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What to do?

Maybe you are in the same boat I was in. Who do you even go to for help when hardly any of the medical practitioners know much about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Even if you find someone, how do you muster up the energy or money to go? You want to do everything you can to get well. Here is my list of suggestions on where to start....

DISCLAIMER: Check with your doctor before you do anything listed here. If he says it won't help you but couldn't hurt you, ask him if he will monitor your progress while you do it. (He may learn how to treat CFS!) If he advises you against it, look for another physician someone who will work with you trying alternative/nutritional therapies!

Take the a free quiz and over 20 FREE health questionnaires available on my Columbus DIY Health website. We tend to look for a bug, yeast, or microbe as the main cause of our illnesses when maybe the bug, yeast, or microbe is there because we have polluted our bodies with heavy metals and other toxins. Find the cause and then your alternative health care professional can really help you get well.

CFS does not have a single cause. Yeast, pesticides, viruses, heavy metals, food allergies, emotions are among the causes. Some people have a combination; some people mainly one item.

"I also know from past experience that some of you are living in rural areas or cannot afford medical costs at this time. For you, your recovery may have to exclude the one or two common drugs used to treat candida: nystatin and Diflucan. [Try using pure oil of oregano- 1-800-247-6237] This does not rule out your success. It just means you will need to pay exacting attention to (1) changing your diet, (2) taking the nutritional supplements, (3) testing for food allergies at home, and (4) removing as many chemical exposures as you can from your life. (Food allergies and reactions to chemicals often result from yeast-related disorders, because you no longer have a strong immune system to prevent these reactions. Both help to keep you feeling tired and sick.)"

page 276, Depression-Free, Naturally by Joan Mathews Larson, Ph.D.

Most likely cause of CFS: You have an overgrowth of yeast and not enough beneficial bacteria in your gut. You have been slightly constipated and haven't been eliminating toxic waste well, either. Making your body alkaline will help with this.

Bad water can be a cause. You may be drinking city water, well water, filtered water, reverse osmosis, distilled, or bottled water. If the water isn't absorbed properly by your cells, you are still dehydrated. Check my vaccination webpages. Dr. Moulden's comments that 95% of us are not getting good water.

There are other causes. Toxins in the environment and parasites. These can be eliminated. There are treatments on the Internet. I highly recommend sweat baths of any kind. It could be LYME spirochetes. Try SALT and VITAMIN C! or MMS! See my other site . Look under "lyme disease"

All illnesses are related to our emotions. Learn emotional freedom technique or Quantum Techniques!

Your body has electrical energy that flows through it. Right now it is flowing backwards and short-circuiting everything. Spirulina will help. Bee pollen, too. It may take over a month to see results. If you will do a simple exercise several times a day, you can switch it back. But it won't stay so you have to do it alot. Eventually it will correct it permanently. But you have to correct your diet, etc., too!!

You are probably too acidic. Buy some pH paper and start testing your saliva and urine. Test the water you are drinking. If it is acidic - find another beverage or source of water to drink! Search on "acid, alkaline, balance" on the Internet.

You can try a Terminator Zapper or Ultimate Zapper. Another good device is  "Bob Beck's" equipment. But there are some reasons some people can't use the equipment. If you can, you may be well in 3 months or less if you follow Beck's entire protocol.  Read the cautions on BEFORE you order the equipment. Bob Becks protocol is alot to follow.

Clean up your diet. Check out Weston Price Foundation. Plant a garden. Eat locally. No more white flour, sugar, artificial "foods", etc.

Change your attitude or move! An unhappy home-life contributes to sickness.

Testing for the Underlying Causes

...alternative medicine physicians are less focused on getting a definitive diagnosis of CFS than they are in gathering as much information as possible on the underlying causes that are producing the patient's symptoms. Without this information, any treatment program is guesswork. For this reason, depending on the individual's symptoms, it may be wise to test for the following: candidiasis, parasites, bacterial and viral infections, immune system abnormalities, hormonal imbalances and deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, enzyme deficiencies, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and Lyme disease.... Electrodermal screening (EDS) is a quick method for identifying most of these conditions, especially ones involving toxic or allergic substances.... By quickly pinpointing problems, EDS can prevent unnecessary, guesswork testing. For example, if EDS indicates that a person has a specific type of parasite, running a stool analysis for that parasite eliminates the often long process of trial-and-error testing to see whether parasites, in general are a problem. EDS can also be helpful in determining the body's tolerance to medications or remedies that may be prescribed.

pages 24-25, Chronic Fatigue, fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease, 2nd edition, by Burton Goldberg and Larry Trivieri, Jr., Celestial Arts, 2004

There are clinics opening up that treat CFS. If you go to one, make sure they have had real success. If the doctor who is treating CFS had it, and cured him/herself, that is where to go.  I found a chiropractor in Sandusky who treated me. If you have to call every medical practitioner in the phonebook for eight counties, just do it! Be prepared for the cost. Insurance will not cover any of the food supplements. You can expect to be treated by them for 3-6 months or more. Doctors I recommend: 

You will need to make lifelong changes to stay well....

Go to and read his page about CFS. Excellent material and will tell you what to expect from treatment and give you some guidelines about what to do.  Look for a chiropractor or naturopath who does applied kinesiology or electrodermal screening or live blood analysis.

"While you are going to have to accomplish a large part of this healing yourself, you are going to need competent help and advise. There are many, too many practitioners and avenues out there offering to try and help you. It's a jungle. Try to find advise you respect, and use your intuition to get you to the right place. And remember, you didn't get ill in a day: you are unlikely to heal in a day. Be patient, and be persistent."  - Norman Allan