. HenryE. Giese (1893-1979)
Doris& Henry's 4 children
Theodore Paul Giese b.1944 Marilyn Younkin  Marilyn Younkin Giese
Ted & Marilyn's 3 children
Mary Kathryn Giese Hartley b.1971 Terry Hartley
Mary & Terry's children
Christopher Hartley  
Colan Hartley  
Caleb Hartley  
Connor Hartley  
Cole Hartley  
Judith Ann Giese Topping b.1972 Mike Topping
Judith and Mike's 3 children
Justin Topping  
Julie Topping  
Jarod Topping  
TimTimothy Paul Giese Cheryl
Tim & Cheryl's children
AvaAva Rose Giese  
GieseAdopted from Ethiopia  
Ruthea Anne Giese Haase Ruthea Anne Giese Haase b.1947 Frank Haase  Frank Haase
Ruthea & Frank's 3 children
John David Haase  (1971-1971)  
Ronald Matthew Haase b.1973 Glaucia
Ron & Glaucia's 3 children
Vitor Haase   
Steven Paul Haase   b.1975 Wendy
DavidDavid Allen Haase   b.1976 AlissaAlissa
BillWilliam John Henry Giese (Bill) b.1950 JeanneJeanne Fox Giese
Bill & Jeanne's 3 children
Jonathon Paul Giese b.1980  
Jeremy Giese  
Aaron Giese  
James Martin Giese  James Martin Giese (Jim) b.1953 Eileen Poff Giese  Eileen Poff Giese
Jim & Eileen's 2 children
Chad Martin Giese b.1973  
Bryan James Giese b.1976  
Wesley Fred Gundlach (1917-deceased) Evelyn CronenwettEvelyn Cronenwett Gundlach (1919-deceased)
Wesley & Evelyn's 2 children
Lynn Alfred GundlachLynn Alfred Gundlach (1941-deceased) Cleona Jean Southern Cleona Jean Southern Gundlach
Lynn & Jean's 4 children
Debra Lynn Gundlach Fannin b.1962 Paul Fannin
Debbie & Paul's child
Jeremy Fannin  
Terry GundlachTerry Gundlach b.1964 DianeDiane
Terry & Diane's 3 children
Matt GundlachMatt Gundlach  
Tyler GundlachTyler Gundlach  
 Rachel Gundlach  Rachel Gundlach  
ennifer GundlachJennifer Gundlach Downing Dennis Downing
Jennifer & Dennis's 2 children
Heather DowningHeather Downing  
Brandon DowningBrandon Downing  
E. Francis Gundlach  E. Francis Gundlach  Brooke  Brooke
Francis & Brooke's 1 child
Ashley Gundlach  
Lawrence Wesley Gundlach (Larry) (1945-1958) fell through the ice  
Daughter (1919-1919)  
Anita Anna GundlachAnita Anna Gundlach Feick (my mother - 1920-deceased) Edward FeickEdward Feick b.10/2/1920
See Feick Family Tree - 6 children
Charles William Gundlach II (Chuck) (1924-deceased) Rose Marie Warner Gundlach (deceased)
Chuck & Rose's 3 children
Charles William Gundlach IIICharles William Gundlach III, b.1946 Edith Schoewe Gundlach Edith Schoewe Gundlach
Chuck and Edy's 2 children
Charles William Gundlach, IV (Bill) b.1972 Marney Zell Gundlach
Bill & Marney's 2 children
Will Gundlach(CWG V)  
Rebecca Gundlach  
Brian Michael GundlachBrian Michael Gundlach, b.1974 Mira Carrigg GundlachMira Carrigg Gundlach
Roger Roger Gundlach, b.1950 DebDeborah Susan Roehrs Gundlach
Roger & Debbie's 2 children
Andrew GundlachAndrew Gundlach, b.1978 Melissa PlummerMelissa Plummer Gundlach
Katie Katie Gundlach, b.1981  
Randal Gundlach, b.1952 Victoria Kellar Gundlach
Randy and Vickie's 2 children
Bronson Gundlach, b.1973 Jessica Matter
Bronson & Jessica's 3 children
Jordan Gundlach  
Morgan Rose Gundlach  
Macie Gundlach  
Kristie Gundlach Shane Fex